The ultimate kettle; does it exist?

We all know that tea can be heavily effected by water type and temperature. As a general tea lover and someone with a tea blog ( I try to counter in these facts when doing reviews.

At the moment I’m currently looking for the ultimate kettle, but I just don’t think it exists! It has me crying out for someone to spot the gap in the market and create a kettle that caters to both temperature and water content.

I’ve browsed at kettles that contain water filtration systems, i.e Brita filter kettles etc. Great, that sorts the water type issue. And I’ve come so sooo close to buying a temperature control kettle such as the pretty swanky smart kettle from Sage by Heston Blumenthal ( It looks so perfect, but it’s not, because there is no filtration system, meaning local water (London is moderate to hard) would still impact on taste.

Short of buying a water filter AND a temperature control kettle is anyone aware of the ultimate kettle that combines both of these innovations?

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AllanK said

If the ultimate kettle existed it would be a variable temperature clay boiler like the Anta Pottery Clay Boiler from Taiwan Sourcing but variable temperature.

I really love these kettles.. if they were less expensive I would buy one

curlygc said

Same here. I also have a glass cooktop (which I hate btw) and it’s probably not great for a clay boiler.

AllanK said

Don’t know if the glass cooktop would be good for a clay boiler but you could ask Scott at Yunnan Sourcing. Or you can buy one of those gas burners that operates with a can of propane. The clay boiler produces better water than my electric kettle but I still find myself using the electric kettle if I am brewing something Western style or making an herbal.

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I hate to say it, and I know you asked “Short of buying….[both]…”, but I believe in the “separation of concerns” (yeah, i write code). Any time we try and find/create a design that Does It All, we compromise. Despite the perceived inconvenience, I think it would be best to deal with the water quality as one issue, and a good kettle as a second.

That said, there’s always a market for convenience, so perhaps you’ll find it, or someone else here knows of one – good luck!

+1 on the separation of concerns (one of the beauties of *nix systems), not to mention that filtration needs are likely different based on your location.

The teabag is used as a way to combine the teapot and the strainer.. I don’t think anyone calls it the ultimate brewing method :P

Fun fact.. you can run whatever HTML you want in the comments..huh

Yeah, the needs of different locations / water types point you bring up is the show stopper for such a 1-in-all idea like this.

As for HTML, someone showed me that before (maybe you?), but I can only seem to reliably get bold to work with markup…what’s your trick?

Hmm well now that I look at this on mobile it seems that the markup I used only worked on the desktop version of the site.. The “br” tag is pretty reliable and I guess bold qorks well too. I just discovered this trick recently so I don’t know the limitations but I just use regular tags in the text box

Psyck said

Star for bold, underline for italics etc.

AllanK said

To many people the tea bag is the ultimate brewing method. I have a friend who will probably never switch from supermarket bought tea bags no matter what I do or suggest.

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Cwyn said

If I were in the UK I would buy a ceramic electric kettle, the dollar exchange rate makes them too cost prohibitive for me.

curlygc said

They have them on Amazon. No idea of the quality, but they are only about $40 and seem to have decent reviews (the brand is Bella). They are not variable temp, but for anyone like me that boils water for tea 90% of the time, that should be sufficient. I might consider one of these if/when my Cuisinart variable temp kettle dies.

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K S said

The ultimate for me would be a 8-16 oz all stainless with adjustable thermostat that actually worked. Does anyone really need 1.7 liters for morning tea?

> Does anyone really need 1.7 liters for morning tea?

Yes. By the time you’ve preheated teaware and done a few steeps, yes.

1.7, that’s just getting good and started ;)

K S said

Guess that explains why I can’t find MY ultimate kettle. I’m the only one that wants it.

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