Cofftea said

In search of: Tea

Looking for a tea or flavor of tea but can’t find it? Post your search hear and maybe someone can help you find it.

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Cofftea said

I’m looking for a prickly pear tea that isn’t herbal, a sour apple tea that isn’t herbal or contain things like cranberries to flavor it, and savory/umami teas.

52teas said
Cofftea said

I’m not a black tea fan, but I’ll definitely look into the green version. Thanks!

gmathis said

For apple (I’ve tried a sample and liked it, though I’m not too sure about the sour part) check out Culinary Teas:

Cofftea said

It’s macintosh and not grannysmith (which would be sour) apple. Thanks though.

Cofftea said

Den’s Tea’s apple sencha is what I was looking for! Thanks again to Lena F.

PeteG said

This may not be on topic but it does have to do with tea companies and tea sites. Please allow some latitude…much of the recommendations I read here on this site I check out and for a brief moment I am excited but then I check out the shipping restrictions and loe and behold the company does not ship to Canada…heart-broken once again…

Bethany said

Anyone know of a good loose-leaf apple chamomile blend? I love Celestial Seasonings’ Sweet Apple Chamomile but I’d like to try something of a higher quality.

Cofftea said

It’s bagged, but ROT’s Get Relaxed! is pretty impressive. I love it and I can’t even stand rooibos.:) I used it to flavor my matcha this morning.

As I was hanging outside of a 24 hour donut shop, I noticed a sign advertising their mocha/ice blend thingies (Chillas, they called them) and when the listed the flavors, they happened to put “Chai” after “Banana”…

Got me thinking, are there any Banana-flavored teas?
I know there are probably a few rooibos options, and that Lupicia, at the very least, has a Chocolate Banana black tea, but are there any teas (tea as in Camellia Sinensis) that are flavored with only Banana? I can’t recall any I’ve seen…

Angrboda said

Adagio has one
But then… is there any flavour that they DON’T make? have a banana split one, but that has more things in it than just banana.

(Now I want banana bread…)

Cofftea said

@Angroboda- yeah, I I wish they’d make a prickly pear one:) I don’t like that most of their flavors are black based.

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