Vineyard Herbs Teas and Apothecary in West Tisbury, MA
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There was a Natural Living Expo in Marlboro, Massachusetts this previous weekend and we attended. This is how I came to know of the following this shop.

Vineyard Herbs Teas and Apothecary

Organic apothecary, herbal medicines, apprenticeships, workshops, on-line school.

Herbal Training & Certification
The Heritage & Healing Herbal School
A solid foundation upon which holistic healers build their knowledge; flourish as an established herbalist, midwife, nurse, or community healer. Receive one-on-one instruction within a dynamic community of students in a supportive atmosphere of respect, inspiration and fun.

For more information to enroll:
[email protected]
P.O. Box 913
West Tisbury MA 02575
(508) 687-9600

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The Nutrition Source
245 West Boylston Street
West Boylston, MA 01583
Phone: (508) 835-2442
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-2, closed Sun

They are sellers of vitamins, natural foods and products for better living. They seem to carry all sorts of products and if they don’t have it in stock simply ask and it will be ordered for you. I witness of this while waiting in line; another customer who did not find what she wanted was being tended to as they put her order request through for special ordering. I mean to say that they did not have it in stock, so they ordered it for her.

I have frequented this store before and on this occasion I asked if I could take some photos of their tea shelves and the sales associate said this was fine. They carry just about every herbal tea that is available for the consumers.

Many of the teas I have heard and I have used, and some were newly to me.

Walmart store in West Boylston, MA
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I frequent Walmart at times to mostly purchase shampoos, conditioners; most things can be found in their health and beauty aid aisles is where I tend to spend time in their aisle and make of my purchases. They also have a wonderful tea and coffee and other drinks aisle. On this visit I purchase this Stash tea and I did not take photo of their tea aisle. Weird.

On this particular morning while at this Walmart, I was viewing their tea / coffee aisle and I spotted this Stash Premium Green Tea; selling for under $3.00 for a count of 20 individually wrap tea bags.

I first became aware of Stash Tea Company when I resided in Washington State and I use to shop at Winco ( who carried a wider variety of their teas.
In all, I like this Walmart for their pricing, having what I need in stock and it is a clean and spacious store. Thank you.

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**A review of Lime Red Tea House; Amherst, MA—-
I was in Amherst to view the home of Emily Dickinson because they had an open house and family day. Arriving early allowed for us to peruse the center of town and that is how we came to find Lime Red Tea House, which was closed when we spotted it but after touring the Emily Dickinson Museum, we found that the tea house and most of the other shops in the area had opened. Anyhow, LimeRed is a teahouse offering freshly-brewed tea mixed into a variety of delicious and refreshing concoctions.

View menu for more details:

During my visiting this tea shop, there was one other couple ahead of us; well two young women who had placed their orders and they seem to wait around as I spoke with the cashier as to what to have; in the end I did no try their bubble tea; I did however comment on liking matcha when I saw it offered on their menu.

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**A review of GNC (General Nutrition Center) Natick Mall—
GNC (General Nutrition Center)
NATICK, MA 01760
Phone: (508) 655-2520
Store hours:
Mon-Sat 10 AM -9 PM
Sunday 11 AM-6 PM

GNC sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting-edge of nutritional science. As our company has grown over the years, so has our commitment to Living Well. In fact, GNC is the world’s largest company of its kind devoted exclusively to helping its customers improve the quality of their lives.

From scientific research and new product discovery to the manufacturing and packaging processes, GNC takes pride in our rigorous approach to ensuring quality. Our commitment to quality extends to our interactions with you in our stores and after you buy our products. And for more than 75 years, GNC has been committed to bringing you superior GNC brand products. When it comes to your health, you wouldn’t want anything less.

I visited the GNC store at Natick Mall and it was well stocked and the sale associates were polite in asking if we were finding everything needed or looking for.

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**A review of Teavana Tea Shop; Natick Mall—-

1245 Worcester Street
Natick, MA 01760
Phone: 508-647-1711
Store Hours: Monday – Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM

The Teavana dream began with an idea that people would enjoy fresh, high-quality tea in a place that was part Tea Bar, part Tea Emporium. We wanted to introduce people to the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of loose leaf teas while enlightening them with the history and variety of teas available. And this is how Teavana was born.

As our name implies, Teavana’s goal is to be a heaven of tea and to offer our customers the tea lifestyle and wonderful tastes of tea. This unique name is meant to describe the experience each customer has with our tea and our staff.

After considerable research, only those teas with rich and unique flavors are selected for Teavana. We opened our first tea emporium in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then we have opened over 300 Teavana locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

Goal: To provide fresh, high quality teas and the products to serve them. And to create a unique tea experience in each store by encouraging a positive, healthy outlook for all who enter.
During my visiting this tea shop, I noted families taking part in the sampling of the teas offered and others making tea purchases. In all the shop is well stock and the servicing staff did not seem to pounce on you upon entering. I was greeted by their greeter at the door and asked if I wanted to sample their teas. (I did not); I was not planning on buying anything, so I thought it best to not sample when not making a purchase.

Sweetgrass Herbals in Sterling, MA
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Sweetgrass Herbals
19 Johnson Road
Sterling, MA 01564
(413) 668-4257
Email: [email protected]

**A review of Sweetgrass Herbals:
Sweetgrass Herbals is dedicated to renewing the sacred, life-giving connection between plants and people and facilitating the opportunities for healing that are all around us.

Emily French, founder of Sweetgrass Herbals, is a clinical herbalist who weaves together the threads of Chinese herbal medicine, indigenous First Nations herbal knowledge and traditional Western herbalism to create custom protocols that address both symptomatology and the root causes of discomfort and disease.

I visited with this herbalist in order to obtain my CSA spring share of products. I find Ms. Emily French to be very nice and a wonderfully gifted young person. She seems knowledgeable and most willing to help those of us ignorant to the ways of the natural world. She appears very young but is most expertise and experienced in her field. At least this is the view point of this blogger.

I was most pleased with the CSA share that was given me; as it contained several teas, tinctures, balms and salves. Ms. French provided as well plants for planting and several herbs to cook with. I must say that I went home with quite a bunch full of lovely things.

Harvest Coop Market in Cambridge, MA
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A review of Harvest Coop Market

I have not had many opportunities to frequent the market that I am accustomed to and when I do get an opportunity I take it. I had to be in Cambridge, MA and one of the places I stopped in was the Harvest Coop Market. It is across the street from where I knew it to be and this location is smaller than previous store.

They provide organically grown food to the community and strive to carry all that is required by their members. It is run by volunteers for the most part. This is the store that I purchased the Chaga Mushroom Tea and several other teas; some oolong and green tea.

I have always preferred smaller store to giant super markets or chain stores but unfortunately for me; I must go to the stores that I am taken since I have no income of mine own. I am ridiculed when out shopping with husband is what I mean since most women are independent earners or the state gives them something if they have children etc.

The Harvest Coop Market may not be for everyone.

ALDI Food Market in Leominster, MA
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ALDI Food Market
241 New Lancaster Road
Leominster, MA 01453
Store hours: Mon-Sat 9:00 am until 8:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am until 7:00 pm

A review of ALDI’s Food Market

We found out about this market from another customer while we were grocery shopping at Market Basket; she suggested we try ALDI’s which had just opened in Leominster, MA

ALDI’s prices are low and the store seems to have a selected brand and not the usual name brand seen at stores like Market Basket. ALDI’s is more like a warehouse and not necessarily family oriented. You have to bring your own bags or buy their bags for 10 cents each and you must bag your own grocery.

You get a cart that you pay for with a quarter, which is returned when you put the carriage back. So you don’t end up with the carriage you began with because when in line it is given to the customer in front of you and insisting on using the one you have is muted. It is business as yet it is personal. Not personable.

This week they had boxes of green tea and green tea with Ginseng and lemon; as well as Orange Pekoe Teas. This is not a store that I would recommend since I would not use it of mine own choosing. I don’t think they are nice. Nice is a character trait and nothing to do with having a sound business and good practice.

The Wine Vine in Worcester, MA
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The Wine Vine
142 Highland Street
Worcester, MA 01609
(508) 797-9463
[email protected]
Worcester, MA
Owner: Sang & Camille Chhoeuk
Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday
10 AM to 8 PM

A review of The Wine Vine

This Wine Vine offers many products and services which is listed on their business cards. They are friendly and approachable but they let you peruse to your liking and if you have questions they are there to answer. I found the store to be well stocked. I would have liked to attend their Friday night wine tasting event that they had but I did not.
Some products and special services they offer are listed:

Products: Special Services:
Wine & Brew Wine seminars
Cheese & Bread Free wine tasting
Tea & Chocolate Private tasting loft
Glasses & Decanteurs Food and wine pairing
Temp Controlled Wine Custom gift baskets
Wine/Brew Making Kits Operated by local owners
Specialty foods & sauces Corporate gifts
Crafted candies and incense Gift certificates
Locally made products Special events
Custom wine racks Local delivery
Wine accessories

- Harney & Sons

Or Jumbo Pouches for only $7.95

- make your own tea bags
- infusers & defusers
- fresh local honey & rock cane sugar
- teapots with permanent loose tea filters
- tea sets, trivets & tea serving trays
- tea biscuits, cookies & biscottis

I hope to visit again to try some of the Hawaiian teas that they stock and some of the green teas as well. They stock the following brand of teas: Harney and Sons, Tevana Teas, and The Wine Vine brand of teas.



I like to drink tea less so than when I was aptly reviewing teas. I find that I like less and less of things as I age. I am a somber spirit who prays daily to not be at all. Thank you Steepster for all that you do to enrich tea drinkers.


Uxbridge, MA



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