37 Tasting Notes

drank Sencha Vanilla by T2
37 tasting notes

And Sencha Vanilla makes two.

So it looks like my whole disliking green tea thing is getting thrown out and I thought I was unsaveble in this area – what a relief to find out I was wrong and that there are green teas I like.

Sencha Vanilla is just opening up the box to get some out of the box is like sticking your nose into a honey pot and never wanting to leave – it’s such a fresh vibrant scent and the leaves are so long and green – adding the water makes them unfurl into these beautiful large deep green leaves that are so intoxicating to watch. And the aroma oh the aroma! Beautiful big waffs of vanilla as though vanilla essence has been sprayed in the room it’s just so inviting it’s like a vanilla cupake is awaiting you.

The taste is very light and sweet – it’s a lovely green tea that takes a long steeping well and takes a long time to taste bitter. The vanilla floats on top leaving you with a sweet after-taste but definitely not sickly or over top instead it simply invites you to have another sip. Very easy to never stop drinking this tea it’s so refreshing!

Highly recommend for people wanting to dip their toe into the green tea world and vanilla lovers everywhere.

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Another vanilla tea? I am feeling jealous!! I love green tea but it seems that I haven’t tried it with vanilla yet. This tea is going to be a satisfying but healthy post-dinner treat! :)

Winter Salo

Yes when it comes to vanilla I’m definitely and addict – no idea why it just always works on me whether black, fruit or as it appears now green.

It is a really nice desert tea there’s something strangely satisfying about green teas (which is news to me).

Definitely worth a try next time you get your hands on a T2 store.


You’ve sold me with that wonderful descriptive tasting note! Adding to the shopping list right now…thanks!


Having a crappy Friday (blaming the date) so I’m sneakily reading tea reviews at work. This one sounds great, as do some of the other T2 teas you’ve reviewed. They’re apparently working on opening a store here in Hobart so I’ll be able to sample to my heart’s content minus the return flights to Melbourne! Decided I have to make a list based on your reviews!

Winter Salo

Hi CHAroma, so glad to hear you were swayed… because this is an awesome tea, hope to see a review from you on the tea (and that you liked it!)

Winter Salo

Hi TassieTeaGirl – thanks so much for your comment. :) And seriously what better thing is there to do at work on a Friday? :)

I hope they do open a store in Hobart – their stores are awesome, they’re like candy stores for adults. And in summer their iced tasting tables are just divine – but be warned it’s VERY hard to not buy something (or a million things) once you’re inside because everything just smells and tastes so good.

Sencha Vanilla is definitely a favorite of mine, in fact it’s my favourite green tea. I think T2 did really well this, I’ve tasted this from different makers and T2’s stands far above the crowd.

T2’s shipping can, in my opinion, be a bit slower than others despite the fact that we’re in the same state. But I find I get it at the tail end of their estimated shipping times. However, the wait is always worth it! They package them up so good like little presents, and they always include samples – it’s such a luxury getting a package from them. When they offer free shipping I always take advantage of that even though I can go into store because it’s such a nice present. :)


I completely understand the lure of the store, I had a very similar problem in Canada last year with DavidsTea. Bright clean stores, giant tins of tea across one wall, and so many gorgeous accessories and kits to play with. I always walked out with at least one purchase, even if it was just a take out tea. I’ll definitely need to set s more stringent tea budget when they open here!

Winter Salo

oooh… DavidsTea sounds so good from the all the reviews – lucky you for getting to go. :) And I mean you could totally justify that ‘you were overseas’ – who knows when you’d get to try it again? ;)

My friend has family in France and she goes a lot and everytime she books days in Paris just to go to Mariage Frere and now jokes that she goes more for the tea than the family. I have to admit after getting to have some of the tea that she brings back with her I can understand why – their vanilla black tea is hands down the best I’ve ever tasted.


I still order from them frequently, international air freight be damned! I figure there are worse and much less healthy things I could be spending money on! If you ever make the leap across the Bass Strait I’ve got a bit of a supply you could try.

Winter Salo

Wow that’s dedication! Shipping charges form North American can run really high. :(

That’s so sweet, thank you. :) I’ve actually never been to Tasmania – beautiful green isle that it is.


T2 Sencha Vanilla – my favourite breakfast tea. Toast with a cup of this just doesn’t get old.

It is best to brew not too hot, it tends to change flavour with every 5 degrees above about 80 degrees C to bring in slightly more bitter notes. It can be disconcerting how light the colour of the tea is after only a few minutes steeping, but it doesn’t need long. Happily around the same time that toast takes to cook.

The vanilla is a natural scent, not a cheesy one.

Generally when I get it from T2 I get a foil pack. Yes, dangerous shop that it is. I’m in Adelaide, the T2 shop is a lovely large open shop in Rundle Street with many Ts to try. It does suit the street, it’s one of the more upmarket areas and a lot of care goes into the store. I hate to imagine how much rent they are charged, but long may T2 reign there.

Thanks for this site, by the way, it rocks.

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This tea is awesome.

Dry the leaves are quite large are smell of a natural, soft, sweet vanilla definitely not overpowering or artificial.

Hot the smell is divine it’s a vanilla teacake cooling on a windowsill.

The ‘tea’ component is very light, and as far as away from bitter as you can imagine. I infused it for quite a long time and seemed it to make the tea sweeter rather than stronger which was awesome!

The vanilla is a sweet vanilla – very sweet and so tasty.

It’s the perfect afternoon tea. Absolutely delish! I highly recommend this to everyone. :)

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Oooo sounds so yummy!! Why can’t it be found in Hong Kong?? :(

Winter Salo

It is yummy – it’s so light and sweet it’s perfect.

If it’s any consolation I can’t find the tea here either! My friend bought it back from France and I almost wish she hadn’t shared it with me – I tried to go from this to my normal vanilla tea and was very, very disappointed this morning.

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drank Gorgeous Geisha by T2
37 tasting notes

Oh my this is good.

I am not a fan of green tea in general. There are very few green teas that I like and even fewer than I love so I never expected to like Gorgeous Geisha.

I was at Chadstone’s T2 shopping for my sister’s Christmas present and they had Gorgeous Geisha iced and it was oh my God so good. Iced it reminds me of T2’s Strawberries & Cream but without the sweetness. It smells and tastes like strawberries drizzled in cream with a refreshing after-taste of generic sweet fruit. The green tea element seems to make the tea less sweet and more refreshing without any actual ‘tea’ or ‘grassy’ taste making it a really refreshingly sweet iced tea perfect for a hot summer day. I think I would actually prefer this iced compared to Strawberries & Cream because it is less sweet and more refreshing.

Dry you are greeted by very large green tea leaves and small little freeze dried strawberry pieces – the smell is quite unusual it’s like walking into a strawberry field – very strong aroma of strawberries surrounded by an earthy-grassy scent.

Hot a very sweet (almost sickly sweet) strawberry aroma greets you with only the very slightest hint of a grassy smell. The taste is incredible it’s like drinking a strawberry Martini – a very strong strawberry taste with a coating of creaminess chased by a light bitter-grass after-taste.

Oh so good and oh so surprising.

I highly recommend this for fans of T2’s Strawberries & Cream and for people wanting to edge themselves into the world of green tea. It is yumilicious.

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I LOVE this. Wow. wow. wow. wow.

When I heard there was a new Rabbit Hole Tea coming out I was so excited and when I found it what it actually was I went into immediate ‘must have’ mode. Cherries, I love cherries, to me Spring means cherries they might be the most expensive fruit on earth but they are also the most delicious and anything with cherries is an automatic must try for me – cherry crumble being the ultimate winner. So I placed my order and I’ve been checking the post since then and as always The Rabbit Hole delivers (and so quick too! easily the quickest tea delivery by far). I ripped open the beautiful postage to reveal Ruby Zing, I opened it up and …. the smell it’s like sticking your nose straight into a cherry pie it’s got a warmth to the dry scent and the cherries intermingled with the coconut is just amazing it’s literally like having a cherry pie in a packet.

The packet says you can infuse for up to 9 minutes and since I wanted the most from my cherry tea I did just that, but I must say this was a real test of my patience (which is non existent in this case). Finally the time was up and I opened the lid of my mug infuser to reveal the most divine aroma warm cherry pie with little pieces of coconut slivers on top it’s just amazing, it really is magical.

And then the first sip it’s like stuffing a whole lot of fresh ripe cherries into your mouth and gorging down oh it’s heavenly – it tastes so amazingly fresh & real – nothing artificial, no added flavours. If I was told that the cherries were just picked and popped in my cup I’d believe it.

Although this tea is in their ‘zesty’ range the coconut adds a real velvety creaminess to the tea which rounds out the taste nicely. It reminds me of condensed milk – like if you got some beautiful ripe cherries and poured just a little bit of condensed milk on top you’d get something near this taste. It really is lovely and so unique, also since cherries are so expensive and you’d be hard pressed to ever eat a lot at once this is a very nice indulgence.

As always the quality of the tea is beyond comparison – giant coconut slivers, huge cherries, hibiscus flowers (that don’t overwhelm the tea at all) and blueberries and as always with The Rabbit Hole absolutely no dust, no tiny pieces that have been through the wars – it’s the real deal and you can taste the love that’s gone into making it.

My only regret with this tea is that I didn’t bite the bullet and order a larger packet – it’s so good I can see it disappearing very quickly especially since I’m already on my second cup … only three more to go.

Highly recommend this to cherry-lovers everywhere and anyone in the mood for a real Spring-treat.

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The Rabbit Hole

So glad you like it Winter. Thanks for the great review too. We really appreciate that you take the time to write about our teas.

The Rabbit Hole

Hey Winter, this tea is now added “officially”:


Can’t work out how to move/attach your review to it though.

Hope you’re well.



Thanks, Winter! I was unaware of this company existing and so many of the blends sound amazing. Thank you for your in-depth reviews! You can guarantee that my next Saturday off I will be hitting up the Bondi Markets ^^

The Rabbit Hole

Hi Feebs, just letting you know that we’re no longer down at Bondi markets sadly. You can still buy our teas online www.therabbithole.com.au and we’re busy getting our teas into as many cafes as we can. We are already in Flour & Stone (Woolloomooloo) and Twig (Surry Hills) with more coming online in the next few weeks.



Thanks very much Corinne, Surry is close ot me so I will head there ^^. Do Twig have the full range or a selection of a few favourites?

The Rabbit Hole

No trouble. Twig currently have 6 of our teas on offer – a few of the traditionals (Breakfast Blend, Grey Rabbit & Chai) as well as some of our more “out there” blends (Ginger Snap, White Delight & Red Delicious). Their food is to die for too!!!

They are out the back of the Garden Life centre on Cleveland St. Enjoy.



Ive ordered this and you’ve made me very excited about its arrival!

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drank Citrus Sensation by T2
37 tasting notes

This tea is surprisingly and delightfully sweet and is reminiscent of lemon and sugar dusted pancakes.

Prior to having this tea the only T2 citrus tea I had tried was T2’s Citrus Punch, a fruit tissane that is way, way, too tangy and strong to have by itself. So when I was able to smell the heavy citrus smell wafting from the unopened box I feared it would be a black version of citrus punch. However, I was not to be put off and opened it up to reveal that the smell minus packaging is both sweet and tangy. So curious as to what was to come next I made up a pot for myself and wow… the hot version of this really impresses. The aroma that greets you is a mingling of lemon and sweet black tea it’s very inviting and not at all strong and signals what’s in store for you.

The taste is really special there is no ‘tang’ rather you are greeted with a sweet lemon and mild black tea taste and the after taste is more of the same it’s like swallowing a piece of a lemon and sugar dusted pancake. If I didn’t know better I’d swear I had added sugar to the tea because it really is quite sweet, it’s a natural sweetness that suits the tea and really makes this a quite addictive drink – I’m already onto my third pot for the night.

The black tea itself is quite mild and unlike a lot of T2’s black teas it seems very unfamiliar with the word ‘bitter’ I got called away from second pot and didn’t go back for about twenty minutes and it hadn’t turned bitter at all in, it was quite nice actually.

Dry the leaves are quite large and you can see small pieces of orange and lemon peel scattered throughout – there’s a very generous amount that’s not reflected in the picture it’s definitely heavy on the peel. Wet the leaves expand massively as does the peel it’s lovely to see them all unfurled.

This is a very good quality that tastes amazing. I thought it would be like adding lemon to a cup of black tea and while in some respects it is, it really is so much more than that the sweetness that accompanies this tea is really lovely and adds a layer that is both unexpected and welcome. Indeed adding a piece of lemon to this tea made the citrus flavour ‘pop’ out but still allowed the sweetness to remain intact. Delish!

I imagine this would taste wonderful iced.

I highly recommend this to people who already add lemon to their tea I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this, also to anyone who likes fruit flavours as it’s fruity without being overpoweringly citrusy.

A big shout out thank you to T2 – I received this tea along with an Olipot and silly accessories as a prize in their fruity song competition. The competition was to name a fruit song to kick off the fruity iced teas of summer. I submitted Lemon by U2 and won, this is the first time I’ve won anything so I’m bubbling over with happiness.

I thought the happiness of wining might cloud my judgement of the tea but I’ve had three pots already so either my taste buds are as happy as the rest of me or I really do like this tea. ;)

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Congrats!!! Can imagine the excitement of winning the competition~~~ and what can be better than getting a nice tea + lovely teapot (T2’s teaware collection is just awesome!) as the prize? ;)

Winter Salo

Thank you! :) It was an awesome prize, so generous, I’d be happy if I got tea for free let alone a lovely new teapot… :)

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Om nom nom…. berry goodness is what this is, delicious, delectable berry black tea.

Imagine a sweet summer berry tart – now imagine someone liquefied that because I swear that’s what’s happened here. This is an AMAZING combination of natural flavours – as a rule I don’t believe in ‘desert replacement’ teas because quite frankly no matter how good a tea is how can it really satisfy that craving for a good piece of cake? But this definitely works as a desert replacement because it manages to be sweet, tart and ‘filling’. It makes for an extremely satisfying cup of berry tart.

Dry you are greeted by big black tea leaves, freeze dried blueberries and raspberries and the smell – oh my – the smell is intoxicating – it is oh so good it’s like walking into blueberry and raspberry fields in the heat of summer where the fresh fruit is really ripe and you’re blown off your feet by the intensity of the fruit. I’ve actually got the opened packet on my desk right now because I can’t bring myself to put it away it’s making my whole room smell of berries and I love it.

When made up the berry aroma is softened somewhat and you are given a tight generic berry smell mingled with an almost soft floral fragrance and rounded off by the smell of shortcrust pastry; it’s different, a good different and gives you a hint of what’s to come. The initial taste is not as sweet as I thought it would be, but this turns out to be a good thing because what you get instead is a very good approximation of a blueberry and raspberry compote mingled with a tart pastry-esque taste thanks to the black tea, oils and apple juice which is just a tiny bit bitter in a very good way. The aftertaste is where this tea takes it off there’s no bitterness in the aftertaste at all, instead, the tea really packs a punch here delivering an intensified version of the first sip really amping up the sweetness and flavour of the berries. This carries over into sip after sip resulting in the tea tasting sweeter as you finish off your cup.

I think this works really well as an after dinner tea as it’s not particularly strong and can satisfy those sweet night time cravings. It would also pair well with a sweet cake in the afternoon.

I highly recommend this to sweet-toothes and berry lovers and particularly for those who are seeking a non hibiscus berry tea or a less sweet berry tea as it definitely isn’t as sweet as a lot of other berry teas on the market and the fact that everything is natural is really evident in the taste – the tea is of an impressive high quality.

I’m off to have my sixth cup of the night…

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The Rabbit Hole

Glad you like this one too Winter. We boost the sweetness (when really craving cake but trying to be good) with organic apple juice concentrate which works well with the tartness of the berries (especially when cold). We ended up using Berry Bomb as our iced tea at the Farmers Markets last Saturday and we muddled it with cinnamon and pear which went down a treat.

Winter Salo

I think the apple juice is a fantastic idea because it really is delicious. I put raspberries in with mine it makes the berry flavours really pop… I never thought to put peer with it what an interesting idea.


So its good hot? I read the description on the RH website and thought it would be a perfect iced tea in summer (maybe with some champers or vodka for a Christmas treat?), but was unsure how it would go hot.

The Rabbit Hole

Hey @TassieTeaGirl – a woman after my own heart, the addition of champers or vodka does go down well (and why wait until Christmas)!!! We think it’s pretty damn good hot too though. Be interested to see if you think the same. Cheers, Corinne.

Winter Salo

Hi TeassieTeaGirl – thanks for your comment & question – personally I prefer this hot to iced. I think it loses some of the magic when it’s iced, I don’t find it as flavoursome by as itself. But that’s just personal opinion because I’ve served it to friends who love it iced.

To me, when it’s hot it is absolutely divine, it’s so nice, it’s seriously like a sweet treat all of it’s own (although it still pairs well with actual treats!).

And if you haven’t tried The Rabbit Hole – I highly recommend you do they have awesome customer service and the postage is really good. :)

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This tea suits its name it has a rustic feel to it and would be well suited had by a camp-fire on a cold morning – it’s a strong, full bodied black tea with a heavy plain black tea aroma with a slight hint of gingerbread.

The barely moderates the black tea taste creating a softer milder and not so severe generic black tea taste. It pairs well with with a sweet treat to temper the bitterness of the tea and would be well served by the addition of milk and sugar or honey. Had black, as I always have my tea it comes across as a bit too much – the barely and ginger seem to almost be competing for attention with the black tea with no clear winner and with me wanting a real ginger tea afterwards.

If you want to kick start a cold morning with a strong black tea that tastes a bit more mellow than English Breakfast than this would be a good tea to check out. However it doesn’t suit a sweet tooth or someone seeking a ‘pure’ tea taste.

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Berries n Cream is something unique; it blends the smooth vanilla rooibos with rich red berry tastes of strawberry, blueberry, elderberry and black current. The result is a deep warming cup of berry goodness.

Dry you are greeted by small chopped up rooibos leaves, big rose petals, black currents, apple and a few others for good measure and the smell is absolutely intoxicating so much so that I can barely pull my nose away from the packet – it’s generic berry mingled with a strong, strong overtone of vanilla.

When made up hot the dry smell transforms into even heavier notes of vanilla with berry aromas floating around. With the first sip you taste a sort of generic mix up of berry flavours but as with any good rooibos it’s the after-taste that packs the punch and pulls you back for more – you’re left with a really smooth, really warm vanilla taste in your mouth and a sort of light lingering of berry. Each subsequent drink enhances both flavours with the after-taste adding more depth and flavour to each drink.

I really like that the rooibos is used to add depth to an otherwise fruit / herbal tissane it gives the tea a real edge above other berries n cream infusions on the market. It is not a particularly sweet tea in that whilst the vanilla rooibos gives it a sweetness it is very much a natural sweetness and therefore by no means a ‘sickly sweet’ taste. It’s different to what I have come to expect from ‘berries n cream’ in both a good and a way bad – the rooibos makes it more deeper and more tea like but at the same time that means it isn’t as sweet as I’m used to experiencing from sweet fruit teas and I almost found myself wanting to sweeten it up a bit (I do have a big sweet tooth).

It says there is apple in it and while I can see some apple I didn’t taste the usual ‘tang’ quality that you normally experience with apple but I think that’s good because the berry and vanilla overtones of this tea are enough and I never found myself wanting to taste the apple.

I highly recommend this to berries n cream lovers as while it’s more of the same it’s more of the same and then some with the rooibos adding a different take on a much loved classic. But if you are a sweet tooth like me just be aware that this isn’t as sweet as berries n cream normally tends to be, or at least tends to be in my experience.

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If you have been to one of those lavish chocolate high teas like the Langham have where there’s a chocolate fountain and oodles of goodies to dip into it then you will be delighted with this at home special. There’s no mistaking what this is – white chocolate drizzled over raspberries – simply divine!

This tea is exquisite – the white tea is light and delicate, not at all grassy, just the way a good white tea should taste and the flavouring is sublime truly sublime. I feel as though I’ve got a stack of beautiful fresh ripe raspberries in front of me and with each mouthful I’m dipping them ever so slightly in high quality white chocolate and finishing it all of with a drop of ever so light white tea. This really is the perfect afternoon tea.

When dried the leaves, chocolate pieces and raspberries smell exactly as you’d expect – sweet, raspberrish, white cholatish and leafy. The aroma when made up is of sweet raspberries and a whiff of white chocolate in the air and the taste is well seriously there’s no other way to describe it but each sip is a raspberry drizzled with white chocolate. You know you’re drinking white tea, it’s light and carries the flavours well.

If you love raspberries like I do you are going to fall head over heals for this beautiful cup it’s really something special. Also if you’re wanting to try white tea and aren’t sure where to start then you can do no wrong with this one, it really is complemented perfectly by the flavours.

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The Rabbit Hole

Thanks Winter. So glad you enjoyed our White Delight. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you might also like After Dinner Mint which is one of my all time favourites. happy sipping and thanks again for the review.

Winter Salo

You’re most welcome, I am REALLY enjoying this tea – it’s oh so nice, I couldn’t stop drinking it last night right before bed time when I really should have been having my normal herbal tea I was like ‘just one more wont hurt’ ;)

After Dinner Mint is already done on my wishlist of tees to try- it does sound lovely, and as a big fan of that exact treat I’m looking forward to trying it.

The Rabbit Hole

Ha ha, I know the feeling. Hope it didn’t keep you awake!

Winter Salo

I was a bit worried about that, but it is white tea so I took the risk and in fact I slept really well, better than I normally do – must be all the contentedness from the deliciousness of the tea :)

I just had another cup it’s so good I can’t keep my hands off it!

The Rabbit Hole

Good to hear. I don’t find white tea keeps me awake either which is nice. I really enjoy a cup at bedtime.

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Warm Apple Pie anyone? Come on, you know you want to! The smell of this is absolutely divine – it’s like warm apple pie, there’s heavy apple, an almost pastry kind of smell and a strong wave of honey-vanilla. The taste is something else entirely it’s like a sweet oven baked apple that’s been drizzled with honey.

This is so incredibly good, it really is desert in a cup it’s amazingly satisfying and it’s not over sweet either; it’s the perfect combination of apple sweetness and apple tang. This just blows away all the other apple and Turkish apple teas I’ve had before. The Honeybush gives this real depth so it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking warmed up pieces of fruit, it tastes like a full bodied drink which is really, really delicious. I can totally understand why the tea is called ‘Red Delicious’ because that’s exactly what it is. Although it’s not a brilliant red it’s more a browny-red but that’s totally nit-picking.

I bought this tea without trying it and I am always so apprehensive about doing that, but the picture is so captivating I just had to try it. And I have to say I’m sold- the quality of the tea is very impressive and when boiling water hit the infusion all the leaves, berries and apple pieces expanded fully revealing their true natures. Big and I mean BIG berries are in this and they look just amazing.

I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who likes apples and especially to people who enjoy Turkish Apple but are trying to avoid the sugar intake because not only does this taste better than any Turkish Apple I’ve had there’s no sugar in it (or at least it’s not made of sugar and what sugar there is occurs naturally).

This is just incredible – seriously incredible.

Boiling 8 min or more

Haha it seems that you are really in love with this tea… I can see that you have even changed your profile picture! :D I must admit that I am also captivated by their beautiful photos!

I am both impressed by and envious of your ability to describe teas in such a vivid manner! I could see a piping hot apple pie as I read your review. :) There are too many fruit teas that taste like, as you’ve said, “warmed up pieces of fruit”, so I am glad that this tea is different. It is definitely more exciting than a pure fruit infusion!

Winter Salo

Aww thank you that’s so nice of you to say! :) I’m glad you were able to imagine it – to be honest it’s probably the best tea that’s helped me imagine what all those desert named teas by 52teas could taste like.

And the PICTURES seriously whoever they got to design the layout and photographs deserves a medal they’re just magnificent.

Yes, definitely better than a pure fruit infusion. I find with fruit infusions they need a little something else to round them out whether it’s honeybush/ rooibos or a spice or even something floral like rose petals often just fruit can really be quite unsatisfying.


Hmm, I’ve never had a honeybush tea before. Does honeybush taste like red rooibos? Because I’d love to try this tea (who wouldn’t after that review), but I can’t stand red rooibos. Green rooibos is okay though.

The Rabbit Hole

Thanks Winter. This is a great one iced too. Give it a go when the weather warms up a bit. Thanks also guys for the feedback on our photos. We had miophoto.com collaborate with us on the styling/shooting of them and she managed to translate what was in our minds exactly. She’s a wizz!

Winter Salo

CHAroma thanks for the comments I’m really glad to hear you liked the review :) Personally I find rooibos of any kind can be very hit and miss depending on where you get it from. For me Honeybush is like rooibos, certainly more like rooibos than any other tea or herbal carrier but it is different and I don’t feel like it can be mistaken for rooibos. The way it’s different is that rooibos has a tea quality taste to it – sometimes it can be bitter, it’s normally a far more pronounced flavour even when it’s with a whole lot of other flavourings and it usually has a strong aftertaste (good or bad).

Honeybush on the other hand is like rooibos’ cousin on the herbal side of the family – it doesn’t have a tea taste to it, it really does taste like honey but not in a sickly sweet way it’s like the runny honey you might find in a health food store or fresh from a bee farm when it’s good it’s like the honey’s been drizzled on rather than you’re drinking a hot cup of pure honey which I’m pretty sure would be quite hard to drink.

This particular Honeybush tea is really, really, really yummy! In my opinion it definitely isn’t close to a red rooibos or a green rooibos for that matter, there’s absolutely no ‘tea’ taste to it, there’s also no grassy taste or overpowering aftertaste. It’s a very good example of the honeybush taste and what it can be used for because in this tea it really is used to add a depth to the tea to allow you to really savour the apple taste and feel as though you’ve eaten a freshly baked apple that’s been drizzled in just the right amount of honey. I think it would make a very good place to start with honeybush if you like apples because it will let you know both what honeybush should taste like when good and give you an idea of what flavours might go well with it so you can venture out into other honeybushes.

The Rabbit Hole: Thank you for the feedback and you certainly chose a great company to collaborate with – they’re just brilliant photos. I think I’ll make up an iced jug of this today now that you’ve put that thought in my head, I’ve been having very sweet iced tea lately and I think the refreshing taste of apple may be just the right thing for today – it’s already very hot in Melbourne! I’m looking forward to comparing the iced version to other apple iced teas I’m sure it’ll come out wining

The Rabbit Hole

Lucky for you on the weather. Sydney is very overcast and not “Spring-like” at all at the moment. Hope you enjoy the iced version of Red Delicious as much as the hot. Cheers, Corinne.


neThank you for the feedback and you certainly chose a great company to collaborate with – they’re just brilliant photos. I think I’ll make up an iced jug of this today now that you’ve put that thought in my head, I’ve been having very sweet iced tea lately and I think the refreshing taste of apple may be just the right thing for today – it’s already very hot in Melbourne! I’m looking forward to comparing the iced version to other apple iced teas I’m sure it’ll come out wining

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I love tea, I love trying new teas, start the day with a cup of black, end with a herbal and enjoy everything in between.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia.

Tea… the perfect accompaniment for a soulful journey through life.

“tea… a religion of the art of life.” – Okakura.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.



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