Chrysanthemum tea - your experiences?

I just tried (and reviewed) Chrysanthemum tea. It was the first time I’d ever had it, and to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what I was tasting. So I hope my tasting note isn’t totally off.

I understand that it is quite a popular tea in China. What is your experience with it? Have you had it outside of China? Have any of you ever tried to make it yourself? What do you taste when you have it?

Really excited to hear what you have to say.

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AllanK said

I find it an interesting tea that is hard to describe. I always describe the main flavor of this tea as earthy but not like a puerh.

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Just a heads up, there is a snow chrysanthemum tea which brews a bright red orange. I don’t believe it’s a chrysanthemum at all but it looks like a coreopsis (do they even grow in China?) It certainly suprised me when I first brewed it and expected the pale yellow green color I read about. I guess just keep in mind it’s different when purchasing.

If this is translated correctly totally a coreopsis

Thanks! Good to know my plant identification skills aren’t too rusty. I guess snow chrysanthemum sounds much better than “tickseed” tea.

It makes sense it is a different species since I like chrysanthemum but I am absolutely bonkers for snow chrysanthemum! Though I will totally pull out the tickseed name some day when I am drinking it, also since it is native to my part of the world I should totally try to grow it!

WOW! Where does it usually grow? (Translation: can I plant this in my backyard in California? Probably not, but hey, why not try?!)

I used to grow this in Georgia, so I know it can withstand drought and heat, it seems like it is pretty tolerant to most climates so why not?

soleiltea said

Snow chrysanthemum is typically grown in Xin Jiang (Northwest China). It’s kinda desert like there so I can imagine growing them in CA as well.

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yyz said

I’ve never had it straight. Hi’ve had it in a very medicinal tasting floral herb Tea from the grocers and in Shou Puerh. I quite like it in shou. The flavours tend to balance each other nicely. I tend to drink it when I am sick as I do find it helps when I have a fever.

What was it like in Pu-erh?

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I’ve had a few herbal blends of chrysanthemum tea and I’ve never been a fan. It’s just a personal preference. I think it’s just the strong punch it carries and it’s something I don’t usually expect with a flower. I prefer Jasmine above all flowers.

ever had osmanthus? It is super floral and heady like jasmine but like a million times sweeter, jasmine was my favorite until I discovered osmanthus.

I havnt had it yet. It’s something I’m gonna have try

I tried Osmanthus once, and to me it tasted the way eyeshadow smells. Really odd.

That is incredibly odd but also kinda awesome, its fun the way our brain perceives things

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Rasseru said

ive had it in he moonlight sonata from WP and it was so nice I bought some. honey sweet and lovely

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DharmaTea said

It’s really good for liver condition and makes an interesting blend with puerh (Guk Po Cha)

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I’ve had it a few times. It reminds me somewhat of chamomile, but it’s not quite the same. I’m definitely a fan.

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aTeastory said

If you drink chrysanthemum tea with honey, you will totally love it!

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ooooo chrysanthemum is one of my favorite herbal tisanes. It is a little difficult to describe. I’ve had from t-drunk, Zen Tea Life, and Teavivre. The latter has a lighter taste and mouthfeel than the former two. It’s a very particular taste, like lavender’s. Floral, sweet, ever so slightly bitter in a flower-like way.

I can send you some of Teavivre’s, if you would like. It’s the one I have currently.

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Ubacat said

I like snow chrysanthemum but from the above discussion I guess it’s not a chrysanthemum after all!

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