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The tea is pleasant enough but left me uncertain if I’d re-order. I have other inexpensive teas that I do repeat so it’s not that.

There was an interesting aroma of grapefruit which grew on me.

“This year’s pick is a 2 leaf to 1 bud ratio, whereas the Spring 2017 pick was 1 leaf to 1 bud. They are going to look and taste a bit different, but they are from the same garden and processed by the same person (Mr. Duan).”

So no luck comparing to previous reviews. I’d like to try an Autumn production.

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It was the description and oolong aspect that interested me.

Clearly I enjoyed the tea as I sipped down three years, the 2016, 2017 and 2018 productions. The plan was for 2017 to be the last, as the tea doesn’t wow me, but on auto-pilot I included the 2018 in my order.

When one is trying to get through a bag rather than savoring how much is left it is time to move on. I tend to enjoy bigger profile blacks and Oolongs.

I might order a first flush Darjeeling from India next year and see if it bears any resemblance to my memories of Yi Mei Ren Wu Liang.

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My black tea samplers are usually 50 gram packs, that way even if I don’t favorite a tea I will use it up.

This High Mountain “Tu Cha” Black Tea from Wu Yi Mountains is a nice surprise, it is inexpensive but delivers a sweet viscous tea soup that hits the spot.

The description is of a slight coffee roasted taste but for me it has a rummy note. Either way I will be ordering more.

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Delicious Fujian black tea at a low price.

The description is right on, " full-bodied, aromatic, yammy, sweet and slightly toasty (just like a baked sweet potato).

I got through 100g quickly and refilled with 250g.

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I’ve enjoyed teas stored in Guangdong and this sample was no exception.

Yiwu honey with a slight bitterness.

The price of the 400g cake is up there but some might say a fair price per gram for decent Yiwu.

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Nice leaves which separated easily and served sweet delicious infusions.

By the time I’d had enough for the day the leaf was still delivering so I kept them overnight.

Resuming in the morning the soup was very bitter.

Drink up or store a little longer to mature.

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Smooth, sweet, with a clean golden orange soup. Noted a fleeting bitterness and stone fruit aroma.

I’d bought a few sheng samples, this one has me wanting a cake. A lovely tea.

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There are reviews here for the 2016 and 2017 productions which is one reason I tried it this year. See those notes for more detail.

I’m glad I found Chinese greens, they are a good fit for me over the Japanese ones.

This tea has umami both on the nose and in the taste. I like the marine, buttery, vegetal, chestnut notes.

The wet leaf can easily become bitter so I doubt I will purchase this one again.

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I am new to Taiwanese boutique shengs and learning from samples.

It is easy enough to take note of sweet, bitter, leaf endurance, mouth and body feels etc. Some complexity to engage you while drinking the tea…

I found this particular sheng woody, and not interesting enough to want more. That may be my inexperience speaking but after 3 sessions I moved on.

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Sip down of sheng samples.

This 2005 Yesheng (Wild) was clean and sweet, I could still taste it an hour later.

Like the man said, "A wild picked picked raw puerh that has no remaining bitterness but plenty of umph. Notes of roast as you would get in a lightly roasted dancong, a smoke that disappears, and a bunch of fruits under it all. "

Definitely my cuppa tea.

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A few experimental white cakes to see how they age.
Loose leaf whites, greens, oolongs, blacks and, a crock each of shu and sheng puerh.

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