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Before I start this, know that I have two friends who absolutely ADORE this tea and say that it has a balance of spices, so I’m thinking that spicy teas are just not for me!

I really don’t like this tea. The only way I can stand it is if it is half a teaspoon not steeped very long. Even though I love spicy foods, it seems like that love does not transfer to teas. Too much peppercorn, and all the spices made my mouth feel dry afterwards. To me it just tasted like bark and spices, but not in a nice earthy way.

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I used to buy Tetley Earl Grey Green tea and Lipton Manderan Orange Green tea regularly, so I was excited to try this mixture of those two! I find the orange taste isn’t very prominent, but my friend whose tasted the same batch disagrees. It is a very nice Earl Grey Green and it’s not bitter at all! There is a strong bergamot taste that I like, but those who don’t like it might want to keep away from this green tea.

It does taste significantly better than the grocery store tea, but I will probably settle for the cheap stuff next time just for the sake of my wallet.

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This tea is refreshing and relaxing all at once. The coconut and mint surprisingly go pretty well together and create a light tea. One thing I found was that sometimes the coconut and mint seemed very separate tastes, but most of the time it’s a nice combination. I would buy this again, but not much. The relaxing/refreshing feeling is nice, but I like to have the teas at different times, so it makes it hard to find a time when I want to drink this!

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YUM! I love this tea! It tastes exactly like banana cream pie, but in a delicious black tea. It’s a sweet tea, but not too decadent. I like to have it on occasion after supper as a light desert.

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After having many sweet teas, this is a nice transition! This black tea has a nice nutty, woodsy taste that is quite dark. The raisins are a lovely sweetener that don’t taste like raisins. It is almost a bit too rich for breakfast, but the dark nutty taste seems to balance this and makes it a good anytime tea. Like another reviewer mentioned, the coconut is not very prominent but it does seem to add a creaminess/richness to the tea.

If you love nutty and black teas, this will be a treat!

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A university student striving to buy as much David’s Tea as possible on a limited budget. One day I hope to get into ordering teas online, but until then the one tea store near me will have to do!



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