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drank Birthday Party by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

I’m not really big on sprinkles in tea, but I can appreciate that they make a lot of sense for a Birthday Cake inspired blend such as this one – and I do like the clean and simple visual of the tea as well; it really makes the multi coloured decorettes pop quite nicely.

This is advertised as a chocolate cake slathered in vanilla icing – and while I struggle to get the “chocolate” part of that description I do think that fondant/doughy sort of vanilla note appropriate for this concept comes through quite clearly. It’s not my favourite – I don’t like that doughy vanilla taste in most teas just in general – but I get the appeal and, again, appreciate the simplicity of it. The base is a bit rough for me, and leaned more astringent than I would have preferred – but I think with more care you could steep this better to minimize that quality.

Overall, this isn’t an exciting tea for me. I think the Birthday Cake concept has been done so much now that it’s nearly impossible to bring anything new to the table with it. I also think nicer vanilla black teas exist – however there’s nothing off about this one either, and it would make for a very approachable “sweet” profile that doesn’t push too hard into the sweet realm to the point where you get sick of it quite quickly.

Perfectly average and fine.

Cameron B.

Are you sure you don’t mean lathered in vanilla icing…?

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drank Davinci's Secret by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

This T Kettle blend makes me scratch my head a little bit because it really seems like it’s supposed to be T Kettle’s attempt at recreating Bravissimo – which is an old DT classic that recently made a reappearance as a limited edition tea…

It’s not the concept of them trying to dupe the blend in general which confuses me – that’s clearly been a pattern with many DT blends and a very obvious amount of effort seems to have gone into finding a name in the same style as “Bravissimo” without actually using Bravissimo. That’s more the part that stumps me – because presumably a lot of thought was put into the name/recreation, and yet there were sprinkles added to the tea which seems like a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of the kind of customer that was often buying Bravissimo – a blend intended to be soothing on a sore throat!? I’m sorry but, at least in my mind, Sprinkles does not a Wellness blend make.

With that said, it tastes fine – very licorice forward, but I appreciate that it’s “anise” licorice and not the unpleasant cloying sweetness of licorice root. Man, I just can’t stand licorice root. I think I actually prefer T Kettle’s “Throat Rescue” recreation though, which has a very similar anise like flavour profile – I’m blanking on what they named theirs, though…

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drank Flapjacks & Flannels by T Kettle
63 tasting notes

Just got an ounce of it. It was raved about in some of the tea community so I thought I would give it a try. Meh. It just tastes like Rooibos with an oil slick. I wish you could take a look at the ingredients before you buy at the store.

it was rather expensive for the quality and quantity. This is yet another tea that I am not a fan of , contrary to popular opinion.

I am cold brewing it finish it faster

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Man, why so many pickle-y tasting Chai blends lately!?

This one definitely has that strange affect going on from the mix of cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, and close – mostly the cinnamon/ginger just getting all weird and funky together though. I like the clove here, it’s noticeable from me and even though that spice note is not widely beloved in North America is is beloved by me. I also get a pleasant creamy vanilla note in the cup – it’s not named in the ingredients list, but I feel pretty confidant that one of the flavourings used here is either vanilla or cream. Probably vanilla. Weird tasting pickle-y spices with vanilla, though.

Overall, didn’t love the cup but there were nice qualities to it.

Also worth noting that this blend was originally called “Ho Chi Minh Chai” by T Kettle & that’s the name printed on the pouch that I received. However, on the website it looks like it’s now been changed to Saigon Chai – the same name that DT uses for this profile…

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drank Detox by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

I hate Detox messaging.

I wont go into right now because I’ve done so what feels like dozens of time before, and if I let myself go down that road right now I’ll just wind up feeling frustrated – but suffice to say that, if I wasn’t just trying to taste as many blends from T Kettle as possible, I would have read the name of this tea and completely skipped over it.

It’s actually pretty nice tasting – smooth and unassuming green tea with just a hint of ginger and lots of bright, sweet and fresh lemon notes. It’s actually the nicest tasting citrus related flavour that I’ve experienced in any T Kettle blend so far. Not a heavy tea or an intense/full bodied flavour – but still flavourful despite that – and credit to T Kettle that, compared to “David’s Detox”, I like this better in taste to the DT Detox blend.

That said… I don’t know when I would ever find myself craving a lemon green tea. I just… don’t really ‘do’ green tea… So this would probably be my first and only mug of this tea, but it was a pleasant surprise on taste alone.

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drank Stress Relief by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

The T Kettle version of Tulsi Tranquility…

My main criticism with this blend is the same one that I have for Tulsi Tranquility, and that’s that the blend is seriously lacking the distinct and characteristic basil-like flavour of the actual tulsi. I really love the flavour of tulsi, and if I was buying this because it was a tulsi tea I just wouldn’t be happy with the absence of that flavour…

However, with that said, I do actually like the taste of the tea – more so, probably, than I like Tulsi Tranquility to be honest. It’s fresh and natural tasting with this really well balanced mix of red fruit flavours. What I find in Tulsi Tranquility is that it mostly tastes like a general “red fruit” vibe, but here I’m getting distinct notes of raspberry, strawberry, and cranberry. I would call the strawberry more of primary flavour, but I really liked that I could taste all three. It wasn’t too sweet or too tart for me, and it was a really pleasant cup overall…

Just wish there was more tulsi, haha.


Is it at least fun to try to figure out which tea they’re copying? Also, I’m sure it’s good for your tea career to compare them.

Roswell Strange

I don’t know if fun is the right word, because in the majority of cases its blatantly obvious – but it is very interesting.

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I hate to keep making fun of T Kettle’s copy writing, but they just make it so easy…

“Top of the mornin’! A perfect breakfast tea with body, hints of oakiness, and full of flavour.” This is the short copy on the website – nothing super weird about it, other than the fact it definitely sounds like the intro you would give to an IRISH Breakfast Blend. Last time I checked “Top of the morning” was definitely an Irish phrase, haha.

Anyway, the tea is nice – it’s hard to do an English Breakfast poorly. My favourite English Breakfasts usually have this raisin-y kind of note to them, and this doesn’t have that note for me, but I still think it’s good. Full bodied and brisk with a mix of malt, oak, and slight citrus notes. Good balance of astringency, and definitely rich enough to take milk and sugar well. This would serve something looking for that standard breakfast cuppa well, in my opinion.

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The marketing on this tea is strange…

When you look at the tea description, it seems like this is trying to mirror DT’s Blueberry Jam – T Kettle even describes it as tasting like “warm buttery toast lathered with wild blueberry preserve”. Side note – the use of the word lathered made me laugh. They definitely meant slathered, but the image of someone lathering a piece of toast with jam sparks far more joy in me.

When you look at the tea name and ingredients list, however, it’s much more clear that this blend was modeled after DT’s Blueberry Fields Forever. That is, in fact, what it tastes more similar to – but if you were just casually reading the tea descriptions I think this would be a pretty weird flavour mismatch from the written out copy of the tea.

It tastes like blueberry, but more of a bright and juicy blueberry versus the cooked down jammy blueberry of a preserve. I found it a bit tart, though that’s understandable given that the blend contains hibiscus. The stevia was noticeable for me in the cup, though I didn’t mind too me. I like Blueberry Fields Forever better because the flavour is just more well rounded IMO, and I get both blueberry and pomegranate and a bit of the floral oolong. Here I mostly just got a tart blueberry. However, it was still a nice enough mug of tea.

Cameron B.

Ohh, you’re meant to lather it! I’ve clearly been doing toast wrong my entire life! XD

Mastress Alita

For shame, Cameron, I thought you were the jam person around here and you don’t even know how to properly put it on toast?!


Now I want toast. I intend to slather.

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drank Bee Well by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

This tea tastes fine, albeit very anise/fenugreek heavy in its flavour profile. I like those flavours a lot, so it was an enjoyable cup for me on flavour alone, but…

No other tea that T Kettle has “duped” from DT makes me more angry that this one.

I think that’s because I watched my good friend and coworker pour so much passion and research into making the tea that this steals inspiration from, Bee The Change. That blend was a huge passion project for her – to create something that was visually exciting and beautiful, with ingredients that (on top of being functional) also were all pollinator friendly was not something that didn’t take a lot of work – and then to have a beautiful campaign built around that tea that gave back to an organization working on bee preservation… there was something magical watching her dream come to fruition like that…

Seeing someone else try to capitalize on her passion project… It just makes me sad.


Yeah, I’m sad for you and your friend/coworker for this one. :/

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I think, of T Kettle’s blends, this one has my favourite name. It’s very cute, and I think it perfectly conveys the warm and cozy autumnal feeling of the tea…

The blend is simple but effective – like DT’s Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, it’s a cinnamon apple profile with significant emphasis put on the cinnamon. Red hot cinnamon, sweet and coating on the palate and throat. This is a super commercial flavour profile and a million tea companies carry something in the same vein – I know I have one from Retro Leaf Tea that’s basically this same thing, as well. I think it’s a bit less intense that Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, but ultimately they’re all kind of interchangeable to me personally. I’d never feel like I needed more that one of this kind of blend on hand, but I also don’t think I’d care at all which company the one I had stocked came from either.

It’s nice – does what it’s trying to do well.

Cameron B.

It’s like Harney’s Hot Cinnamon Spice! And since my brain is in latte mode, I bet that would make a tasty one… (plots)

Roswell Strange

Yes, definitely like Hot Cinnamon Spice!

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drank The Beet Goes On by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes


I can’t decide how I feel about this Just Beet It dupe. On one hand, I like that it’s not as sweet and intense as Just Beet It and I appreciate that I could taste more of the smoky and grassy notes of the yerba mate. On the other hand, I got a lot of beet and a lot of black currant. I don’t particularly love the taste of beet in tea, though I don’t dislike it either – however, combined with red fruit notes and the carrot as well something about it here reminded me a little bit of V8, and my brain didn’t like that comparison. Black currant is good – I wish more tea companies used black currant. But black currant and V8? Uhh…

Martin Bednář

Black currant flavour is quite popular in Russia; probably as a common fruit there?

Martin Bednář

I just read an article about blackcurrant on Wikipedia: “Blackcurrants were once popular in the United States as well, but became less common in the 20th century after currant farming was banned in the early 1900s, when blackcurrants, as a vector of white pine blister rust, were considered a threat to the U.S. logging industry.” That’s why it isn’t popular there I guess…

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drank Candy Shoppe by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

This tea is exactly what I mean when I say that T Kettle isn’t just creating similar teas to DT but VERY directly and in a calculated way trying to recreate the ones DT carries. I mean, look at the visual of the dry leaf!? I think this is arguably the closest they’ve gotten to ANY of the visual looks from a DT blend – it is uncanny how similar this looks to Cotton Candy…

With that aside, it actually smells very different. While certainly sweet and fitting of the “Candy Shoppe” name, it sort of smells more like bubblegum to me more than anything else. I actually like the smell of it A LOT – more than DT’s Cotton Candy, actually. It steeps out alright – the flavour is thin, but the sweet spun sugar and, yes, slight bubble gum notes are pleasant to me. My expectations are honestly not usually super high with things like Cotton Candy inspired teas because, at the end of the day, the flavour you’re going for is just sugar. However, that notwithstanding, I like this.

Is it better? Worse? I don’t know – I think I’d need to do a side by side. I feel like they’re pretty darn comparable…


Ok this IS starting to be really weird with the copying of teas. Are they aiming for discontinued/seasonal Davids teas or the teas that are usually available?

Roswell Strange

Mix of both.

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drank Twisted Grey by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

This was my first EG from T Kettle and I was excited to try it because, even though it’s not their “classic” EG profile, it’s always fun seeing the different twists people like to put on this standard…

The concept of a grapefruit EG is really cool, but this isn’t it. I really don’t know any other way to say this but… the flavour of this tea had the same intense kind of skunky cannabis notes as the Acme CBD blends I tried over the summer, but with none of the relaxing and calming benefits. I struggled through this mug, and I don’t think I could do another one.

I’m honestly not sure what specifically went so wrong here, but it does make me very dubious of trying the remaining EG in their line up. I’m hoping the issue was the grapefruit and not the bergamot, though.

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drank Breathe Easy by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

Man… I had this tea a while ago during another IG tea friends night of playing Among Us.

I put off writing the tasting note for a while because I kind of just felt like I didn’t have much to say here – the tea isn’t bad/unpleasant at all but it’s just sort of boring. It’s obviously mirroring DT’s Cool Eucalyptus blend which I think I can fairly say it, whether you like it or not, not a boring blend. It’s got such an intense punch of eucalyptus coupled with very sweet wintergreen and a whole lot of tangy and sour berries/hibiscus.

This… Well, it has practically the same ingredients list but the flavour level is dull.

I suppose, if you’re in the camp of people who find Cool Eucalyptus has too much going on or that thinks it’s a little bit like Listerine (a flavour that I’ve noted in that tea before, as well) then the pro of this blend is that it does not have the same level of intense and competing flavours. I just wish it had something that stood out, y’know? More than anything else I was surprised with how sad the eucalyptus notes were. It’s the first ingredient and I didn’t get any of the herbaceous and camphorous “Vick’s Vapor Rub” punch that I actually crave in a eucalyptus tea. Just sad.

But again, like I said, there isn’t any unpleasant about this blend at all. It just needs more…

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I don’t really drink jasmine scented green teas because after many different attempts at finding one that works for me I just haven’t really been able to do it. In part, it’s just because I don’t like green tea much but also I think I’m just pretty damn particular about my jasmine teas too. With that said…

Would I want anything close to a large amount of this one for my own stash? No, definitely not – I don’t think I would ever crave it. However, it’s good. The flavour is very smooth and round feeling with a prominently sweet and fresh jasmine. It was very grape-y to me and almost juicy, but that’s just a well documented and pretty personal to me “brain thing” where my brain oft interprets very sweet and flavourful jasmine notes as tasting like grapes. Intellectually I know that’s not true, but you can’t really help what your brain comes up with, can you?

I think this is excellently scented, the jasmine is really nice. It’s just the green tea part that I’m like ’Nah, hard pass" on – but I probably would recommend this to someone looking for an affordable jasmine green for daily drinking.

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drank Carrot Cake by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

Several years back it used to be a dream of mine to find the perfect carrot cake tea but I’ve since given up on that goal and realized that I just don’t think that I’m ever going to be satisfied with one…

I didn’t much like this tea, and that’s not surprising as the ingredients list almost totally mirrors DT’s Carrot Cupcake blend and I don’t much like that tea either. Overall, I think the flavours in this tea are a little bit lighter/less dense and the tea tastes less spiced overall. That’s a mixed trade off for me – I think a good carrot cake profile should be dense (because a good carrot cake is something heavier and moist, not airy/fluffy IMO) but I did like that there was less spice to this blend. I think DT’s blend is a little too focused on the spice, not enough on the carrot. Ironically, I taste more of the sweet and earthy carrot in this blend but carrot is the second ingredient in this blend and the first in the DT blend. I suppose we don’t really know which blend is using more carrot because we only know the placement in the ingredient list (which is indexed by weight) but not the actual percentage of the carrot in the blend as a whole. That’s sort of a funny thing to think about…

Maybe one of the things that’s holding me back is the licorice – it’s in both blend, and I simply just don’t enjoy the taste of licorice root. Or ginger. There’s less spice overall, but more distinct ginger IMO. So many things that just aren’t my jam, haha. I guess my overall conclusion is that if you want more of a carrot tasting Carrot Cake this might be better, but DT’s blend is richer and has more spice if that’s more what you want.

I want neither, I seems.

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drank Campfire Chai by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

Ooohhh boy…

So this is the T Kettle version/attempt at recreating DT’s “S’mores Chai” and, let me just say, I think that this tea is a hot mess.

For starters, I don’t think the ingredient list is accurate; there are clearly green leaves throughout the blend that appear to be green tea – but even assuming that they aren’t green tea, according to the listed ingredients in this blend on T Kettle’s website they aren’t accounted for. Not one ingredient they’ve declared could concievably look like those green leaves. So, that’s concerning – and while I have other reasons why I think the T Kettle ingredients lists are inaccurate (missing sub ingredients on things like candied fruit and undeclared flavourings) this is just adding to that growing list of concerns with the accuracy. We had a long conversation about it on my tasting note for T Kettle’s Guangzhou Milk Oolong – but I do not fuck around with inaccurate ingredient lists. That shit is important to get right.

Moving along though…

The dry leaf aroma is really strange to me. I mean, it smells like play doh!? My experience is that usually when a tea smells like that there’s probably nuts in the blend? But, again, no listed nuts in the ingredients list. So maybe it’s coming from the popped rice? That seems strange to me, though. I do think, however, that one of the flavourings in this blend might be an almond flavouring (or another nut flavouring) because in terms of taste I got a very distinct sweet almond note – so I guess maybe the play doh smell is me smelling the almond in the flavourings? To use an almond flavouring or other nut flavouring would make sense though; the DT blend has hazelnuts in it and you can see from some of the other DT blends that T Kettle has tried to dupe that they paid particular attention to mirroring the ingredients in their blends…

Lets talk about the taste though! This is not a Chai. I mean, to be fair, I don’t really think that S’mores Chai is a “Chai” either because the only spice in that blend is cinnamon – such is the case here. However, at least I taste the cinnamon in S’mores Chai. I didn’t really taste it here. What I did taste was the aforementioned almond note, a note of chocolate that read almost more as a chocolate liqueur flavour, and a prominent toasted rice note. It wasn’t great tasting but it wasn’t unpleasant either, however it really read more as a “Chocolate Genmaicha” profile to me instead of anything close to a Chai or a “S’mores” profile.

I don’t think T Kettle achieved what they were trying to do at all with this one, and even if you ignore the DT comparison I think the flavour is a big mismatch for the name so I would be either confused or disappointed as a customer based on that alone. Wish they named this it’s own thing – it would be better as a differentiated profile, and avoiding the Chai description altogether.

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This was fine.

In all fairness, I don’t know if I’ve ever come across a Pumpkin Chai that I really loved. It’s just one of those profiles that doesn’t excite me personally – in part because I don’t tend to love Chai but also in part because I’m always so disappointed by the lack of actual pumpkin in the taste profile.

In the case of this Pumpkin Chai I thought that the flavour was milder than what I’ve typically come across, with a bit more of a creaminess to the profile and a slightly more muted level of spice. Cinnamon and ginger being the two prominent spice notes coming through. The flavour balance itself was fine to me, but I did think the cup felt a little bit thin overall – I suppose brewing more leaf or perhaps adding milk could be a good solution to that.


One thing I’d love to see is a pumpkin tea on a Chinese white base like baimudan, with natural natural melon and malty-leafy notes. Maybe even a Yunnan silver needle!

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This is a nice peppermint but, also, at the end of the day it’s… peppermint.

By that I mean that even a really nice tasting peppermint is still kind of plain and will always be comparable to dozens of other nice peppermints carried by other companies. For me this is the kind of tea that, while classic and something that most people consider a “cupboard staple”, is inherently the sort of tea that you can kind of pick up from any shop and be satisfied with? I don’t know many people that are brand loyal when it comes to buying their peppermint – they usually just get it from whatever shop they next order from that happens to time out around needing a restock.

I guess to ellaborate a little on what I mean by “nice peppermint” though…

The flavour is really crisp and clean, with strong cooling menthol notes. A poor example of a peppermint is “muddy” in its taste; just rougher in general and tastes more like vegetation with earthy undertones the longer it steeps. Not the case for this one, so it was a good cuppa overall.

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drank Pink Lemonade by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

I figured I’d end today’s T Kettle tasting notes on a positive one because I’m not all criticism…

I really enjoyed this blend a lot! The smell of the dry leaf is really captivating and delicious to; I’m having an awfully hard time placing specifically what it reminded me of but it was definitely some kind of sweet nostalgic summer treat from my childhood. I though, since this looks to be the T Kettle version of Rainbow Lemonade, that maybe it was just that it was reminding me of Rainbow Sherbet" since that’s what DT’s blend is based on. And, while it is true that this has a mix of fresh and sweet raspberry, lime, orange, and lemon notes like that nostalgic rainbow sherbet, it’s definitely not just reminding me of sherbet. Skittles!? Maybe!? Starburst!? It’s gonna come to me eventually!

The crazy thing is that the smell of the dry leaf actually translated into the flavour of the steeped tea almost perfectly and that rarely happens. Sometimes a tea gets pretty close to tasting EXACTLY like how it smells but this was almost perfectly spot on. It was so well balanced, juicy, and flavourful with just the right amount of tang and sweetness.

I… actually liked it a lot more than Rainbow Sherbet/Rainbow Lemonade from DT and I think that, were my cupboard more in control, I would probably buy this for myself. It might just dethrone “Strawberry Fondue” as my favourite T Kettle blend that I’ve tried yet!

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drank Razzle Dazzle by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

I can’t decide if I think this is supposed to be the T Kettle version of DT’s Frozen Raspberry or not, and I also can’t decide if I enjoyed the taste of this tisane…

It’s pretty earthy for what appears to be intended as a fruity raspberry profile. Like, I can really clearly taste the earthy tones of both of the beetroot and carrot in the blend about as much as I’m getting raspberry and hibiscus. It’s sort of like one of those cold pressed juices that’s actually equal parts fruit and veg, and intended to be healthy. Tasting the earthy veg notes here doesn’t make it unpleasant tasting, but it does sort of distract from the pop of fruit and tangyness of the blend.

The one thing in the blend that I do flat out dislike is the finish – it’s almost chalky, but in that way that sometimes weird cream flavours come off as chalky? Because T Kettle doesn’t label their flavourings I can’t say for sure, but I feel pretty confident that there’s some sort of cream or vanilla flavouring here that isn’t vibing well with me.

If it weren’t for that I think I could almost get on board with this tea, earthiness and all.

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drank Apple Crisp Chai by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

The smell of this blend intimidated me a little bit because it was so pickle-y and acidic smelling. It reminded me a lot, actually, of Monster Mash from DT – even though the tea I believe it’s trying to be is Baked Apple Chai. Thankfully, like Monster Mash, it doesn’t actually taste pickle-y once it’s been steeped.

For such a pungent dry leaf aroma and so many spices and other strong ingredients, like hibiscus, in the ingredients list… I was a little surprised by how thin the mouthfeel was and how light the flavour. I even left my fill your own teabag in the mug to give it a chance to get more potent and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. The taste was pleasantly apple forward, with a crispness that seemed fitting the name and notes of anise, cinnamon, and ginger – but just not a lot of any of them.

I could see this working for people who find Baked Apple Chai, from DT, a little too strong because that is a very strongly flavoured blend – but for me this just felt a bit flat and lackluster. But again, at least it wasn’t pickle-y.

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drank Pom Punch by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

So, when I see the name “Pom Punch” I expect the flavour here to have some intensity. Maybe a pucker/tartness, maybe a lot of sweetness similar to a “punch” like the drink – but just some kind of “bang” to it – and of course that makes sense to me because I’m pretty sure the intention with this blend was to mirror DT’s Pomegrateful white tea blend which is a pretty juicy, sweet and strongly flavoured tea…

With that in mind – I don’t really feel like the name matches the profile!? I mean, the pomegranate is spot on – this does, to me at least, taste pretty clearly like pomegranate. However, it’s more of a gentler and light to medium bodied take on that profile with a lot more of the white tea flavour coming through than what does in Pomegrateful. Even if you don’t view this as a recreation of that tea, I feel like I would have been at least a tiny bit disappointed by the name. It’s so soft and soothing, albeit the finish is a little more tart and crisp.

That said, I like this tea. I don’t think I’d want to stock up on it because I just don’t see myself craving this kind of softer pomegranate profile often but I actually think I prefer it to the almost more generic “red fruit” that I get in Pomegrateful. They’re just so dissimilar!

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drank Immunity Boost by T Kettle
10756 tasting notes

Echinacea Shielf, which is the DT blend that this is clearly modeled after, isn’t a personal favourite tea of mine but I do think it’s an incredibly well balanced one that manages to find harmony between green tea, tropical mango, and herbaceous sage notes against all odds of those flavours not working together…

With that said, I did enjoy this tea quite a bit. It’s decidedly not as well balanced at conveying all of those flavours though – instead this really feels like an ode to sage through and through. There’s a hint of fruity sweet undertones that keep it from feeling like a savory soup stock, but the primary note here is a robust hit of sage. Now, I happen to like sage teas a lot so I didn’t at all mind that. For a sage blend, the quality of the sage seems quite good. I’d definitely drink it again for that profile, for sure.

So, in my personal opinion, not a good recreation but a nice tea as a stand alone.

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