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So, I get headaches/migraines a lot – and working so much these last few weeks (60-80 hour weeks without days off since right now I’m the only member of management at the store I’m working at; I have to open and close every day) has made them worse than usual. The biggest source of relief for me has been teas with a lot of mint in them, but the other thing that I find is helping a fair bit are blends with lots of clove. I don’t own nearly as much of those though, so finding good options has been tougher.

This is a very clove heavy blend though; and I know I had originally sort of criticized it for the simple spice notes because I thought they were a little flat and not great representation of Gryffindor house (especially when the blend was advertised as tasting like root beer) – but as a headache relief blend? Yeah, this actually does the trick really well! Not only is the clove very, very soothing but so is the allspice – and thankfully those are the strongest flavours in the tea.

So it’s a win.


I get migraines and headaches too! I’m glad that you’re finding blends that help. The only thing that ever helps me is laying on the floor waiting for death to come and claim me, so maybe I should look into clove instead….

Roswell Strange

Oh, I’ve definitely done the floor sprawl before. Sadly not something I can pull off at work, though.

Mastress Alita

I have chronic intractable migraine without aura (anywhere from 5-15 attacks a month). I haven’t found any teas particularly helpful for the head pain, but they are extremely useful for the accompanying nausea, I’ve found (particularly mint and ginger blends). I quite like a mint/licorice root/clove blend from TeaSource called Margaret’s Soother that is good for sore throats and nausea as well, so if mint and clove help with your headaches, it may be worth checking out (it’s also quite tasty!)

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Tea Press!

So, I bought this one in July and I remember being SUPER excited about it because of the fandom aspect and then also just the description of the tea in general. I don’t know why it took me so long to even get around to trying it, honestly…

I’m actually a little disappointed though. The listing for this tea describes it as tasting like rootbeer, which is the element that made me very excited for it. However, in practice I don’t think there’s ANYTHING in this that reminds me of rootbeer at all. In fact, it’s actually pretty darn similar to The Forest Witch’s Butterbeer blend just without the creamy/coconut components. That’s not terrible but it’s not what I was stoked about. So basically, it’s a very allspice and clove heavy profile with some cinnamon undertones too. I like clove a lot, personally, so I’ll definitely finish this if it continues to be a really clove strong flavour. However I didn’t really need another spicy tea added to my cupboard.


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drank Butterbeer by The Forest Witch
3916 tasting notes

Sororitea Sisters TTB

I pulled this out of the SSTTB and I was going to write a review for the blog but after smelling the strong rooibos flavor of both the dry and steeped leaf and seeing the murkiness of the brew, I had a feeling I was not going to be a fan of this tea and felt bad hating a tea from an Etsy shop on the blog. I have done it before but tonight I guess I just didn’t feel like it. Instead I would hate on it (or love it) here.

So, in one hand I have a glass of red wine sangria and in the other this tea. This weird tea that tastes like lotion. Like lotion and spice. The sangria is nice at least but I am definitely not a fan of the tea. Didn’t have high hopes going in so maybe it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy where I expected this to be bad so it was. Also could just be a bad tea.

Roswell Strange

I drank this one tonight too – I don’t LOVE it, but I definitely like it a lot more when I stop thinking of it as a “Butterbeer” flavour and more of a Chai type of thing. Have you had a chance to try any other teas from The Forest Witch? I liked her Cancer blend a fair bit, but I REALLY enjoy the Slytherin one.


I honestly wasn’t even looking for butterbeer. I just wanted something other than lotion. Tbh I looked at the envelope it was in and it was ripped and not properly stored so I’m wondering if maybe the coconut went rancid or something went off because this was bad.

Also I think this is the only one I have tried from her which may be part of the reason I felt bad hating this tea on the blog.

Also yay for tea twins drinking the same thing! It’s been a while since we did that :P


After checking out your profile and stalking through you tea cupboard I’d be interested in doing a little tea swap! I know this isn’t an ideal place to discuss but unfortunately I can’t send you a PM… I think maybe steepster only lets you PM people who follow you?

In any case, I have a laoshan black and an autumnal darjeeling I’m particularly interested in doing a sampler swap to compare to the ones you’ve got. I’ve got quite a few others in my cupboard and some that aren’t marked as stocked yet, too. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested :D

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Cup from last night.

This is still almost entirely just a brew of allspice and ginger with very little of anything that even remotely makes me think of butter beer. I mean, as a stand alone tea it’s about average; I don’t hate allspice and the slight coconut sweetness is a nice aspect. This cup in particular had an awful mouthfeel though. Very thick, and oily with a weird powdery texture from all the fine spice dust that made it through the filter. Bleeeeeehhh.

At least it’s one cup closer to a sipdown. I’ll make it there. Gradually…

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So, at this point I’ve let go of the idea of this one tasting like butterbeer to me.

I tried it hot recently with some pumpkin agave, and that worked really well! I think the extra bit of sweetness was a good addition because it brightened up all of the allspice notes, which are plentiful, and kind of exaggerated the sweetness of the coconut. So, it was like a brighter, sweeter and more autumnal (because of the pumpkin) light dessert Chai! That… actually works for me!

So, definitely an improvement and something I’ll keep in mind for the rest of this tea leaf.

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It’s been a while since my tea twin VariaTEA and I had the same time on the same day, but that’s exactly what happened last week – I’m just slower to the punch writing about it. This time around, I tried this one with some cashew milk and I let the leaf continue to brew in the cup (in one of DT’s sachets rather than a perfect infuser) while I drank it in the hope that the butterscotch chips would fully melt down and I’d get a creamier, more sweet and buttery profile overall. Didn’t really work out that way though, and instead I just got a thick, rich mouthfeel and a sweet Chai flavour. Lighter on the spices than your typical chai though, and more allspice than anything else. A fair bit of coconut though, I suppose! As a “light Chai” this is pretty good, but as “Butterbeer” I think it kind of fails to live up to its name…

So far, I think the best version of this that I’ve tried has definitely still been as a latte.

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Iced Latte.

- Much softer on the spices overall; still lots of ginger
- Coconut came through more as well
- Sweeter, buttery mouthfeel with some creamy butterscotch notes
- Had moments with fleeting rootbeer like flavours as well

Definitely liked it a LOT more prepared this way than I did when I tried it hot, and straight. The first tasting it didn’t remind me of what I imagine butterbeer to be at all; but this time it was much closer. Still not totally on the mark, mind you – there’s a little too much spice for it to be a perfect recreation for me.

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Last Forest Witch tea to try!

There’s always room in my cupboard for a fandom tea, so I was excited about this one. I guess I didn’t browse the ingredients SUPER thoroughly though because I didn’t realize until I cracked the package open just how much spice is in this blend. Ugh…

It honestly didn’t taste too bad; lots and lots of sweet ginger and allspice with this overall creamy candy like sweetness which I know was from the butterscotch chips. Actually, it sort of reminds me of the clotted ginger cream hard candies that the speciality candy store sells in town. I think they MIGHT be British? They’re not too bad, so the comparison isn’t a terrible thing.

However is it Butterbeer? In my opinion, based both on how the books describe it and other tea interpretations I’ve tried, not really. Still and OK tea though.

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Home sick today…

I figured I’d make myself a hot cup of tea; I thought that would be really nice and comforting! The problem is that I made the tea, brought it to my room and then fell asleep before touching it. When I finally did wake up, the tea was of course cold. It still tasted delicious; like pistachio pudding! It even had a thicker and more viscous mouthfeel which emphasized that pudding quality. It just wasn’t the soothing, hot cuppa that I had envisioned…


I’m home sick today too. Ugh.

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Super glad I decided to get more of this one, because I made it in my tea press the other day to bring with to work and I liked it just as much as I did the first time!

It reminds me a lot of pistachio pudding, with the initial flavour. It’s sweet, and creamy/nutty. I think the black base also really nicely bonds with the flavour of the pistachio as well and it’s during this portion of the sip and flavour profile that I notice the base the most. The rest of the flavour is great too though, and the body to me has more of that sweet, dark cherry flavour. I know that there isn’t cranberry in here, but I still kind of taste cranberry notes alongside the cherry. It’s just like the flicker of tartness and then all that juicy red fruit flavour…

I don’t think I noticed the lemongrass as much my first time drinking this as I did with this steeping – it was really present in the finish of the sip. I’m kind of meh about lemongrass generally speaking; I can do it paired with other flavours but on its own I just don’t love the taste. It as a little strong for me here, but since it was paired with the cherry notes I didn’t find it unpleasant. It was the weak point in the flavour for me, though.

Still – I’m very happy with this tea, in particular just how brilliantly the pistachio flavour comes across! It’s very natural, and smooth and it just works well with everything else. It also just adds so much character to overall flavour. Anyone can do a lemon/cherry mix; that’s not exciting or creative. Pistachio though? That takes this to a different level.

There need to be more pistachio teas in the world.

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Iced Sipdown (240)!

The Forest Witch offers samples, so when I ordered I decided to throw one it and let the owner pick what it was. I think generally speaking, when you let the owner of a tea store choose a tea for you you’re bound to get something REALLY good. I mean, they know both what their best sellers are and just what in general is REALLY top notch that they carry. It’s also, for me, a good way to sometimes try things that would be outside my comfort zone.

This is the one that she chose for me, and honestly part of me what to be all “Ahah! I’ve been sorted!” because whenever I do the Pottermore quiz I’m VERY close to Slytherin, but then also part of me is like “Hufflepuff forever, bitch”. So…

Anyway; this sounds really good and the dry leaf smells amazing so I’m stoked. Actually, both me and a coworker kind of agreed that it reminded us a little bit of DT’s Cranberry Pear just in that the cherry smelled similar to the brightness of the cranberry, and it had this sort of creaminess to it like Cranberry Pear did. Honestly, the only overlapping ingredient is the black tea so it’s maybe a weird observation/comparison. Still, I think it stands.

This tastes AMAZING.

Honestly, I was a touch skeptical because of the lemongrass but it feels very well balanced, and has such a good range of flavours. Mostly, it’s a lot of sweet, nutty pistachio from top of the sip until finish but also that pistachio does kind of have the creaminess to it that was in cranberry pear. It’s almost like pistachio pudding, which really does take me back to my childhood and gives me solid nostalgia pangs. There’s also fruity brightness from the cherry; sweet, a little bit tart. Maybe it’s because I’ve already drawn this mental comparison so I’m projecting this flavour onto the tea, but the cherry actually does remind me a bit of cranberry too! The lemon grass is subtle; just hints of it in the undertones. The black tea is smooth and malty, with the faintest astringency at the top of the sip, though it very quickly subsides and with the pistachio pairing I do think that bit of astringency reminds me a little of the dryless of the “skin” on most nuts. I mean, it just reminds me of Cranberry Pear. I know they’re dissimilar, but also they’re sort of not?

Point is I fucking LOVED this sample, and it’s gone now and I’m already crushed over that. So, I’ll probably try the one last tea I ordered from The Forest Witch sooner rather than later and since everything was so reasonable price wise I’m probably going to order more of this immediately after payday.

Just, it was SO good. Everything I could have wanted from a cup of iced tea.


I’m a Slytherin. I might need this in my life.

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drank Cancer by The Forest Witch
6156 tasting notes

Tea Press Sipdown (334)!

I had actually already thought I’d finished this one off when I found the bag of it in my sample box, so this is kind of like a surprise bonus cup of it! I think the fact I was so pleasantly surprised to see that I had another cup of it really speaks to how much I enjoyed this one, though!

This last cup was fairly one note – but it was a good one note. Basically, it was just really sweet, fruity and bright kiwi notes! Kiwi is pretty great though. The only thing that kept it from basically just being a purely kiwi flavoured cuppa was a hint of lemon in the finish. It was the perfect second layer of flavour, and a pleasant end to the sip.

I’m not looking to get more of this one right now, but definitely something I’d consider ordering again the the future!

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drank Cancer by The Forest Witch
6156 tasting notes


We had a big staff meeting/pizza party the other night and I decided it might be a nice opportunity to bring a tea with me to make a pitcher of for the whole staff to try out. I chose this one because it’s fruity, and doesn’t have anything in it that our staff is allergic to. I just had a hunch it’d go over well.

I’d say it had a pretty good success rate – of the about eight or nine people who tried it only one said they weren’t really a fan, citing the rooibos/honeybush flavour as being too strong from them to really enjoy it. Totally fair.

My favourite comment, which I have to agree with, was made by my colleague Sarah who said it tasted like a melted down slurpee, just with less sugar. Yeah, I totally get that! A kiwi slurpee for sure, but yes that totally clicks for me.

Only a cup or two left for myself now; making a pitcher used a lot of leaf. It was worth it though for the big group share!

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drank Cancer by The Forest Witch
6156 tasting notes

This is still pretty pine-y, but mostly it’s sweet, bright kiwi with hints of lemon and melon. I’m actually liking it even more today than I did last time, even though I did let it sit a little too long and now it’s a weird temperature that’s just slightly above room temp!?

Also, it’s pretty lush, fresh and bright and those sweet, lively fruit notes are a really nice counterpart to my lunch, which is a cheese fondue made out of this GREAT melted down Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese which is creamy, buttery and kind of nutty. I’m dipping fresh grapes and crackers in it, so it’s already this nice, sweet and kind of light snack/meal and the tea just mimics those vibes and that kind of fun, upbeat flavour profile.

Song Pairing:

I’m pretty much keeping that upbeat, fun and lively feeling going with my music pairing today – which is essentially just the Moana soundtrack. I mean, that’s perfectly in line with not only the vibes of the tea but the meal, too! I keep gravitating to this particular song though; it’s just the perfect mirror to the mood/aesthetic I’m striving for.

Super Starling!

WHY IS IT CALLED CANCER? Is it named after the astrological sign, as opposed to the disease?

Roswell Strange

Yes – this particular vendor has a whole line of horoscope teas.

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drank Cancer by The Forest Witch
6156 tasting notes

New Company Alert!

So, I was looking for new flavoured teas to try and I realized that I really wasn’t sure what company to order from that would be new to me and carry things that were unique/hand made and not just sourced from a larger company like MTC or East Indie’s. So, I started looking on Etsy (because there are a few companies popular on Steepster that started off on Etsy) and this is one I stumbled upon! It’s a mix of fandom inspired teas, mythological teas, and a collection of horoscope blends! Pretty cool concept already, and everything looked pretty unique on top of that.

I was actually very impressed with my experience ordering from them; once stuff had been shipped out it arrived really quickly and it was packaged really well. Plus, the packaging of the tea itself is pretty nice; everything reseals and is sun blocked and even the sample I got came in a sealed foil bag rather than just a crafting style bag.

I was going to get her Pisces blend because that’s what I am but honestly the flavour profile of Pisces didn’t appeal to me at all so I got this one instead because it jumped out to me the most flavour wise. Also, cantaloupe! Holy shit am I down for more cantaloupe teas in my life. Plus, fruity rooibos/honeybush is something I’m always open to as well. I like having lots of night time drinking options.

- Smells great; strong kiwi, lemon, and… pine?
- Mostly tastes of kiwi; in a very realistic and natural way
- Though just the sweetness of the kiwi; no acidity at all
- Melony as well; but I wouldn’t describe it as cantaloupe
- The lemon is interesting: it’s strong, but not as strong as the kiwi
- It also pairs very well w. the kiwi; takes me back to Kiwi’s Big Adventure!
- Which was a DT blend with kiwi/lemon/apple
- I’m also, weirdly enough, still getting a bit of that pine taste
- Though confused about where it’s coming from, I think it actually adds nice dimension

On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed the cup though I don’t think it was without areas of improvement. Personally, I wish the cantaloupe had been a more distinct cantaloupe flavour instead of just melon, and I’m still totally baffled as to what what giving this that strong pine flavour, even if I liked it overall. Still this makes me really excited to see what else this company has to offer, and very eager to try the other two things I picked up from the company.

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This tea tastes like an herbal roasted oolong, though the base is green tea.
I’ve never had mugwort before, so I didn’t know what to expect for the flavor. Though I don’t know what mugwort is supposed to taste like, I think it is the dominant flavor. I definitely don’t get much jasmine or fennel coming through. I hear that mugwort can be bitter, so perhaps these other ingredients tame the bitterness, because its definitely not bitter.

It’s a pleasant, comforting tea. Maybe not one I’ll drink everyday, but I will be in the mood for it from time to time.

Flavors: Herbs, Toasted

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New tea, New tea!!!! I have been stuck in a rut lately, sticking to my favorites and not venturing out much anymore. Then I found this new line of teas with pagan, fantastical, and sometimes geeky themes and I had to try some!!

This tea tastes like a hearty cup of slightly sweetened oatmeal and no weird aftertaste. If you like bready/nutty teas, you need to try it!!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Nuts, Oats, Sweet

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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