Tokai Verdant ( Donghai Ningcui)

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mmmmmm thanks for sending this one my way YYZ i like this one better than the other from yesterday. This one is bolder and closer to being like LB from verdant. Sadly i had this several hours ago, which means i’m not nearly as close to what it tasted like :( I just know that this was delicious and would end up on me reorder for sure haha


I liked this one better too. It’s the cheaper of the two which is a bonus too. Ironically when I bought the other one I thought I was getting this one but it was the jinjunmei ( that was the box shipped directly from tokai verdant) they sent three bags though and the packaging is the same so maybe I do have more of this and don’t know it.



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Another from YYZ this one is a malty delicious cup of goodness lol. It reminds me of a tea that i can’t place. It’s got a great feel to this one in the mouth and the after taste is wonderful. I am really digging this one today! It’ not bitter, not astringent and there’s a subtle sweetness to this one in the background without being a sweet cup of tea.


I’m glad you like this one! I got it from an aliexpress dealer but they sent it directly from the tea factory and included a tin and green tea samples.

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I have four Rizhao blacks in my cupboard right now and each of them are quite different. One tastes almost exactly like hot chocolate, another of caramel, another of light smoke honey and cocoa and then there is this one. This one is the most robust of them so far and most similar to the Laoshan blacks I’ve tried, but it is unique in it’s own right. It also delivers a pretty potent dose of caffeine, which is currently buzzing through out my body.

It brewed to a red orange amber colour. The first steeps smelled of roasted grain, honey, cocoa, mash from making malt, plum, cinnamon and a lemon note.

At 70s it tasted of a lemon plum top note, opening to cocoa, honey,caramel and cinnamon flavours. As it cools malt becomes more apparent, and exhibited some tones you can get from a honeyed ale. It is smooth and slightly buttery with a reference to cream, yet has a brisk feeling from a good dose of caffeine. The aftertaste has good cocoa with light grain/ Ovaltine notes, and is slightly spicy on the and peppery on the tongue.

Subsequent steeps ( 2, 2.5, 3.5m) have exhibited similar tones along with the introduction of a light vanilla into the mix. As it cools the tea becomes very sweet with the honey notes this tea contains becoming very apparent. I think I’ll be nursing this tea for a few more steeps at least!

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