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drank Catnap by Aka Tea
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I misread the name of this tea at first, and thought it said “Catnip.” Turns out I wasn’t far wrong, because this blend does actually contain catnip. It’s even more fitting when you consider that the company logo, and indeed the majority of their blends, are cat themed.

Catnap is purportedly a relaxing blend, containing chamomile, mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm…and catnip. In my head, catnip isn’t something I typically associate with relaxation – it conjures images of bright-eyed, mischief-making kittens. Maybe in humans the effects are different.

Read my full review here: http://sororiteasisters.com/2016/10/22/catnap-aka-tea/

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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drank Abbey's Grey by Aka Tea
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A full review of this tasty, delicate, feminine Earl Grey is here:



Why not post it here too?

Super Starling!

@Mookit – The sample was sent to me in return for a post about it by the Sororitea Sisters blog. I imagine (though I suppose it was never made explicit) that the policy is that it only gets posted/linked there. Exclusivity seems like a fair trade for free tea. So I typically just post a summary or a little descriptor on Steepster, then the link for people who might want to read more. I still write full posts here about the things I’ve purchased myself.


Ah, makes sense. Thanks! :)

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hummmmm welllllll…
NOT that spicy
NOT that powerful
A pretty light tasting Chai.

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I don’t necessarily agree with the name of this one. I think it should just be Happiness Green or Green Happiness instead of the Holiday part. This tea is just fab!!
Jasmine, mint, cinnamon, anise seeds, green tea, hibiscus. . . I know a crazy concoction of ingredients but they work so well together. Almost like a jasmine sweet chai. I’m hooked.


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Another sipdown. Still loving that caramel apple flavor that reminds me of candy. So good. Needed this to pick me up this afternoon.

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This tea has the “WOW” Factor. It really does.

This tea reminds me of those caramel apple green suckers I used to eat all the time when I was a teenager. I think they still have them-just can’t remember what they are called.

Delicious caramel with green apple notes and a lovely green tea base. I’m in green tea heaven! Really Recommend this one. Iced or hot, this was a tasty tea.


Flavors: Apple, Caramel, Sweet


I think Charms made them?


Tootsie pops caramel apple pops I believe


Caramel Apple Pops! That’s what they were called. Now I want one :)

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