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Black Fruit Blend
Artificial Flavouring, Black Tea Leaves, Brazil Nuts, Coconut, Golden Raisins, Natural Flavours
Coconut, Nutty, Sweet, Nuts, Smooth, Raisins, Salty, Caramel, Creamy, Cream
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Get rich quick

Have you heard tales of the wealthy Brazilian eccentric? According to local stories, he was completely obsessed with Brazil nuts, the source of his fortune. He insisted on having them in every meal – even his afternoon tea! Was it needless decadence, or a stroke of genius? You’ll have to taste it yourself to decide. This fabulously opulent blend combines black tea with whole Brazil nuts, raisins and coconut. Trust us – it tastes like a million bucks.

Ingredients: Black tea, Brazil nuts, golden raisins, coconut, natural and artificial flavouring*.

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102 Tasting Notes

818 tasting notes

This was not as good today, but I can’t really fault the tea. It was really just me having a very lame tea day. I was so busy at work, that I only managed to have two cups of tea. This one, I steeped while talking with a coworker, so who knows how long it steeped for. On top of that, I started drinking it while continuing to talk, so it wouldn’t get cold, but I didn’t get the chance to add any sugar. So sad. I did, however, buy more tea on my lunch break! And TastyBrew sent me an awesome surprise in the mail! So, not a bad tea day after all!

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3134 tasting notes

I think I miiiight have had too much caffeine tonight. Feeling a bit jittery… whoops.

Anyways, this is the last tea of the evening unless I re-steep something, and it’s also a sipdown! Yay!

I don’t think I’m enjoying this one as much as last time though… it mostly tastes nutty. Of course, I also think there weren’t any raisins in this cup, which may have affected the flavour. Overall, pretty meh.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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514 tasting notes

Had a group interview for LUSH today – I have been looking forward to it all week. Frick. This job I have now.. well.. it is NOT what I thought it would be. It’s just that I thought it would be different. Also, I was training to use the computer. And I found out on Friday that I won’t be given computer access. Um, what? So that’s interesting! So I went to this LUSH interview and unfortunately got lost in the crowd. Ah group interviews. But man I want to get out of this job!

SO – I speedwalked to DT to get some crack. Happy crack tea! HAD to try this one after smelling it – a nice frothy hot latte. Thank you DT for some happiness haha.

It tastes a lot like toasted walnut/secret weapon. Reminds me a lot of those anyways! But the ingredients in this one are unique – there is a sweetness from the raisins that is so pleasant, but doesn’t necessarily give it a “raisin” taste.

Anyways! Sorry to make Steepster my blog again… don’t I have a blog for that kind of thing? ;)
J’adore my Steepster friends!


A group interview? I’ve never heard of that, but I’m a techie, so I don’t think IT does that. It sounds horrible – how the heck can you tell someone’s skills and personality without a 1 on 1 interview?


We did group interviews for positions as RAs and Orientation Mentors at my school. I suppose the thinking is that it’s faster (lots of applicants, one time slot) and you see how people work with others / in groups. Which can be helpful if you’re interviewing for, well, any job. But they’re harder because you have to fight for attention without making it appear that way.


How many people at once do they have in a group?


This group was about 15-20 – I was expecting maybe 5-10. I think a smaller group would have been a bit more manageable, because you’re so right Michelle – it was just a fight for attention or a fight to stand out. I’m pretty assertive and I’m certainly not shy, but the amount of people in a small room was a bit much. I didn’t want to come across as needy and loud, so I erred on the side of.. well – being myself! So we’ll see what happens of course – it was definitely a new experience for me!


Wow… It sounds overwhelming! Good luck getting the job!

Will Work For Tea

Group interviews aren’t really fair in my opinion. I hope you were able to stand out in a positive light and are called for more of a one-on-one interview! Keep us posted! :)


Thank you! I will – they’ll contact me within the week so that’s good at least! Nothing like being left in the dark, you know? Until then, I’ll just buck up and take the craziness that will be this week of work!


Blog me all you want! I love you guys! We spill our tea guts here! Gets intense sometimes too! It’s a safe place!


Good luck! Sounds like a hard day. Hugs for you. :)


Good luck, Daisy!


A group interview sounds like a really overwhelming idea.
I like your comment “happy crack tea”, I laughed out loud!


haha thank you everyone! I’ll keep you posted.

Yeah I probably scared the awesome DT girl, I ran in and said “I need my crack!” but she understood. She hooked me up. ;)

Tina S.

hugs Honestly we all love hearing about each other’s lives a bit too. Well, at least I do!


I’ve heard LUSH interviews are super scary! I’ve always wanted to work there but it seems pretty intimidating. Glad you got through it..fingers crossed!


“We spill our tea guts here!” We sure do, hahaha! Awesome. :)

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1230 tasting notes

While my family came to visit from Canada, they all brought DAVIDsTea goodies (in 20g sizes) for me to sample, after hearing too much of my rantings of missing having a DT store. Interestingly, I got all blacks and herbals. Weird. This one came from my sis in Victoria!

DRY: smells sweet and nutty. Good combo! Annoyingly, my first scoop of tea gave me 70% raisins. I counted 6 squashed raisins. I unstuck them and got a better mix for this steeping.

STEEPED: Amber brown tea, bit of clear residue on the top. Smells very smooth nutty.

TASTE: Nutty, rich brazil nut flavor, rounded out by smooth coconut. Slightly sweet. The black tea hums along with the flavors, no astringency or bitterness.
Sweetened, the raisin and coconut taste pops out more with a nutty aftertaste.

COMMENTS: I can see why back around Father’s Day they marketed this as a gift, unsweetened I can see this tea as “manly” with the rich nutty taste. Sweetened however, it’s a desserty flavor.
I see others comment this tastes like “Toasted Walnut”, I find this tea is a more nutty, rich alternative for “Checkmate”. Either way, all those teas are nutty.

Overall, pretty good. I love the brazil nut flavor – I think there should be more teas out there using brazil nuts. I may buy more of this, but I have other DT blacks I like more.

EDIT, pics with this review at my blog

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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470 tasting notes

While the weather has been getting steadily colder, I haven’t been drinking a whole lot of hot tea. Probably because my apartment is a hotbox: I’m on the top floor, and all the heat from the other apartments seems to drift up here. Even when it’s quite chilly out I barely have to turn on my radiators! And it’s still quite nice and brisk out (perfect for walks around the neighborhood!), so I end up with the fan on at night and the windows open all day. So yeah, I’ve been drinking mainly iced tea!

But thankfully it’s a bit cooler today, and there’s a nice breeze coming in. I was in the mood for something warm and toasty, so I pulled out this which I got in a swap with tattooed_tea! There are a lot of DavidsTea flavors I want to try but I’m too cheap to go buy samples of 10+ different blends, so swaps have really been my friend. Soon I think I’ll have decided on my “must have” blends from them and just place an online order to cash in on the free shipping (plus, you know, lack of sales tax!).

This is definitely a contender for the must have pile! I love nutty teas, and this one imparts a very unique flavor. It’s definitely Brazil Nut, though it’s also reminiscent of hazelnut. It kind of feels like a latte with just a splash of milk, it’s a pretty rich blend. The raisins impart a really nice natural sweetness and while I don’t taste a whole lot of coconut I think it adds some creamy, full qualities. Delicious!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

This one sat in my ‘yet to try’ pile for ages…. it just didn’t sound appealing. And then I tried it and was blown away!! Have you tried Salted Caramel? Also tasty.


I have Salted Caramel in my swap pile as well, I think I’ll try that one tomorrow! It smells so good.


Ooh love this one from them. Like forever nuts better though. Live any nutty tea

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1779 tasting notes

And another surprise one from Janelle! This was goood, but not memorable. At least I drank it while I was messaging Shadowfall back and forth and before I knew it the cup was gone an the review wasn’t up. Hmm.

Ah well. It was pleasant, but it’s not one you can get any more… (yes it is)

Roswell Strange

Are you sure you can’t get it anymore? It’s still listed on the site, and my local store sells it still.


Oh, whoops! Looks like I just made a wrong assumption there! I had a few samples that were older teas and since I’d never heard of this I thought it was old too. :p

Roswell Strange

I don’t think it’s a very popular blend from David’s (or at least not one commonly discussed), so I guess I can see why it’s forgettable. I don’t think I’ll ever personally try it just because of the raisins…


it’s gone? dang. the only david’s tea i still like. :(


oh, now i read the comments. phew.


Sorry about that – I couldn’t edit it on my phone but I’m on my computer now. :D

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1567 tasting notes

Dry, the scent is sweet and nutty, a little creamy. Why haven’t I tried this sooner?

Totally forgot this one had coconut in it. Great pairing with everything else in here. As this was steeping, the aroma was warm and golden. It reminded me of Banana Nut Bread minus the banana, which works for me.

Taste-wise, the flavour combination is a success. It’s not trail mix-y at all, but you get the warm toastiness of the coconut and Brazil nuts, and a hint of natural sweetness from the golden raisins. The base ties everything together perfectly too.

Most definitely not a “I need five thousand pounds of this, stat” kind of tea, but it hits the spot if you’re looking for a nutty, not overwhelmingly sweet black tea.


I LOVE this tea! It’s the best nutty tea I’ve had so far.


I need to try this…


Yeah, this was better than I was expecting. Nutty and a little sweet from the raisins. Apparently, I like raisins in tea (whether it’s natural notes in a black, or actual raisins).

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1158 tasting notes

I love nutty teas, so I was looking forward to this one. It is yummy, slightly sweet, I certainly get a strong brazil nut flavour with a little bit of coconut. There is a little bit of bitterness, but I still think this is a great tea!
I cut up the brazil nuts into smaller pieces to distribute them better throughout the tea evenly.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

It’s odd that they wouldn’t cut up the brazil nuts in the first place…


Good idea to cut the nuts up!

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97 tasting notes

My tummy is giving me troubles right now :( Woke up from my little nap with the worst cramping ever. But I get stomach issues every day much like this, so I’m rather used to it – doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable though.

My first impressions: holy tisane Batman! The Brazil nuts and coconut pieces in this mix are HUGE. I tried to get a little of everything in my infuser but it was difficult to gauge how much I was putting in. In the end I think I might have actually overleafed, which means I’m gonna have to resteep it again after or I’ll feel wasteful. Meh. Oh well.

As for the taste….oh my god.

Delicious nuts in my mouth.

And yes, any innuendo taken from that last sentence was totally purposeful and necessary.

Every sip is like drinking a mouthful of nuts.

Oh god. More innuendo. I’m sorry.

Liquid nuts.

I think I’ll stop here.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Love it!! I need to try this next time I’m at a DT. I need me a mouthful of nuts, I think. ha!


If you like nuts, especially in your mouth, you’ll love this tea! ;)
^ New slogan right there. DavidsTea, you might wanna hire me on your marketing division.


Nothing better than nuts in my mouth. I need to try this tea asap!


Mmmm. Shopping list!


I’d love to be able to share with you guys, but I have a very small amount and don’t have money for postage. :( I really hope you guys get to try this one – it’s very good!

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767 tasting notes

i’m about to steep my sample of this…
but, um, HOW did you all not just eat the big fat brazil nut out of the bag?!!?
idk if i can steep the nut. i mean. it looks so big and juicy….


I know! The brazil nuts are so tempting. I’m a good girl and eat them AFTER I steep them.


Smart! :-)


my favorite David’s for sure.


I tried a slice of almond from one of David’s almond teas and it was SO saturated with almond extract flavor that I had to spit it out. Kind of turned me off from picking through tea and randomly munching.

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