Native to San Francisco, CA (but with dreams to retire in Hawaii, travel extensively in general and go to all the Disney parks worldwide in specific) with two utterly spoiled cats and one only occasionally spoiled husband (due to being somewhat of a grumpy butt about how much tea he has to drink and all the taste preference questions afterwards.)

My family has always had loose leaf tea on hand and I grew up on blacks and shou puerh. Being the youngest, I was drafted into preparing and serving tea (a mix of rock sugar, dried dragon eye fruit, goji berries and/or dried lotus root on special occasions) to family after dinner and visiting guests and then I spent a decade in a Chinese restaurant filling tea pots :P

I utterly love high leaf/short infusions strong oolongs that are sweet florals or smokey roasted teas. Greens (mostly florals, some butter-y, a little genmaicha to humor the hubby) are done shinobi cha style to cut down on the veggies and bitterness caused by my inattentiveness to steep times (hated Chemistry and labs for a reason!). Whites are a bit meh, but I do think their scents are some of the yummiest! Pu erh teas, I have to be in the mood for (dim sum always works!) and have time since they tend to last forever. I confess that I crave marbled tea eggs made from pu erh more than drinking it most of the year. Favorite Big Pots of Tea go together with Library Haul Lazy Weekends are usually mint, ginger, (decaf) Vanilla Comoro.


California, USA


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