Help us understand tea consumers habits on the web in Canada

Hi guys,

My name is David, I am from Montreal, Canada and I’m doing marketing research doing a survey on consumer habits for tea products on the web in Canada.

I am not sure if I have the right to post here but I haven’t read anything against that in the term and conditions of Steepster, and I currently lack of respondents so I am taking my chances.

I would really appreciate if some of you who live in Canada could take 5 min to answer this survey below, this would really help !

And again, if this kind of request isn’t appropriate here, I really apologize and I will delete it immediately.

Thank you guys,


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Sil select said

will do!

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Thank you Sil ! Appreciate that :)

Also there is a possibility to win tea assortments (up to 5) if you fill out the survey entirely.

Have a good evening everyone.

Sil select said

I’ve passed on your request to fellow canucks in case they don’t see this post

Sil select said

challenging to match brands with statements as well, since i’m unfamiliar with some of them – completed the ones i knew and left the others blank.

Thank you Sil ! Concerning the statement we were trying to get the brand identity of some tea players in Canada, but everyone has a different vision of the tea experience so do not worry about that :)

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Dexter said

I filled it in too – the question about obstacles for buying tea online – I chose Shipping Prices, because that’s true but for ME the major obstacle for buying online is USD/CAD exchange rate…. :)

Dexter said

Oh and where do you get tea info, promo’s etc – Steepster wasn’t an option – I chose other website referring to here

Thank you Dexter ! You are right Steepster should have been in the choices, we will add it if we do another survey, but I think that it is too late for this one, it would false the results.

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I filled in the survey too, but I’d like to mention a tea-purchasing issue that you don’t address in your survey:

Many online tea vendors price their products in American dollars. However, the exchange rate between CAD and USD is HORRENDOUS right now, and I know that several of my Canadian tea-buying friends have decided to reduce (or completely stop) buying from certain tea retailers until the exchange rate becomes more favourable.

Right now (January 4, 2016), 1 Canadian dollar is only $0.72 American. That’s super painful.

Everyone seems to agree on that criteria. Thank you for your feedback it will be super useful to understand better online habits of tea consumers.

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OMGsrsly said

Thanks! :) Filled it out.

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Thank you guys for your all your feedback, some of your concerns weren’t if the survey, I will try to do my best to get insights on that.

Just a reminder that you still have till the end of the week if you’re interested in completing it :)

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Kim said

I completed the survey and I agree with those who mentioned the Canadian/US exchange rate and the shipping costs. I also look to see if the company ships to Canada.

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