The Sheng Olympiad of 2017

How does one start such an unexpected post? I wasn’t someone who liked puerh towards the end of 2014, but because of the community I haven’t see daylight from this rabbit hole yet and it’s been a wonderful journey that keeps providing new people in my life with a massive amount of experiences to share.

This year I hosted the 2016 Sheng Olympics and I learned a lot about what it meant for companies to offer samples. As you can see in this recap, there’s a ton of work involved:
All of which was done on my own with no help from anyone. This year, I had the help of a few sponsors who helped with cash flow and some vendor help as well.

I spent a lot of time learning about the puerh world and found that one cannot know it all and that we all have our own bias due to taste being subjective. This is all to say that each year I will choose a new area as well as try to spotlight a new company that is up in coming as puerh is a growing enjoyment for the western world.

Please refer to the 2016 thread to see the selection and process:

This year everything is held through my Etsy store: if you want to drop a review of my service later

Please note that not everything has been discussed here and that this is posted early because I am working overtime right now, but all of the tea is safely in my possession and I am blogging the process as I break, weight, and label everything.

I will say that the final price to cover my fees and tea came to $24.4251 according to the breakdown I put in Excel so I set the price at an even $25.00
The additional money will end up going to my pay it forward puerh project which I comment on when I take a candidate and ship to them as seen here:

Please ask questions and I will cover them in depth via my blog or answer on here as I go.

Thanks a ton everyone! I find it incredibly awesome that I have 100 slows, two of which are mine :) , that will spread throughout the online tea community and prompt some awesome discussions while causing new friendships leading to trades, knowledge, and possibly even more puerh drinkers for the community!

-Andrew / Liquid Proust

My international friends, shipping will look high. These are not small packages but please contact me so we can do a private purchase and get a better rate

Held spots:
3, Zach
1, Rasseru
2, Daniel
1, mayoiiboshi
1, ens
2, mrrdotcom

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mrmopar said

I’m in!

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Cwyn said

Count me in also!

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Purchased! First post on steepster, but most of you know me on instagram under @rossallman. Glad I got to support this and thanks for all your hard work Andrew. Excited to try all these!

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No way I’m missing this year’s. Thanks for all of your work, Andrew!

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curlygc said


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zach-goh said


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AllanK said

I bought it. Is it ready to ship yet?

Not for a few weeks. It’s specified on the listing.

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obritten said

I’m in too!

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Rasseru said

Does Etsy work out shipping by itself? £18 to the UK sounds a lot for ~100g (?) of tea

The packages themselves will be around 10ounces in total… prices for international shipments have been going up which sucks. I can always do a private quote and see if it works out better because sometimes I get rates at $15 on Etsy and then $9 through the USPS.

Rasseru said

ah i had a quick look & thought it was 100g. If you could that would be amazing! i know you’ve got stuff to me before for £10 or so

I’ll follow up with you in a few weeks when I get the packages all fixed up and the blog done.

Rasseru said

the man. looking forward to round 2. Any rule breaking sheng this year?

Let me know when you’re ready because I am : )

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