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Jenny said

Best Way To Descent Tins For Reuse?

Does anyone have any tips to de-scent tea tins for reuse? I can’t get ever seem to get the fruity tea tins odor free.

Any ideas would be great! (Tips for de-scenting other containers would be great too, my roomies and I are always saving jars and such for reuse.)

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takgoti said

Hmm. I’ve used baking soda to remove smells before to good effect, though I usually make a kind of paste with lemon juice and you might not want to use lemon juice since that would probably make the tins/containers smell like lemons. Maybe try leaving some baking soda in overnight and see how effective that is?

I’ve also heard that charcoal loosely wrapped in aluminum foil is effective, though I haven’t tried it.

Best of luck! If you find something in this thread that you decide to try, keep us updated? I know I’d be interested in hearing what works!

denisend said

IDK about baking soda – we use it in the can where we put the used cat litter between garbage days and it does not work. :-( It’s very stinky, even when it’s been empty for a day or so.

takgoti said

Eep. I’ve used in the fridge and on the occasion that the kitchen gets smoky or fishy – I leave it out in a bowl with a teeny bit of lemon juice mixed in and it’s worked rather well. Can’t speak for it in other situations, though!

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Vinegar is a great odor killer. Plain white. Once the item dries, you will not smell vinegar – I promise :) Start with a good glug, dilute with water, and let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse and dry thoroughly (it is tin and you don’t want it to rust!). If you still smell the fruity smell, try more vinegar and less water.

i second this, i use it on our litterboxes, spills on carpet and all other wanner of spills (and if you’ve ever changed a litterbox having a non-smelly ones is a feat) and it works well

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denisend said

We leave rags with vanilla extract in our coolers so they don’t get that nasty musty cooler smell, but I think that would make the tins smell like vanilla.

I just reuse fruity tins for fruity tea. I have a lot of fruity tea. :-)

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Angrboda said

I tend to just wash them out with warm water and then put themin the window sill to air out a bit. I sniff at them from time to time to see which ones are ‘done’. It’s not exactly a quick solution though.

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Cofftea said

I’m wondering if these http://annateashop.com/3314.html or this http://annateashop.com/3315.html would work.

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Garrett said

I’ve used both baking soda and vinegar… Those have always seemed to do the trick. If you try and combine the two though, be careful, cause it might turn into a fizzy science experiment.

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