To squeeze or not to squeeze, that is the question.

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Dan said

Neither, I’m afraid the Tea Police will show up at the door.

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Meghann M said

I dunk if I’m impatient and only squeeze if frustrated. Usually squeeze over the sink though, not back into my cup.

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~lauren. said

I do that spoon thing – where you dunk dunk dunk the teabag into your teacup, spoon the teabag with your pretty teaspoon, wrap the string around the teabag & spoon about 2-3 times, squeeze with light pressure, then drain the excess tea off the spoon into the teacup, leave the spoon w/ teabag and string onto the teacup saucer. But, now that I think upon it, I haven’t had bagged tea in a long time — ever since I started with the loose tea ritual.

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Percy said

I’m a PG Tips guy. No strings. When brewed to my satisfaction, a couple of minutes, the bags must come out. Spoon needed! After removing them I then press them with a finger against the spoon — I usually use two bags and a large cup — to get a bit more into the brewed tea. (It’s not unpleasantly hot. After all, we’re only doing a quick, gentle press here.) Does it make the tea a bit stronger or “tannic” as some say? Yes. Just a little. But having compared more steeping with no pressing at all and pressing, I prefer the latter. It’s quicker and I like the extra tea-taste jolt I get when sipping the hot result (with a bit of sugar and milk, of course). Does all this offend certain tea aficionados, especially in the UK? Perhaps, but I’m an American. We do what we like. I heartily thank the Brits for the terrific tea, though!

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