How do you feel about throwing out/composting tea you no longer want?

I have a few teas in my cupboard that I know I won’t drink and don’t feel right giving to others in swaps/travelling boxes. I’m considering either throwing them out or putting the teas in the compost, but I feel like that’s wrong, since effort obviously went into growing/blending the tea in the first place.

How does the rest of Steepster feel about these options? How do you guys deal with tea that you really don’t want anymore, but don’t want to impose on others?

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Dr Jim said

I put mediocre teas in a pile in our break room with a “Free” sign. I figure even if they are a bit stale, they are better than whatever people are buying at the supermarket and may be the first step up to quality. They go pretty fast, so this strategy seems to be working. If it’s really awful, I just throw it out.

That’s a good idea! Do you do this with loose leaf or tea bags or both? I’m not sure other people in my office could deal with loose leaf, haha

Dr Jim said

I do it with both. We have a big office but there are a few folks I know who do loose tea. Sometimes we swap.

I do something similar, but I send mine to work with my mom. She puts them in the teacher’s lounge for whoever wants them. The loose leaf and tea bags both disappear. It’s pretty rare she brings me anything back.

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Perhaps give away a free box of your unwanted tea to someone on Steepster, just have them pay shipping. :)

I give away a lot of tea to my family and friends, but I’d have no problem composting it if I had a garden.

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OMara said

I give teas I don’t like or have grown tired of to my sister who shares it with the rest of the family.

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I have chucked two or three containers of truly ancient teas, like going on 3yrs+. At that point, I wouldn’t wish those teas on my worst enemy. I used to leave teas that were too old and other tea related things in a box near the mail slots at my old apartment, and they would always disappear within the hour. Dr. Jim had a good idea. If I had any other tea drinkers at work I’d do the same.

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Yeah, but this is tea I dislike so much I doubt anyone else would want it, especially people like Steepsterites, who generally know their tea.

I’m leaning towards just putting the tea in a big bucket and watering the garden with the infusion.

Don’t kill your plants! lol, but seriously, if you feel that badly about it, it belongs in the trash.

Ubacat said

Crappy teas can make great hair rinses.

Dustin said

^I was thinking a tea bath would be interesting!

epsom salts + 1 – 2 Tablespoons of loose leaf = bath soak. Or add 1/3 cup of almond oil and you have a good tea scrub.

The bath thing is a good idea. Funnily enough, I already have some “green tea” scented bath salts.

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Jillian said

I have a bucket of makeshift compost for used tea leaves and any crappy teas I don’t want to trade. I layer the tea leaves with dirt and keep it moist and at the end of the season it goes in the garden. The plants love it. I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with doing that, lord knows there’s some truly awful teas out there. Better in the garden than in the landfill. *shrugs *

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AllanK said

I have unfortunately thrown out some teas that were just too stale to drink. Don’t have anywhere to compost them though.

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TheKesser said

I either give them away or I throw them out. I understand about not wanting to waste them, etc., but at the same time if they are really old or they are a flavour that I know no one else will want, I toss them. I figure the fresh cupboard space is more important at times.

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Wuyi-Wolf said

I have used old or poor tea in baths before

Nicole said

Me, too. If I have teas I don’t want to inflict on anyone else, as long as they don’t have things in them like sprinkles or candy or stuff I use them in tea bath soak. Tea leaves, epsom salts and if you want, herbs or essential oils. Put in a DIY teabag and into the bath. Or, don’t use any epsom salts or oils and steep the tea strong, keep it in the fridge as a concentrate and pour some into the bath when you want. The tannins are supposed to help soften skin. I don’t do it often enough that I can tell, but it makes me feel better about not drinking teas I don’t like. :)

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Skysamurai said

I compost most of my used leaves. I dump the pure ones in my plant pots inside and ones that have flavoring into the trash. If I have teas I know I’m not going to drink I leave em at work

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