maya :) said

lower priced loose tea

Ive been buying my teas from places like teavana and i wanted to know if theres anything more affordable but equally as good. Thanks!

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LuckyMe said

Most of the good online tea shops have better quality tea and are cheaper than Teavana. What kind of tea are you interested in? Depending on what you drink – flavored, unflavored, greens, blacks, puerhs, etc. – I can offer some suggestions.

maya :) said

I mostly drink white tea and fruity herbal teas, but im experimenting with flavored black teas also

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AllanK said

Teavana has in my opinion lower quality tea than many smaller vendors. Try Mandala Tea at

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The answer would depend what country you are in due to shipping/currency.

For US, Upton is pretty cheap

t-ching said

+1 for Upton Tea, they have great prices!

Login or sign up to post a message., fantastic blends , sign up for alerts on sales because when they happen this is one place to get a nice package from :)

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Affordable tea price and good tea flavour can be pretty subjective.

I would suggest you set a price range first. For example, $10 -$15 (per 50g) is an affordable range for a green Oolong tea you are going to brew daily. Then, you can try to buy some tea samplers or the smallest package (within your price range) from different suppliers. Then, you will be able to compare the different tea quality from suppliers and find your favourite one.

It’s always fun during the process of searching your loved tea. :)

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