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drank curcuma by Hornimans
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This is a vegetable infusion which was launched some time last year, I think. Cúrcuma=turmeric which seems to be the new power food, so it was a question of time before an infusion would be made with it, I guess. I got a sample tea bag somewhere recently, so I decided to give it a go. Honestly, I thought it might be worse than it actually is (it´s OK as a drink, I think), but when drinking it, I wasn´t really linking it to tea, as simple as that. It even seems to have more body than a normal infusion likely is to have.
People drinking the vegetable juices might think this infusion to be lovely, though.

Flavors: Carrot

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 250 ML

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drank Canela y clavo by Hornimans
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Not as overpowering as the initial cinnamon-y smell. It’s got a slight spice and milder aftertaste but it goes down very well. Goes easy on the tummy too! Could probably steep it longer for a stronger brew. I’m not too fond of cinnamon myself but I found myself actually wanting to drink this tea.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Spices

1 min, 30 sec

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drank Té Classic by Hornimans
1759 tasting notes

I think this is the one I tried… the packet was red, but I know it was black tea so who knows. Either way, it was a great experience. Big thank you to Ninavampi for sharing this tea with me!!
I’m having trouble placing it… I think I need to try it again, and with a shorter steep time before rating.
It’s a rather deep tea, and reminds me somewhat of a Darjeeling in that muscatel wine like sortof way, but also more earthy at the same time. I wonder if there is some mate mixed in here, even though it says Black tea on the package. It’s possible, this is a blend after all, I believe!
Curious, I also mixed the second half of my cup with some milk… and it oddly didn’t change the profile much at all. It was almost the same flavour!
Not in a bad way mind you. I quite enjoyed it, and yep, it gave me a nice buzz to!
Next time I’ll see what adding some agave or honey does. Oh yes that would go nicely I think!!


This is my all time favorite bagged black tea. The box it comes in is different, but the logo is the same, so maybe it is a different box for the same tea?

I actually was lucky enough to do some business with this company and found out that tea grown in high altitudes like the ones we have here in Ecuador have more caffeine!

Also, it is a plain black tea, but as of now, I have not tried anything like it!
Glad you enjoyed it! : )


I can see why you love this one so! It’s unique and rustic without any additions at all… yum!
Higher altitude = more caffeine? Cool, I think I need to learn rock climbing haha

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drank Te Verde by Hornimans
1759 tasting notes

Thanks to Ninavampi for the sample!!
This was… interesting. Hot, it didn’t taste like much so I kept the bag in a little too long, hoping to eke some flavour out. It got a tad bitter, but not overly so. Apparently it’s a Genmaicha? something faintly ricey going on. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, the bag did have bits of white in it. Must have been the kernels!
Anyhow, I had another tea on the go as well, so this was cooler than I normally like by the time I go to my cuppa.
However, it changed profiles as it chilled! Somehow, it became more floral than any Genmaicha I’ve ever had. Not bad!!
Of course, this now means I inadvertently had two Gens in one day. shrugs

On a side note, I am off to organize my cupboard! yay! this is gonna take awhile.


just remember….there’s always room at my place lol I’ll try and get organized for friday’s sales. I think i have an idea for the Kally tea order, which should give us a bit of room to spend elsewhere too heh


heh, I might just take you up on that! :P


darn it, we both use heh!

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Big thanks to Ninavampi for sharing this with me!! It’s lovely!!! but I’m not sure what kind of tea it is? I’m guessing it’s mate, or plain black but I couldn’t find it online anywhere so let me know if I am off base :)
Anyhow, the tea itself is a little earthy, which is why I think it’s a mate. The flavouring is rather mild, compared… brought out some by the agave I added. I wish there was more of a strawberry punch, though it does emerge more as the cup cools. As for the cherry, I felt as if there was some cherry when super hot, but then it faded and the jammy berriness took over.
Nonetheless, I quite enjoyed the cup. MMmmmm my mug still smells like berry goodness! :)


It is a plain black tea base. : ) I am glad you enjoyed it! I think that this may be my least favorite of the Horniman teas I sent you. But I do still enjoy it!


Ah so it IS a black! odd, I was able to sleep afterwards with no issues. Usually a black tea will keep me awake for hours. I’m looking forward to trying all the other ones you sent. There are so many! :)

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Steep to taste. This tea is fine steeped for less than a minute if you’re in a rush, or as long as you like when you’re lazy and leave the bag in the cup (though i would recommend 1-3 minutes, as steeping it too long gives it a bitter note). Great with or without sugar or milk. Spicy and sweet and absolutely fabulous. 100 rating; one of my favorite teas. I could only get mine in Peru but I’m sure you can get it at Latin American groceries.

2 min, 0 sec

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