304 Tasting Notes

drank Constant Comment by Bigelow
304 tasting notes

This is ok. I don’t really taste the spice in it. Just ok.

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This is wonderful. Great for after dinner. Blends well with other teas. You get alot for your money, so buy the smallest amount.

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This is a really messy tea. No matter how I have brewed this…a mess in the infuser. I not a fan of Chamomile. It is a beautiful tea, just not my cuppa.

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The sweet smell was almost too much, I almost did not even make it. Flowery..dah…it did say it had rose petals. Giving this to my co-worker for her Christmas present. She will love it.
Teas are made for sharing:)

Chi-Town Anglophile

You’re absolutely right about the overly sweet smell—it’s overwhelming, and artificial-smelling, to boot. I’m sure your co-worker appreciated your sharing!

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Apple pieces make for a delicious cup of herbal tea. I use this at bedtime, very refreshing. Tart but not too sweet.

8 min or more

With something like this, why not just drink apple juice? Enlighten me w/ your theory:)


This was one of the first teas I bought. I wanted something without caffeine that I would actually drink. I don’t like apple juice, but I like this. Now, am I going to reorder? Probably not. My tastes are beginning to change away from herbals to blacks and oolongs.


Ah the cycle of the tongue:) I think all tea drinkers do that.:)


Calories. :-) For me, anyway. No calories in the tea, mucho mucho calories in even unsweetened apple juice. Oh how I love seeing that little 0 on the nutritional information!


Morgana I definitely agree w/ you for teas like chocolates and caramels, but remember there’s more health benefits (fruit wise at least) in the apple juice as well.

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drank Plum Harvest by Teavana
304 tasting notes

12/16/09 Beautiful color in my cup. Sweet is the word I would use to describe this tea. I like the Turkish Apple from Upton better. Next time, I make this I will only use 1 tsp.

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Got this free sample with the new RoT catalog. I am glad it was free is all I can say.
Smells great, tastes ok, but weak.


Still waiting for my catalog.


They sent me two!

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12/09/09 I added 1 teaspoon of cinnamon fire. Brewed for 3 minutes and I have a wonderfully smooth cup of tea. I don’t seem to like this tea by itself anymore. I am on my second infusion and will try for a third before the evening gets too late.
12/28/09 Smooth. Tasty. Great with chocolate

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When I first got this tea, I did not like it. Too tart. I waited several months and tried it again and loved it this time. I am on my second tin of this tea. I do like to add a teaspoon of cinnamon fire (also from Dr. Tea’s) to balance it out. The best part is that you get 4 steeps with this tea.
12/6/09 On my second infusion, it is as good as the first. Smooth finish. Pairs perfect with chocolate. The tartness of the plums blends nicely with this amber oolong. I do have to brew this in my 16 oz. glass teapot as the oolong leaves need more room to unfurl:) I will be able to get four infusions from this pot. This tea is pricey, but with the four infusions it is a nice indulgence.
12/30/09 nice, smooth oolong tea; 1/24/10 love this tea:)

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Have you tried his tea rubs. They’re fantastic, but I need to put them thru the spice mill.


I have wondered about his tea rubs. Which ones have you tried?


I bought all 3, but have so far only tasted the basic. I had it on salmon w/ a bit of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) last nite. It has great potential but for my taste must be ground. I’m going to add the BBQ to flour and the bread crumbs when I make breaded chicken breasts next time.

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11-09 Smooth. Addictive. I drink this tea all day long. Wonderful flavors that do not overpower the black tea base.
12/5/09 Two tea bags in my 12 oz. Chatsford teapot. 3 minutes brewing time and a perfect cup of tea. Smooth, defined peach flavor with just a hint of the ginger. This is fast becoming my “go to” tea. Was able to get 2 infusions!!!
12/31/09 :) 1/26/10: I have not had this tea in a while and boy have I missed it. Smooth taste, just a hint of peach, the ginger hits you after you swallow. Simple is the word I would use to describe this tea.

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Steam rises from a cup of tea

and we are wrapped in history,

inhaling ancient times and lands,

comfort of ages in our hands.

~Faith Greenbowl

My tea Haiku:

Morning ritual
Praying hands holding teacup
Forties, fifties. Time.

My Rating system:
Below 10 – poured it out immediately.
11-50 – maybe I drank it, but I won’t make it again
51-70 – I’ll drink it again
71-89 – liked it!
90-99- Really good tea, little to no astringency
100 – I will definately reorder



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