In search of tea tray :)

My tea tray has sprung a leak, and it keeps doing this. So, I would like to find a new one. If anyone knows of any great pieces, or if they are looking to part with theirs; I’d love to hear about it! I’m looking for one that is of the large variety. I use a lot of teaware in my gongfu sessions. Let me know you’re experience :D

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Grill said

I remember Crimson lotus tea having some nice ones

There is only one there, and it seems a little small. Also, there is a plastic catching tray, and I’m looking for a more natural tea tray.

Grill said

He’s been building more natural ones and selling them I think. Pictures are up on instagram

t-ching said

I’m really excited for them to sell the ones they’ve been putting on instagram, they look great

I’ve seen those :) I love them! Although, I think those will just be for sale at the NW Tea festival.

HTWT – email Glen about it. he said he’d make one for me so I imagine he’d do the same for you.

awesome, how much do you think?

Haven’t asked that yet :P

hahah okay, well let me know :)

Psyck said

I have that Crimson Lotus teatray (I purchased it from Dragon Tea House).

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Don’t know what your budget is, but this Etsy seller has some pretty unique trays. (I’m drooling over a few of them!) They are pricey though. Some look big enough. Here’s the link:

curlygc said

I’ve been looking too and OMG, those trays are gorgeous! Waaaay out of my price range tho.

Right?? But yeah, sadly the prices are a bit much :-(

Grill said

Damn those are smexy

A couple of those I may be interested in. They are beautiful :)

ashmanra said

Oooohhhh my gosh. Those are so beautiful. Gulp.

I wish I had not revived the itch of getting one!! I fear I might not be able to live without this one:

I think it’s a bit over priced. Also, the description is kinda funny, hahah.

MzPriss said

I’m pretty sure you can live without it @theteafairy .

MzPriss said

I’ve seen a few with that one. Its beautiful and works well. It’s fair priced as well…

MzPriss said

@Haveteawilltravel – but I can’t have one. The Fairy will spank and I really don’t need it. I have a similar one – but it is smaller than that one. Also? I think I will finally get your tea in the mail today

Oops…Um…MzPriss, I wasn’t really serious when I said that (hides in shame*)

But I will definitely spank you if you get that tray. We both have PLENTY of everything, twin-girl :-)

It is beautiful though

MzPriss said

I would DESERVE a spanking if I got one. I will behave, because as you know I’ve been digging around in my tea stuff and I have too much. That might not have prevented a very SMALL order this morning. VERY VERY SMALL xo

Wow these are sexy trays

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AllanK said

The EBay seller Shanghai Story sells some nice ones including a very large one.

These are closer to what I’ve been looking for :)

yyz said

Camellia Sinensis has this one and is having a 15% off teaware sale until Oct 23rd.
This is another Quebec company that has some though you will have to contact them about dimensions.

what’s the coupon code for the 15% off?

yyz said

It was on the banner at the home page of the site but it isn’t there any more. I looked at Facebook and it says that the sale was in shop only. Sorry, it looks like the sale was listed as a general sale as a mistake.

ahhhhh okay that’s alright

yyz said

I just saw this one at the Canton Tea company. It is a bit larger than some of the others.

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ashmanra said

Mine came from and I love it! All bamboo, no plastic.

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Cwyn said

I’m getting one made by Mirka Randova.

Local Artist? I’m unfamiliar with the name.

Grill said

She work with Petr Novak. Cwyn is it going to be wood or stoneware? I’d imagine that a stoneware one would be super heavy

I love Petr Novak’s work. I’ve been looking at some stone tables. They look amazing!

MzPriss said

@Cwyn – I thought I was too. Many months ago we had email discussions about size, etc. and she was going to e-mail me when she got them done for me to pick one. Never heard back from her so I got over it.

Grill said

I guess size does matter

DigniTea said

I have a beautiful one from Mirka. Black ceramic, round, 12" in diameter. A lovely but functional piece of art. I use it every day.

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Yunnan Sourcing is currently having a 10% off sale on all tea hardware with the code TW10, including tea trays:

The sale is on until Oct 13. (I just bought a strainer and a new gaiwan, along with some buckwheat. Shh!)

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