This will be quick, since I didn’t particularly care for this tea and only steeped it twice. I used 7 g of tea in a 200 ml glass teapot.
The dry leaves smell like fruit roll-ups (I’m not kidding). The dry leaves are a darkish green, and they’re rolled up. They unfurl to reveal high-quality full leaves. I steeped it at 190-195 for 1’ and then 1:45.
The tea flavor itself is acceptable but not particularly impressive. It improves dramatically on the second steep, becoming more buttery. There’s an overlaid floral-fruity flavor which is somewhat pleasant but not very well-integrated with the oolong flavors. This is a problem that many jasmine teas have, and this tea shares it. The scent of the osmanthus is very perfume-like, and it is a pleasant smell, but it is not all that pleasant in a drink, in my opinion. (And please note that I love floral-smelling teas such as light Tie Guan Yins.)
I won’t be ordering a full-size batch of this tea.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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A few notes about myself:

I tend to try to rate things in as scientific a fashion as possible without disregarding the personal element. There will be some details you may not care about (leaf color/size, for instance).

I tend to prefer teas that have complex flavors, and I’m a fan of floral, sweet, fruity, citrus, and vegetal notes. I’m generally not a fan of overly malty, astringent, or bitter teas, so you may want to disregard my preferences if you like those elements.



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