Yunomi Group Order: Box Up for Grabs 6/9/15

Ian Chun with Yunomi invited me to their warehouse in Odawara. I was not expecting to even hear from Yunomi, but there is no way I can turn down such an opportunity. Since this is not something I foresee having the opportunity to do again, I thought purchasing and distributing when I get back would be something I could provide and possibly discuss a yearly bulk order as a Steepster community from Yunomi. Problem occurs purchasing over 1000g of tea and bringing it back to the states would be an ugly time at customs so I am having it shipped directly from YUNOMI.

As of 3-30-15 the initial order has been placed:

Each person will pay between $20 to $25 for 70g of tea and genmaicha candy (I will be one of the two people who will opt out so everyone else can receive two pieces). The Sakura tea makes the total 80g, but this tea is on me.

There shall be a gift or gifts with each persons order and I will not give any information about that.

I will pay the difference in shipping: US- $2, Canada $5
Update as of 4-4-15. Now that the order per person is larger, the shipping cost has gone up. The price for US is $5.25 and Canada is $12-$15. I am going keep my commitment to the original quote for those who joined in March but I am unable to pay the difference on the Canadian posting for anyone else who would like to join.

Participates List
Liquid Proust
K. White
M. Holmberg
Zack S.
Just John

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Anlina said

I’m interested, if shipping to Canada isn’t too high. :)

Shipping will always cost the exact same amount until I send a pound or more- that price will be seen on the package I recently sent you, feel free to message me about the cost.

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Wow, this is such a great opportunity! I would love to be included in this group buy! Every tea you have your eye on sounds great. I will keep an eye out on any updates!

Awesome! I shall add you to the list and keep you informed.

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Sounds exciting :) I’d be interested

Awesome! You are now added to the list!

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I’m interested as well, though I don’t love genmaicha.

I need to see how many are interested and then I will explore the possibility of swapping genmaicha for teas from the Tokorozawa Tea Festival, purchasing some hojicha and kukicha from Yunomi as well, or just adjusting certain individuals pricing.

No worries, I can give it to my sister, though I am interested in purchasing anything else you may bring back in addition. :)

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I love Yunomi! I would be highly interested :D


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Zack S. said

Just wondering if these teas you will be obtaining are unavailable thru Yunomi’s website? Meaning, is there anything that sets them apart from their counterparts which we already have access to purchasing online? If so, please add me to the list as “interested” =D

I don’t believe anything will be exclusive. This is just an opportunity to obtain quite a few 10g packages for a good price.

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The interest has spiked faster than I thought it would: Only two people away from having 10!
After looking at prices and hearing some good news from Ian, there are some changes:

1) The Gyokuro tea will be upgraded to: KURIHARA TEA #01: KURIHARA HERITAGE GYOKURO TEA

2) 10g of Houjicha Amber Roast has been added

3) 10g x two other teas will be added as well, a total of 20g more. One of these will be a sencha.

4) Mysterious bonuses that will not be discussed or added to the total :)

That now makes a total of 80g per person. The price is still at $20 and I plan to keep it that way.

Wooo for tea presents!!!

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Zack S. said

Alright well sign me up =D


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Kaylee said

Is there still a spot left?

There is :), confirm via message and I will add you.

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I would love to be a part of this. Just let me know what I need to do.

Added. Check your email :)

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