Searching for a 1989 Raw Pu'erh for my 30th Birthday

There’s no better time to look for aged pu’erh than the past, but here I am understanding that the present is my best chance.

Two years from now I will turn 30 and I would like to host one amazing tea session.

I am trying to not invest a million dollars, but at the same time I know it’s not cheap.

I have these two I’m looking at:

This is going to be an investment for the future and I would really appreciate any information whether it’s a private contact or why I shouldn’t do this.

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toby8653 said


If you can afford it, get a sample of late 1980s Xiaguan Traditional Fonts or Thick Paper 8582 from places like Sunsing.

The only problem is the authenticity.

I talked to them. It’ll be $690 for 75g

Now I just have to debate myself about this.

toby8653 said

You can buy 1989 shu for cheaper price

toby8653 said
AllanK said

And at that price there is still no guarantee it will be good too, just a guarantee of age. Older is not always better.

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Bumping on behalf of Liquid Proust (since he can’t seem to post…)

There’s 59 days until he turns 30, and the party he’s hosting the day after! It’s a short time frame, but he’s still looking for something to fit what he described in the first post – any help in locating teas would be appreciated! Best place to contact him is on Insta.

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ashmanra said


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I think I can comment now. I’ve got more than a handful of 1989 teas now! Might do a blog post about this event!

mrmopar said

Cool , glad to see you can post!

hmm… I wonder why your comments work now? Maybe things are slowly being fixed?

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AJ said

What a topic to bring back. I really wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a 1989 puerh or too myself—that’s also my birth year.

That said, I did used to buy (until they eventually ran out, although checking the site, it looks like it’s back in stock) Oollo’s 1989 aged baozhong, for exactly that reason. Called it my ‘birthday tea’.

At least I still have a few more months until my 30th to find something…

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Leafhopper said

Yes, @Liquid Proust, how did your birthday tea extravaganza go? Were you able to find a 1989 puerh in time?

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Hey all! Got in touch with a shop that’s been around since the 80s and the guy through using Google translate and being kind enough to create a paypal ended up selling me some samples of stuff… spent a few hundred dollars on less than 100g total but I am pretty excited! Charging $10 for the meetup so I will you all know how things go August 10th

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Leafhopper said

That’s amazing! I wish I lived in Ohio and/or had access to a car and the time for a really epic road trip. $10 is a steal for that kind of tea! Enjoy your celebration, and be sure to keep us updated!

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