Expiration date about dark tea?

For the expiration date of tea I’m not sure, of course it still has certain deadline as foods I think.
But when I saw the shelf life of dark tea with the longer the better, I have some questions.Is it true?

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AllanK said

Puerh tea, properly stored has no expiration per se. It may not be good in two hundred years but is good for 50 years at least, properly stored.

And the flavor is longer and better?
What about other kinds of dark tea?

Ken said

Black tea gets better for about a year, then starts going downhill. Roasted oolongs get better as long as they are reroasted every few years.

Psyck said

Yes longer is better, you should wait for 1/2 decades before drinking ripe/raw fermented green teas.

onjinone said

Puers can be indeed store for very long periods of time. Some can go beyond 50 years, 70-80 years even.

Oolongs and blacks depend but yes, they can get better or go downhill like Ken is saying.

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As I know, dark tea and white tea can be stored for a long time. Black tea can be also stored for several years if you put it in dry and cool place and keep away from light. But it’s not good to store green tea for a long time.

You’re right, green tea has it’s accurate storage date.
Do you ever storage dark tea for a long time?

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Could you clarify what you mean by dark tea.

For instance,

Hei Cha which covers such as Liu Bao and Fu Bricks.

Ripe pu-erh (Shue)

Or black/red teas from Yunnan, Fujian and Shandong.

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