Kristin said

Online Tea Shops with Sample Sizes

What online shops do you know of that allow you to order sample sizes? I’d love to find more than the few that I know about:

Are there others?

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~lauren. said

I just received the most wonderful samples from Life in Teacup,, especially if you like green teas, though they added a black tea to my order as a freebie sample. ETA: They also carry a nice selection of oolongs & pu-erhs, too!

Harney & Sons also carry sample sizes of their loose teas, (search loose tea sample) as well as sampler kits of popular teas in tins

Kusmi teas, (search ‘miniatures’ and search ‘assortment’), also carries sets of .88oz (25g) tea tins.

Dan said

Samples from Upton Tea range upwards from 1.00 depending on how expensive the tea is.

Cofftea said

As do Adagio’s (for herbals). I think Adagio’s most expensive is $8 or $9 most are ~$2.

Old Wilmington Tea Co has very generously sized samples

Cofftea said (Kristin, I know you haven’t had luck w/ them, but I thought I’d post it in hopes someone else would have better luck) Sample sizes very due to the different weights of tea (all the canisters are the same size), but their pu erh samples are 30g.

Spirals said

“I know you haven’t had luck w/ them”
Oh no! What does that mean? I just placed an order with them today and requested two samples.

Cofftea said

Spirals, it just means some people don’t care for their teas. As with all teas it’s just a personal preference. I’ve had the opposite experience. I’ve had great luck w/ their oologs, whites, and greens. They serve their purpose in the tea world.

Kristin said

It means that I haven’t liked almost any teas I’ve ordered from Adagio. Sorry!

Spirals said

OK! Thanks for your response. I ordered the Artichoke Green Tea and Rhubarb Green Tea…

Cofftea said

2 of my favorites from them, Spirals:)

Erin said has some samples of loose-leaf. They also offer what they call “Sampler Pillows” for some of their tea collections. These are a package of a few varieties of tea bags, all from the same collection. They also have “Traveler’s Tins” which are 6 or so bags of one variety of tea. Not all of these options are available for every tea.

Kristin said

Thanks everyone! This is really helpful and I am sure it is also useful to others too.

Erin said

Yes, this is a very helpful thread. I have my website bookmarks organized in such a way that I have a folder for tea companies and a separate folder for tea companies that offer sample sizes. For me, samples are very important.

Erin said

There’s also the Den’s Tea Green Tea Sampler for Novices.

Cofftea said

I think you meant :)

All I’m getting from the second link there is a pop-up asking for username and password.

Cofftea said

Ah thank you Jenn-cha! I always mess that one up.

Doulton said

The American Tea Room and Culinary Teas also offer samples. They can run a bit more ($2.00 or $4.00) but the samples are really generous. I have heard that the Metropolitan Tea Company supplies at least some of the Culinary Tea Blends.

Narien Teas also provides generous sample bags at $3.00 each I think.

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