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I enjoy white teas and had read the 2015 production reviews here which sounded enticing.

For me the only similarity was that the large leaves were pretty.

There wasn’t any aroma in the dry leaf nor the taste others described in the previous production.

Stuff happens.

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Wu Yi is a favorite of mine. I will order those I haven’t tried but a few I keep in stock and this is one of them because I like the roast. Not burnt, just right.

The soup is rich with a distance fleeting note of the sea. Otherwise sweet and fruity.

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The aroma from the dry leaf reminded me of sweet pouch tobacco.

I’ve seen people describe the taste as malty but I didn’t pick up on that, mostly I got roasted nut and fruity notes.

I lost count of the steeps, if I let it sit too long a slight bitterness crept in but it wasn’t unpleasant.

Interesting tea. This was my first Jin Jun Mei and I’d like to try others.

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Bought this tea last Spring and opened the bag recently, pretty leaves with sugarcane aroma.
It is a nice morning tea with a pleasant sweet malty taste. I went heavy on the leaf but the tea is very affordable.

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I managed to get one of the last bricks before CLT sold out.

A year later I finally opened the wrapper and loosened enough for a session.

I love Bulang and this is no exception, it is rich, creamy and bitter sweet.

Wish I had ordered two bricks, ah well I will savor this one.

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I’d enjoyed a sample of this tea two years ago and looking at my cupboard today and then this thread, it served as a reminder that the 2012 Bulang Gushu was the only Shou at that time to blow my socks off.

I’d planned to order a 250g bag but will order another sample first to refresh my memory.

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The Tuo was easy to break with clean leaves that separated nicely and left little dust.

Aged in Guangdong I found the tea soup to be smooth and sweet, YS considers it “dry wet storage”.

I placed another order as this Shu hits above its price and makes for a quality daily drinker.

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I really enjoy white teas but I don’t have much to say about this particular one, I find it too light for my taste and lacking in complexity.

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I don’t often gravitate to purple leaf teas but with this one a 100g bag didn’t last long.

Golden red rusty orange soup, sweet and woodsy with vibrant citrus, notably of grapefruit.

Pushing later steeps there was a pleasant bitterness.

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As this is my first HK humid stored tea I don’t have anything to compare it to, once I have tried others I may edit my note. This is a good learning experience.

The aroma of the dry and wet leaves was musty.

The tea soup reminded me of wet bark after a rain, petrichor but with Yiwu sweetness.


Pretty much my conclusion. I came here to read other’s opinions to see if I missed something. I’ll keep trying

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Enjoying the tea.

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