78 Tasting Notes


Got this from May’s subscription box. I’ve been trying to broaden my tea horizons a but more. I’m also trying to be more detailed on my notes so 6 months or more down the road I know what the heck I was talking about.

And, of course, I start this new and improved note taking with a tea that I have absolutely no words to describe. Why do I have such a difficult time detecting flavors others get? I don’t get toasty at all. No stone fruit, no honey. I still haven’t the slightest clue what malty tastes like.

I can detect a little of the tannins, as after a sip, parts of my tongue get that dry feeling. Not unpleasant, but its basically a unexceptional inoffensive tea. I’ll drink what I have, but I’ve no desire to get more.

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I could have sworn I rated this tea last year. In fact I have memories of what I said in that review. I just can’t find any sign of it.

I have always believed that I rather hated Jasmine tea. Every time I have had it I have seriously disliked it. But then the only type I have ever had before was a green jasmine. And I just don’t like greens. So much so that I don’t even open them if I receive one as a sample in an order. I just pass it along to a coworker who I know likes them.

So while browsing one day, I saw this black jasmine and I thought, why not give it a try. And low and behold, its really good. But as summer winded down last year, I started craving warm and spicy again and put this one aside. But now I am back.

The scent when opening the pack doesn’t seem as strong as I remembered last year, but the flavor is still all there. The tea base seems to have been the perfect companion. It is neither drowned out by the jasmine and neither does it dominate. According to the site, its a classically processed dian hong black tea. I can’t say much of the base from what I taste, but it combines very well.

Light and relaxing and seems perfect for the day.

Flavors: Jasmine

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Its been a while since I had this one. Every bit as good as I remembered with an almost buttery mouth feel.

Smooth and delicious with just the faintest hint of astringency in the back of the throat. Its quite pleasurable.

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This review is being moved from an old entry of the tea to a new one where it belongs.
Initially written 10/2020

I get a lot of florals, similar in aspect to Black Jasmine.

Not astringent or bitter, which is a plus. But its a cold, gray, and rainy dat here in Seattle and the last thing I want at this moment is florals. I’m wanting warm, cozy, and spicy.

Lets see how I feel about this come spring when I am more open to the idea of floral before I choose to give a rating.

Flavors: Floral

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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I should post an update some months later.

I am honestly really pleased with this one, it has claimed a spot in the list of teas I drink all the time. Now once warm weather returns, my moods will change and I will likely put this aside until the blessed cooler weather returns. But for now, I am drinking it once or twice a week.

I do want to update my comment in regards to the chilis. Sometimes I can sense the chili as a mild warmness/tingle in the back of my throat. Sometimes I don’t notice it at all. Odd how that works, but either way, its really good.

Painted Desert goes really well with my afternoon ritual. A hot cup of tea and a small square of unsweetened 100% dark chocolate. Such a wonderful combination and allows me to take a few minutes each afternoon to shut out what’s going on and just relax.

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Try #3 (why am I so determined?)

I actually left the lid off the tin for about 30 hours to see if I could calm some of this down. It helped . . . some.

While the scent is no longer overwhelming, it still tastes really artificial and for the life of me there is still no sign of vanilla, bergamot, or tea for that matter.

I think its time for me to give up. I’d see if I could give it away to someone, but with the pandemic, easier said than done. I think its got to go in the trash, I just need to make sure I do it and take it out immediately. I do not want the smell to linger.


Wow, your sentiments matched mine 4 yr ago. How long have you had this tea on hand?


I purchased in late jan 2021 from Amazon, so who knows the age of the stock.

I also picked up a Chai from the same company which was pretty much nothing but roughly ground spices. Quite depressing.


Isn’t that what chai is supposed to be? Maybe the tea component was green tea and looked like the other ingredients. Or someone goofed up. LoL


Actually, I do see they sell a green-tea based chai called “Cinnamon Sweet Apricot” that looks like mostly spices!

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A sample I got from an order some months back. Just getting around to giving it a try.

This is pretty good. Mild and smooth. No bitter, no astringency. Not sure how to describe the flavor. It pleasant, though not on the top of my list for gotta have.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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Had a gift card I had no clue what to do with and so decided to try a pu-erh since I had never tried one before.

First off with the sniff test. It smelled like plain tea. Unwrapped it still just smelled like plain tea.

So, I did a quick rinse, dumped the water, added new, walked to me desk and stopped the steep. If it was a full minute, I would be surprised.

The resulting liquid was a very deep black, similar to coffee. The smell was . . . fishy. not a smell that sits well with me. I grew up in the mid west. That smell triggers the “bad fish, do NOT eat” alarm. I tried taking a sip anyway and it tasted like . . .bacon.

What the . . .
Oh yeah, I had just finished eating the last little bit of my breakfast, which happened to be bacon. :) Rinsed the taste of bacon out of my mouth with some water and tried again. And it tastes fishy, and not the good fishy kind of taste.

I knew going in that this was a possibility but hey, you never know until you try.

Maybe I will try again sometime when I don’t have 15 other things demanding my attention and I can afford to sit around playing with bathroom toys and contemplating my navel. Which will be maybe when I am a retired widower some decades down the road. We’ll see. I am not heavily motivated.

Flavors: Fishy

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

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drank Father's Day by Harney & Sons
78 tasting notes

I am very much driven by mood when drinking tea. This is not usually a problem. Keep a decent stock of some variety, and I have something to pick regardless of my current mood.

Sadly, because I am not wild about bergamot, I have horribly neglected two lone little tea bags of father’s Day since summer. They have been sitting in a small little zip lock bag with as much air pushed out as I could, but there’s no longer that great aroma when opening and sticking a teabag right at my nose offers almost no scent.

I steeped it anyway. I can smell a little bergamot now. and I can taste it in the tea. The Whiskey scent is gone and I do miss it because it gave such a wonderful balance to the bergamot. Still a very passable cup of tea.

I’ll probably do a reorder come spring when I will be more interested in the flavor combination.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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A semi try#2.

I pulled this one out again late yesterday. (I have been making way way too much tea in the shadow of yesterday’s events). I opened the tin, was overpowered by the scent, and closed it.

I then pulled out my remaining 2 teabags of Harney and Sons Father’s Day. Very sadly I have been sitting on these for too long. I’ve stored them in a small zip lock bag with the air pushed out (2 tea bags, one giant cannister that screamed for repurposing), but they have still faded. Still passible tea. And guess what. I can smell and taste bergamot.

I don’t understand how this Earl Grey Moonlight neither smells nor tastes anything like its specified ingredients. It reminds me of someone who decided to make a tea out of marzipan and skipped the almond and orange. Its like a temple to perfumed sugar, but there’s no sugar. I don’t even comprehend.

Day 3 and the smell still makes ne nauseous.

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91-99 – Love it
76-90 – Staple
61-75 – If I’m in the right mood
46-60 – If it’s what is available
31-45 – Will finish out of guilt
0-30 – Gave or threw away

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