50 Tasting Notes

My third Lao Cha Tou which will be the last for awhile as I am enjoying teas with more complexity.

That said I do like these tea nuggets which are good value for a smooth comforting brew on a cold day.

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This is a delicious white tea for a great price.

I have other nice teas made from Camellia Taliensis, this white can take the heat.

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A mild roast with slight bitterness. There is a lingering taste and aroma I don’t recognize, perhaps it is that of longan.

I have two packets of this tea and will keep one for further aging. I may have a different experience next time, the first pack has been a daily drinker.

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Some time ago Jasmine tea was one of my favorite teas to sip from bone china in a tea shop. Unfortunately as it became popular the trend was to add cheap and artificial oils. Gag worthy.

I noticed this tea at Yunnan Sourcing and ordered 50g, good price and cross fingers.

Glad I did as this tea lasts a long time and the scent and flavor of Jasmine is just right.

Although my tea cupboard has changed since I found Pu-erh and Wuyi, at times a trip down memory lane is fun.

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I did enjoy this fruity Jingmai Gu Shu Huang Pian on hot days, but not as much as I liked the 2016 Spring “Lao Man E”

Flash steeped in a Jian Shui 120 ml dragon egg teapot.

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Brewing from the 2016 harvest.

I tend to use a lot of leaf in my pots and doing so with this tea brought a slight astringency to pucker the cheeks, perhaps the “little bite” in the description.

After making an adjustment in my brewing parameters the sweet fruity malt in this tea became apparent.

Reminds me of a robust English breakfast.

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As other have said the leaves are beautiful, before and after steeping.

After the first steep I used slightly hotter water. The soup was clear and delicate with sweet vegetal notes. Refreshing.

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Solid black tea, the dry leaf is clean and sweet smelling with just enough malt, and brews up with similar attributes and nice mouth feel.

I think it hits above its price so this tasty tea can be an enjoyable daily drinker.

I’ve added another order to my wish-list so I can enjoy the changes as this tea ages over two years.

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For the low price I was more curious than anything else.

Brewed in a Nixing teapot the leaf delivered a rich soup, the kind I like to have after a meal, not complex but bold and fruity.

Machine pressed but easy to separate.

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The 2016 brick of Brown Sugar I received is less compressed than the 2015.

Breaking it up produced small bits which feel dry and brittle, one has to be careful not to create dust.

The soup is dark and very earthy with a little cloudiness which should clear with longer storage. I enjoyed the sweet notes.

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Enjoying the tea.

Continuing to use Ohio crocks for puerh storage. I did switch from soaked terracotta chips to Boveda packs. Both methods work equally well and the terracotta will remain a back up, but the Boveda packs are expected to last three months instead of a week.



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