Arby said

Best mulberry leaf tea

I just tried Silk Road’s Mulberry leaves (steamed and rolled before drying) and would like to find a cheaper alternative. I pay $6 USD for a mini tin when I’d prefer to be paying substantially less. I don’t want to end up with a mulberry leaf tea that isn’t as delicious as this one is though. I thought maybe they had mixed up the tins because this smells (and tastes) like a toasty oolong or green with notes of sweet, vegetal, and seaweed. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to find a similar tasting tea for a better price? I want pure mulberry leaf, not a blend, and I need something with free to cheap shipping to Canada.

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AllanK said

Yunomi has sometimes had mulberry leaf tea on their site but right now I think they only have powdered.

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