I am impressed by the size and the beautiful appearance of the dry leaves. The nose (both of the dry and wet leaves) isn’t particularly strong, but the liquid is flavorful (though I wish it were a little bolder).

The second steeping however is like a dry red wine, in that your mouth actually feels dry after each sip. In order to quench my thirst I found myself drinking the second steeping faster…which obviously doesn’t work when each sip gives that feeling.

All in all, it is a nice tea, though it lacks a wow factor.

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Huge fan of green and oolong tea, never have had pu’er before. While I’ve been an avid tea drinker for about 2 years, I’m new to sharing tea experiences, and my tea vocabulary is thus pretty limited. Fortunately my tea ratings have been pretty high so far, which I thank the Steepster community for. I always check this site before purchasing new tea, and you people have steered me to some pretty amazing tea (and let me avoid losing money on the bad ones).