Can I drink tea after drinking wine?

I wanted to drink a cup of green tea after drinking wine yesterday. But my friends stopped me and said it was harmful to my health.

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onjinone said

It’s not the best to drink tea after drinking wine or any alcohol for that matter.

- Both cause your heart to beat faster. Drinking tea after you drink alcohol will make your heart work even harder.
- Meanwhile, your kidney will be working to filter out the waste from the alcohol. It’s also working harder than usual which is what leads to dehydration after drinking.

The caffeine in tea is a diuretic, which means it makes you pee more and can also contribute to dehydration.

You’ll be making your kidneys work harder.

Basically, you’ll be making your body work harder to flush everything out, increase your chances of dehydration and future kidney issues, and in some cases, cause or trigger cardiovascular problems.

Even though some studies point to tea reduce some of the alcoholic effects, those two points can’t be discounted.

onjinone said

Edit: I say it’s not the best health wise but doesn’t mean you can’t do it as others mentioned feeling good about it here

Wow. I have obtained some new knowledge. Thank you!

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I recently drank a tea-infused alcoholic cocktail and did not die. In fact, I felt great.

I second that, I like tea cocktails every once in a while.
In fact, I’ve infused tea in wine,among others.

tea-infused alcoholic cocktail? Amazing!

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Ken said

Drink some water and wait a bit, and there is also how much consumption. A small glass of wine followed by a tea with your dessert should be fine. But Yeah I would avoid it after heavy drinking.

OK. I see. Thank you!

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They give people coffee when they need to sober up quickly. So it CAN be done, given that tea has less. Just don’t make a habit of it

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Dr Jim said

On the other hand, alcohol has the same diuretic effects as tea (probably more so) so if you are switching to tea from alcohol, you are ahead of the game. Even better if you drink some water too.

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pmunney said

a related and new article from tea parker. Google translate doesn’t work well for this but you can see it’s a tea and wine pairing (to the highest level $$$$). At the end of the blurb he basically mentions that in all things balance is necessary – yin and yang – tea and wine (in moderation).

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