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Interesting puerh. No bitterness, wood flavor (and color) and earthy aroma. The leaves are good, not too fermented or compresed. One good detail is that the brick is not very tight.Nice packaging..good for storaging

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This oolong is sweet and frutal, the leaves are aromatic and incredible beautiful. I drank with almost boiling water several times and always was great experience. One reason to love tea

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I have little experience in Tie Guan Yin but I found this oolong very mild to be charcoal backed. I feel that first infusions have low power, but is more sweet than other oolongs when you steeps multiple times. The leaves are beautiful, green dark and wide, beautiful to drink in a chawan

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This tea looks great, entire leves with greenish color and a lot of beautiful white tips. Is a very mild puerh whith sweet aftertaste. Indeed is very atipical, is more a green tea, similar to a Pai mu tan than a puerh. Also has a low “qui” but is pleasant. With almost boiling water I saw better results than with 90°C.

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This yerba mate has a mild smoky flavor. The bitterness shows a good balance between a grassy/earthy flavor that evolves (and become more important) through multiple infusions. In a traditional way (in a gourd) can be brewed several times along an hour. I recommend it.

185 °F / 85 °C

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The grapefruit looks lovely. However, this puerh is strongly compressed, fermented and the leaves appears fragmented and damaged (maybe by the citric acids..?). This is very different to my previous experience with tangerine puerh. First infusions have some earthy puerh like flavor, but acid taste predominant and stronger in subsequent tastings. Someone taste a better grapefruit puerh?

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