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This is a thread for all the Wuyi Tea whether you love them, want to learn more about them, or just want to share the experiences you have had with them; let this be the place we come together and talk about it.

Personally my first love with Wuyi Tea started with JinJunMei, it was after around 2 months I started venturing into the other varietals.
RouGui, Shuixian, DaHongPao, Xiao Zhong, and Qilan were all the tea’s that started me off on the “Wuyi kick” that i’ve been on the last year and a half.
Sourcing directly from a family who farms has put me in a position where I am currently selling many Wuyi Tea varietals and grades.

What has me most sprung on Wuyi region tea is that it is all unique from the different varietals subtle taste differences to the different ways the farmers process them.

Lately i’ve noticed how much more calming the Oolong from this region makes me feel. Tea drunk is something I very commonly feel.

I did find there to be a larger learning curve with brewing tea from this region and that once I got more comfortable using my Gaiwan the learning curve didn’t even phase me. If I had to pin point the important brewing aspects I would suggest very quick rinses and flash steeps.

So who’s your favorite or most used vendor for Wuyi tea? Which is your favorite varietal? Why do you drink Wuyi Tea?

I’ve tried Wuyi Tea from Seadyke Brand, Tea Urchin, Jing Tea shop, Tea-Yuan, Chawangshop, Verdant Tea, Fog Mountain Tea, and last but not least Yunnan Sourcing.

Some of my favorite varietals are very dependent on what i’m looking for but RouGui brings me energy (usually) while at times ShuiXian can make me feel like napping all day.

If you wanna check out my website the link is;
I have some blog postings of certain varietals available from my supplier.

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I’m currently obsessed with Golden Water Turtle from Yunnan Sourcing. It taste just like caramel and it’s super yummy.

Sounds delicious! How does it make you feel?

Rasseru said

Ive never tried that varietal but want to.

I also want to try a good rougui sometime

soleiltea said

A good rougui or shui mi tao (peach). The latter is harder to find but definitely give it a try if you come across any

@Marcus reed

It was very smooth and pleasant. It’s was soft and mouth watering. I only ordered 25g of it just so I could try it out. I need or order more. 25g wasn’t enough.

Thank you for sharing your experience! I love mouth watering teas.
This morning i’m having an aged RouGui!

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@rasseru I always found higher grade Yancha to be seemingly expensive but worth it in my opinion!

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@Soleitea I’ve had a peach Rougui before that was very very nice but I only had one session with it.

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AllanK said

Today I drank an unreleased Yancha from called Top Rougui #1. Thank you Marcus Reed for this sample. This was excellent tea. The roast profile was not too strong for my liking. I don’t like yancha where all you taste is characoal. I steeped this tea sixteen times in a 50ml gaiwan, using 4.8g of leaf. The tea did not get watery even in the sixteenth steep. I think I could have coaxed some more out of these leaves if I wanted to but sixteen steeps is a lot. The roast flavor was only prominent for I would say four to six steeps and then another flavor emerged. The way I describe that is burnt caramel. Burnt because there was always a hint of the roast to the tea. It went away probably 99% but there was a little bit left. Not many teas are of the quality to go sixteen steeps. Even most puerhs I find usually only go twelve most of the time.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review Allan.

I’ve never used such a small gaiwan but I might start if you can get that many steeps! I usually use around 1 liter or ~10 steeps with 7-10 grams of oolong leaf.

Soon the Top Tea will be available on my website not sure there’s a big interest in fully handmade Wuyi tea but I would like to offer to those interested.

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