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Rob said

Another newbie

Hello all,
Thought I would jump in and introduce myself.
My name is rob and have been drinking iced tea since I was young, hot tea on occasion using tea bags. Very recently I’ve started using loose tea and although my experience with a particular store chain being less than desirable I have really enjoyed the few teas that I have tried.
I’m glad I happened across this forum, ther seems to be a lot of knowledge here to learn from.

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Hello Rob, and welcome! This is a fun place. Nice to meet you!

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Hiya Rob! I hope you like this place. Make yourself at home :)
and I’m glad you’re here!

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gmathis said

This is a great bunch of people. Welcome.

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Hi Rob and welcome.

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Geoffrey said

Uh oh… Take note, Jason & co. It appears we have a bot in the house. Please exterminate as appropriate.

On an entirely different note… welcome to Steepster, Rob! Don’t let the bots drive you away, this is not somethings that happens with any regularity.

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Angrboda said

Holy mahogany! O.O I’ve never seen a spam attack like THAT before!

I did blink a few times when I saw 250 replies on an only 16 hours old post, but now I understand it a whole lot better.

Welcome Rob. Contrary to what you might believe following this sort of response to your perfectly innocent attempt to introduce yourself, we aren’t actually THAT plagued by spam here. It occurs now and then and if reported, Jason generally takes care of it quickly. So I really hope you don’t run away now, thinking the entire site is just a garbage disposal. We are plenty here who are actually real people and we would definitely like to get to know you and what sort of tea you like. :)

Angrboda said

Ahhhh, that’s better! Thank you, admins.

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Ninavampi said

Welcome! I look forward to reading your reviews! I am sure you are going to enjoy the company here! There are some great people! : )

Too bad my post got to be behind a bunch of spam…

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Uniquity said

I wondered why there were 8 pages od responses…Must have missed something exciting. Also, welcome!!

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Jason admin said

Sorry about that spam. Seems to be under control now. Carry on.

Thanks for cleaning that up for us Jason! :)

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Hi Rob! Welcome. I’ve only been around a few months myself, but I really enjoy it here, as you can see by my copious tealogs. The people are great and I think it’s great to be able to share your tea enthusiasm with so many awesome like-minded people.

Also, looks like I missed the spam. darn.

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