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Remember when I said that I needed to stop hoarding my teas? I realized this morning that I hadn’t even OPENED my tin of this tea. I’m guessing that my original review was based on a sample from a generous Steepsterite – so I trust that rating. I feel that I can’t properly review this tea since it’s ::mumblemumble:: years old. But I’m relieved to say that it’s still tasty – I just have a feeling that it’s not as “bright” as it was when I first received the tin.

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Finally digging into my Andrews & Dunham stash. Again, trying to anti-gollum my teas. It pairs well with the “french toast” overnight oats I’m having for breakfast. I’ve never had overnight oats before…and I think I like it? Like oatmeal, I struggle with the texture though it tasted good. The tea seems perkier with the sweetness that was left in my mouth from the oats (there’s banana, vanilla, maple syrup, and cinnamon in it). I look forward to several more steeps. NE


Oveenight oats are the best. You can toss in raisins or dried fruit too of you like. There’s always the microwave if you want warm cereal.

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drank Honeybush Mango by Adagio Teas
365 tasting notes

Had several cups of this last night. It’s definitely one of my favorite evening teas. Pleasant taste and aroma. NE

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I’m back to drinking tea on a regular basis: yay!

I went immediately for one of my all-time faves to mark the occasion (hint: it’s this one). And my cat immediately came up to try and get some for himself (jerk).

Even being a few years old (eep!) it still is smoky-tasty to me. Huzzah! But it’s definitely not as good as a fresh tin.

But with my renewed tea-drinking (and shunning of diet sodas), I have made myself a promise: I shall no longer hoard my favorite or limited-edition teas. I need to drink them uninhibitedly. So drink I shall! NE


Believe it or not, I was looking at this tea the other day. I let my cat sniff at my tea, because his nose is better than mine. Looking forward to trying some of their other teas as well.


Cats do have good taste in general :)
I had actually turned my back on my tea while it steeped, and my kitty had come up and decided to help himself to the liquid the strainer leaves on my saucer.

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drank Vanilla by Adagio Teas
365 tasting notes

Nope. And I’ll give this the benefit of doubt in that it’s another older sample. BUT. I’ve noticed in quite a few flavored teas that have an almost “rubbing alcohol” taste to them. I don’t know what the deal is, but I guess it’s part of the process of adding some flavors. If a tea has it in it, then it’s very hard for me to ignore. It’s one of the reasons I’ve moved away from the more “flavorful” and creative tea blends. That aroma just spoiled this tea for me. M

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Oh — this was an awesome surprise! I had several cups two days in a row, and really loved each and every one. I wish that I could describe it better (it’s been several days since I had it), but it seems like this would be my ideal breakfast blend. Complex without being obnoxious. This is another one that (if made available again), I’ll be tempted to purchase a larger tin. TG

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Unfortunately, I oversteeped my second cup, to the point that after three sips I had to toss it: bitter, bitter, bitter. Just basing this off of my first cup, it’s fine. It’s more earthy than I typically like. I’d say that if you were looking for something earthy with oomph, then you should definitely check this one out. M

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
365 tasting notes

I have been very curious about this tea for quite some time — so I was beyond thrilled to discover that I had ordered a sample of it a few years back. Even with it being a bit older, this tea is pretty freaking amazing. I have to admit (and feel free to express your horror at this) I don’t like chocolate. I overdid it as a child, so a little goes a very long way for me and anything with cocoa in it.

But this? This is a pretty incredible tea. Of all of the samples I’ve been trying as of late, this is the one I’m most tempted to add to my cupboard. I mean, the aroma was absolutely lovely and it lingered for quite some time. If I was a chocolate fan, then I’d likely move this into the “teagasm” category. NE

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drank Russian Country by Harney & Sons
365 tasting notes

I was cleaning out my tea cupboard when I came across a whole set of Harney & Sons samples I had forgotten about from ::mumblemumble:: years back. So I might be reviewing a bit more in the near future. However, I must note that even though the packets are air tight, this tea is a few years old and therefore maybe not the most accurate.

Not a lot to say about this tea. If it were my first smoky tea, then I think that I wouldn’t be very impressed. It’s fine and held up after I oversteeped it a bit. It has a distinct earthy aftertaste — not bad. It’s fine, but I won’t order a full tin. NE

4 min, 45 sec 4 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Wow — a lovely Steepsterite contacted me (you know who you are) to mention that I should come back and check out how great the site/community’s doing. Seriously: wow! She wasn’t exaggerating.

I don’t know how active I’ll be on here — there’s a lot of wonderful things going on in my life. I’ve really settled down in my tea routine so I don’t have a lot of new notes to give. I tried to sip-down my tea cupboard, but finally gave a very lucky coworker almost all of my tea.

Georgia Tea Co. gets pretty much all of my tea business now (I rotate between this original Cancer Fighting Tea — called Teavite now, I believe, and the Lavender CFT one). I enjoy that every cup is slightly different and it just makes me feel a bit healthier when I drink it.

I felt it worth writing a new review for this since my last rating was 80 – I bumped it up to a very strong 90. Also, Georgia Tea surprised me in a wonderful way: their packaging is now top-notch. They started off using these food-grade bags…I don’t even know how to describe them — like a paper version of those coffee bags that you roll down the top of and push over a twist tie to seal it. Then they used those same bags but with a nicely sealed plastic bag within it so you’d get it, open the tea and put it in the bag if you’d like. I have several nice containers that I put my tea into, so I never used any of the packaging, and it never bothered me.

This last order their new packaging was revealed and it’s now on par with the best companies that don’t use canisters. It’s a quality ziplock-type bag — just perfect. I think that this packaging really retains the fragrance so much better. I still put my tea into its normal container, but the first cup I had was almost bitterly intense in terms of taste and fragrance which I’d never experienced with this tea before. In the future I’ll definitely cut back the amount I put in my strainer before I head to work.

I mainly wanted to add a new review to congratulate Daniel and company on the fantastic new packaging, and make others aware of it.


Yay! So great to see you Rabs! You have been missed.

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Proud all-around nerd, crafter, and brand-new Assistant Library Director. Give me an engrossing book and a wonderful cup of tea and I’m in heaven.

After being a barista for almost a decade it wasn’t until 2010 that I discovered loose leaf tea. Now I’m hooked.

How I use Steepster has been evolving since I joined. Yes, I use it for my personal “to buy or not to buy” info, but I’m enough of a goofball that I hope it can amuse others more often than not.

I’ve also started to become anal about my tea (times and temps). That’s surprised me. I finally realized that I should respect the leaves like I used to respect the beans. I also take my tea plain unless otherwise noted.

There’s really nothing remarkable or noteworthy of how I rate teas. I do take it a tiny further step to help clarify the muddled middle grounds for myself. TG is a definite repurchase. Anything below that is less and less likely.

NE=Nice Enough


Midwest, USA

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