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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this rooibos blend.

I kind of chuckled when I re-read your tasting note on this… it’s kind of funny that the tisane “left you wanting more” and the name of the tea is “I Want Some More.” An ironic name for a tisane, then, yeah?

Anyway… I have to admit that the description of this tea scared me just a little bit, and it’s got me hoping that it’s just coffee flavoring. I don’t want to be up all night (it is 12:45 am!) and I don’t want to start feeling sick around 3 am from drinking coffee. But I didn’t happen to read the description until after I actually started brewing the tisane, and I’m not one to toss a pot of tea unless it doesn’t taste good.

First impression: Eh… this is alright. It’s not bad … but it’s not really good either. It’s just very average. Very mediocre. Kind of blah and boring. Not at all what I would expect from the name of the tisane … unless what its meant by it is that whomever this “I” is indeed wants MORE flavor from the tisane. They want something more than what they’re getting. Because I can’t imagine actually asking for more of this, as is. Not with a world of teas and tisanes that are actually much tastier.

It also seems to me that the description is a bit off. It suggests that the sip starts off with a “creamy” coffee note. Well, I get coffee, but I don’t get a creamy coffee taste. I just get coffee. And the coffee is not followed by a “fruit crescendo” but more of like a jumbled flavor that is very difficult to describe. I still taste the coffee … but it is no longer a concise coffee taste, it is more like left over coffee notes from the start of the sip that have been clouded (Clouds in my coffee, hehe! Oh, yes, I do think that this tisane is making me a bit silly), anyway… the roasted coffee notes are sort of jumbled by a woody, funky taste that doesn’t taste at all like fruit. The finish does not taste like amaretto, either. It tastes nutty, but not amaretto.

It’s just kind of weird. And the flavor doesn’t really improve as the tisane cools, either.

Just very average, and not something I’d really ever want again. Kind of blah. It’s kind of like taking a vacation at the in-laws instead of going somewhere fun – it is still nice to get away and have some time off, but, there are numerous things you’d rather be doing. This tisane is like that. It’s alright and certainly drinkable, but there are other teas/tisanes I’d rather be drinking.

Daisy Chubb

Ha! Your last paragraph is perfection. I can’t think of a better analogy for a disappointing tea.

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Daisy Chubb

Ha! Your last paragraph is perfection. I can’t think of a better analogy for a disappointing tea.

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