This set is just gorgeous. I wanted a white tea set for gong fu style brewing. The teapot is a little larger than many I have seen. It’s around 8 ounces. The cups are around 1.5 ounces. This also has a 6 oz. tea pitcher, but I mainly just use the pot and cups for now.

The set comes with plum flower cups, but Yezi Customer Service was kind enough to allow me to substitute their other lu yao cups instead. I liked the clean lines better on the “plainer” cups. When I asked about care, I was promptly advised to hand wash with mild soap, and that these sets can also gently be cleaned with a toothbrush. Good to know!

It was harder than I thought to find a reasonably priced gong fu set that was white. I like to really see the color of the tea when brewing and drinking! The porcelain is very smooth and feels almost “soft” to the touch. I love this set and I keep looking for excuses to brew tea in it. Not that I really need one. There are no cons to this set, only pros. It’s perfect! Highly recommend!

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