6 Tasting Notes

drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

To those complaining that this isn’t even a proper tea, have fun missing out on the bestselling tea from the masters at DAVIDsTEA.
While not receiving as much attention during the Summer months due to it being overthrown by teas made to be iced, this tea is a true warrior during the Winter months by providing a pleasant nutty beverage with great hits of beetroot which also give it the signature pink colour that is adored by all.

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drank Green and Fruity by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

While not being overly fond of the rooibos teas, I was introduced to this tea by a friend who absolutely was shocked by how good it is.
After smelling, I was rather skeptical but don’t look the cover on this book fool you, this green rooibos blend is a true wonder.
When agave is added this tea turns into a luxurious fruity beverage that I find is very enjoyable in the frigid months leading in and out of Winter.
While I personally find that this tea isn’t as strong iced as it is hot, it is still a very pleasant addition to anyone’s cupboard.

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drank Bamboozled by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

One of my favourite teas that DAVIDsTEA has provided us.
Originally bought last Winter due to the interesting presence of bamboo in the ingredients I found myself consistently filling back up on Bamboozled whenever I run out.
It makes a nice steaming fruity drink in the Winter going into Spring, but where it truly shines is in iced tea season.
When iced the pineapple shines forth and makes such a nice chiller for lounging about in the sun.
A masterpiece in my eyes.

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drank Mamma Mia by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

An aunt bought this one for me last Christmas knowing my abnormally strong passion for tea, and it is still lurking in my cupboard.
When originally smelled I thought it would make a nice presence in my collection during the winter months, but time and time again I found myself drinking nearly every other tea I own.
There is a lot going on in this tea with nutty, sweet and cinnamon hits in the smell I thought that maybe it would make a good cup.
But alas, it was overpowered by our good friend, hibiscus.

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drank Berry Kiwi Colada by Teavana
6 tasting notes

While living on an island without a Teavana present, this tea looked enjoyable on the website so I decided to risk it and make an order.
I was not disappointed in the least.
While I personally find the tea when served hot to be a tad overwhelmingly sour, when iced with agave I find this tea to be reminiscent of the laffy taffy rainbow belts, and is up in the ranks of legendary iced teas in my cupboard.

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My first tea picked up from Teavana, and took a risk considering the smallest size I could order in was massive.
However, I was very impressed with this dessert tea: a nice after meal treat when served hot, and a refreshing chiller when iced.
Another masterful herbal blend from Teavana.

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