Wu Yi Shan Rock Tea "Classic Rou Gui" Oolong tea

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Tea type
Oolong Tea
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Caramel, Cinnamon, Floral, Fruity, Green, Honey, Mineral, Wood, Dark Chocolate, Pastries, Raisins, Wet Rocks
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Typical Preparation
Use 5 oz / 140 ml of water
Set water temperature to 195 °F / 90 °C
Use 6 g of tea
Steep for 0 min, 30 sec
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6 Tasting Notes View all

“Used my new 140ml yixing for this tasting and I anticipated a good tasting but alas I screwed up. I used 3 gm tea for the preparation and steeped initially for 20 seconds at 190F and got a limpid...” Read full tasting note
“Since I’m not fond of aggressive roasting, Wuyi oolongs are always a bit of a gamble. This one from 2015 was never too roasted to begin with, and I’m sure the years have mellowed it even further. I...” Read full tasting note
“Dry leaf – SWEET, SPICE, MINERAL, NUT (primary light cinnamon/Mexican chocolate and wet rock minerality; notes of dark caramel and bitter green leafiness. In preheated vessel – pungent green...” Read full tasting note
“Similar burnt chocolate / mineral rock notes as Da Hong Pao and other yanchas, but seems to have a less bold, thinner flavour. Wet leaves smell of raisins and the liquor smells of sweet pastry...” Read full tasting note


Rou Gui means Cinnamon in Chinese (肉桂茶). It’s varietal of Wu Yi Mountain rock tea that has been around since the Qing Dynasty. First flush of spring tea is picked, wilted, fried, wilted again then lightly roasted to bring out it’s subtle bouquet of aroma and tastes.

Our Rou Gui is a medium roast level and can be brewed 6 to 8 times easily using the gong fu method of brewing. The brewed tea produces a golden tea soup with hints of fruit and chocolate. A lovely tea that can accompany you on almost any tea session.

Late May 2013 harvest

About Yunnan Sourcing

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