Random said

Finding new posts within a discussion?

Hi, I’m new here and trying to figure something out.

How do you more easily find new posts within a thread/discussion? On the small ones, its not that big of a deal. But on larger ones, I’m totally lost.

For example, I’ve read the entirety of a thread the day before. Now today I come back and I see its been added to. But there are close to 100 pages of replies.

If I click on the tread title, it just brings me to the start, which I’ve seen).
If I click on the last post time stamp, it seems to take me to the most recent post at the very bottom. However, I happened to discover that there are also new posts I haven’t read on previous pages as replies to earlier comments. I wouldn’t have even noticed them if it weren’t for the fact that I happened to be scrolling back looking for something specific and noticed the newer time stamps.

Is there maybe something I am missing? I can’t seem to figure it out.

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Dexter said

If you click on the “one hour ago” it will take you to the last post – that will help, but you still need to look for other posts since you last checked.
You can also go to your dashboard – “you” at the top right of the page – then dashboard – then if you click on notices – it will list all activity on threads you are following. You can click on each notice to see which posts you’ve missed – but what I do is just count them up. I’ll check to see that there are 5 new posts then go to the thread and click on the “time” last up dated and just read back until I’ve found all the new ones.

Checking your notices only works if you’ve subscribed to a thread. If you post on the thread it auto subscribes you. If you just want to follow it – click on the subscribe (bell icon) on the right side of the discussion page.
Does that make sense?

Random said

I don’t necessarily want to follow every thread I read (I tend to read most if not all).

So right now my only option is to scroll back through pages looking for recent time stamps?

Dexter said

Yeah basically – in general – most new posts will be towards the end. Not many people reply to a post from weeks ago (on the really long old threads). The new activity “should” be towards the end.

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