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Cofftea said

In search of: Tea

Looking for a tea or flavor of tea but can’t find it? Post your search hear and maybe someone can help you find it.

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Cofftea said

I’m looking for a prickly pear tea that isn’t herbal, a sour apple tea that isn’t herbal or contain things like cranberries to flavor it, and savory/umami teas.

52teas said
Cofftea said

I’m not a black tea fan, but I’ll definitely look into the green version. Thanks!

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gmathis said

For apple (I’ve tried a sample and liked it, though I’m not too sure about the sour part) check out Culinary Teas: http://www.culinaryteas.com/Flavored_Teas/618B-006.html

Cofftea said

It’s macintosh and not grannysmith (which would be sour) apple. Thanks though.

Cofftea said

Den’s Tea’s apple sencha is what I was looking for! Thanks again to Lena F.

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PeteG said

This may not be on topic but it does have to do with tea companies and tea sites. Please allow some latitude…much of the recommendations I read here on this site I check out and for a brief moment I am excited but then I check out the shipping restrictions and loe and behold the company does not ship to Canada…heart-broken once again…

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Bethany said

Anyone know of a good loose-leaf apple chamomile blend? I love Celestial Seasonings’ Sweet Apple Chamomile but I’d like to try something of a higher quality.

Cofftea said

It’s bagged, but ROT’s Get Relaxed! is pretty impressive. I love it and I can’t even stand rooibos.:) I used it to flavor my matcha this morning.

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As I was hanging outside of a 24 hour donut shop, I noticed a sign advertising their mocha/ice blend thingies (Chillas, they called them) and when the listed the flavors, they happened to put “Chai” after “Banana”…

Got me thinking, are there any Banana-flavored teas?
I know there are probably a few rooibos options, and that Lupicia, at the very least, has a Chocolate Banana black tea, but are there any teas (tea as in Camellia Sinensis) that are flavored with only Banana? I can’t recall any I’ve seen…

Angrboda said

Adagio has one http://www.adagio.com/flavors/banana.html?SID=ad989b1561f23de6c0771754099c8753
But then… is there any flavour that they DON’T make?

52teas.com have a banana split one, but that has more things in it than just banana.

(Now I want banana bread…)

Cofftea said

@Angroboda- yeah, I I wish they’d make a prickly pear one:) I don’t like that most of their flavors are black based.

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