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2 tasting notes

First time doing this, so pardon my messiness. If you have tips or advice for me, please message me them.

Side note: I didn’t rinse this tea.

Dry Leaf: Dark green leaves mixed with pale/golden green stems and leaves. Pink flakes resembling dried petals.
Wet Leaf: The dark green leaves darkened and became extremely flexible. The pink flakes has lost a lot of the pink coloring and puffed up a bit. The stems look paler.
Liquid: Pale golden greeny, cloudy

Dry Leaf: Grassy, slight floral, cherries
Wet Leaf: Wet Grass, slight bitterness, floral undertones

Steep #1: Brewed for a minute.
Light grassiness, asparagus after taste with delicate floral notes, smooth liquid, faint cherry tartness, light-neutral astringency. Over all the flavors are rather light which makes it refreshing. There’s no overpowering notes.

Steep #2: Brewed for 30 seconds.
No changes in the color of the leaves or liquid as well as the smell. The flavors are ever so slightly toned down but still noticeable. Seems more floral this time. The astringency is still the same as the first steeping. The smoothness of the liquid seems a bit more watered down. More cherry notes are coming out in the after taste.

Steep #3: Brewed for 2 minutes.
No changes in the color of the leaves or liquid as well as the smell. Like with the second steeping, the flavors seem even more tone downed. There’s a slight tarty floral with cherries taste to it. The astringency is still as strong as the first steeping. The grassy notes have moved to to the after taste now. Making it seem to dry my mouth more. The liquid seems to gain some the smoothness back as it thickened up a bit.

I have steeped this tea more than three times in the past but it get so watered down after the third one that it’s not worth it, in my opinion.

Flavors: Asparagus, Astringent, Cherry, Cherry Blossom, Drying, Grass, Green, Tart, Tea

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec 2 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Summer of 2015 was when I tasted my first loose leaf brew. At the time I was only shopping locally at Teavana and stuck to Western brewing since that was the only way I knew at the time.

Early 2017 was when I discovered Gung Fu brewing through Mei Leaf on Youtube. I purchased their brewer and decanter as well as two of their teas to begin gung fu brewing and stuck to it ever since.

Within the past year I’ve became passionate (more so the past few months) about tea. Where it comes from, the processing that goes into making each time, the brewing styles (western, gung fu, grandpa), even just the different cultivar in each type. I’m extremely excited about getting the chance to learn, taste and experience each tea out there, the good and the bad (if there is a such thing).

I discovered this site via Reddit and decided to use it to log my experience with each tea I get my hands on as well as keep up with teas I’m eyeing and discover new teas to get excited about.

Hopefully you enjoy my journey as much as I do.

My cupboard is up-to-date with what I currently own and have left.

My Personal rating scale (copied and heavily influenced by JC)

100 – 90: Amazing, a treat tea for me. A tea that I stop everything to sit and enjoy.

89 – 79: Great, lovely tea to enjoy. Nothing that wowed my socks off but definitely left me wanting more.

78 – 68: Pretty average tea for me. A nice go-to tea for work or doing things around the house. Something I would drink daily.

67 – 57: A tea that’s nothing really special to write home to about but still enjoyable with meals or other flavors mixing into it to make it more complex.

56 – 26: Tea that’s better mixed with lemonade or something. Probably best served iced.

25 – 0: The tea that I may or may not wish upon my enemies. May their taste buds rest in peace.


Massachusetts, USA

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