Blake said

Groupon Variable Temp Kettle

We’ve got a sharper Image (they still exist?) variable temp electric kettle for only $50. Anyone who’s looked at variable temp kettles knows that this is an absolute steal. After spending a few minutes going over reviews, there are certainly some lacking features, but the price may very well make up for that for many of us.

Check it out, scope some reviews, I’m pretty positive I’ll be getting one tomorrow. Anyone here have any personal experience?

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Missy said

Thanks for posting!

WtFGoD said

Gah! Of course I just shelled out for Adagio’s Utilitea. Oh well. Not that much price difference, and Adagio sent a sample and thank you note.

James R said

Did anyone order this? Mine hasn’t even shipped yet, its been over 2 weeks!! >:0

Missy said

The groupon that Dylan used last took quite some time to actually ship out. It seems like it was at least a month before we got the order.

James R said


Missy said

Your welcome. :)

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