drank Yu Lan Xiang by Seven Cups
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This is a strip oolong. Has quite large leaves and not a terribly large amount of bruising (oxidation), so an overall slightly less-oxidized oolong. I am using around 4g in 110mL, at 180-185F

The wet aroma is fantastic and very strong and thick! Lots of ‘dark fruit’ notes, like berries, with a great degree of floral and magnolia aroma accompanying it.

The taste itself is quite the treat. It is smooth, but quite thick and juicy as well — definitely not a light oolong. It has a very creamy, buttery texture and flavour throughout. Very floral, with osmanthus and honeysuckle being the main contributors.

There is a very slight astringency, but it’s only mainly noticed as part of the aftertaste, or if you were to overbrew it.

On the fourth steep, the leaves have mostly fully opened up.

At this point, the tea has been consistant with its profile. Very creamy and very floral, thick but juicy as well. Very minor astringency — mainly detected as part of the aftertaste. A nice thing about this tea is that the more you let it cool down (after the steep and removing the leaves, just letting it cool in a cup), the floral notes slightly fade but it becomes far more creamy and buttery.

on the fifth steep, creamyness has started to fade but the floral notes remain the same.

sixth steep, the cream is on it’s last legs but the osmanthus remains persistant.

seventh steep. I would consider this tea to be ‘exhausted’ by now. Cream is gone, floral is way too subtle, and you mainly taste the husk of the leaf. I’ll consider my session to be complete by now.

As for a summary, the first half of the steeping session gives you a very thick, juicy, creamy (butter and cream), and floral flavour. The creamyness and floral both fade, but the cream is the first to go. There is very little astringency, and even after all seven steeps my throat doesn’t feel dry at all, only the surface of my tongue feels a bit dried. A very pleasant and thick oolong, an absolute treat to have.

Flavors: Butter, Cream, Floral, Honeysuckle, Osmanthus, Thick

185 °F / 85 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 4 OZ / 110 ML

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My grading criteria for tea is as follows:

90-100: Phenomenal tea right here. Drinking this is just a wonderful treat.

85-89: Extremely good tea but it’s just missing that one thing to make it exceptional.

80-84: Very good tea. May not be the best, but it certainly is excellent for the times that you crave them.

70-79: Good tea. The types of teas that have that one characteristic to them that makes it worthwhile despite lacking in all the other areas

60-69: Average tea. Doesn’t excel at anything but isn’t’ horrible in anything either.

40-59: Below average tea. I can see how someone else would like this tea but I definitely don’t like it. Could be an issue with my brewing or just my taste in general. If it’s a brewing issue, rating will be adjusted accordingly.

0-39: How is this tea. Better beverages could be made by grabbing a clump of dead grass from my front lawn.


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