Ralf said

Stove kettle, electric kettle, or other? Brands?

How do you heat up your tea water? Do you use a stove kettle, electric kettle, kettle over a fire, re-purposed coffee machine, microwave, hot water tap, or something else? What brands and models are your devices?

I have a Chantal Vintage stove kettle (enamel inside and out) and a Secura Stainless Steel Double Wall 1.8 qt electric kettle. The Chantal is great and can’t rust like previous kettles I’ve had. The Secura seems great too, but admittedly, I’ve only had it about 3 months so far.

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LuckyMe said

I have the secura too but it doesn’t have temperature control and is oversized. What I use now is a gooseneck kettle with a built-in thermometer in conjunction with a mini induction cooktop. This gives me temperature control and a smoother pour than the secura.

At work or when I’m traveling, I use a heating coil to boil water in a mug.

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Dr Jim said

I’m really absent minded. When I used a stove kettle I let it boil dry every few months. I got an electric kettle before I burned down the house.

I love my Cuisinart electric kettle. I’ve been using it for about 3 years, or something like 10,000 steeps. Its a bit corroded in spots and the paint is worn off the lettering in places, but it still does the job.

mrmopar said

I use the same one I think. Been a good buy for $20.00 or so.

Dr Jim said
mrmopar said

Mine is similar to this one. Just a basic boiler.

Dr Jim said

I drink a lot of white tea and oolong so appreciate being able to set the temperature and not worry about it.

I also have the Cuisinart multiple temperature kettle and love it. I find it perfect as it has both temperature and tea types on buttons in case some teas will come without steeping instructions. Simple to use and boils water fast.

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Sarararah said

Must be the electric one, convinient and easy-to-operate

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I use a Cuisinart Perfect Temp kettle. I’ve had it for awhile and it works like it’s brand new. I love to drink different types of tea so I like the convenience of being able to set the temperature that I need.

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I have the breville one touch tea maker and I love it! It’s good for all kinds of tea. You can customize the water temp/time. It’s awesome!

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Rasseru said

I’ve got a bosch vari temp. Had to remove the buzzer because you could hear it at your house. Apart from that I love it

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The Bonavita variable temperature 1.0 L gooseneck electric kettle is good. http://bonavitaworld.com/products/10l-digital-variable-temperature-gooseneck-kettle

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Spunkygirl said

Growing up I always used a stovetop kettle or even a percolator, of no particular brand. Nowadays, I love the convenience of my electric Hamilton Beach 1.7L kettle. It cost maybe $15, and holds up really well. There is no temperature setting, but it boils so quickly you can really just watch/listen for it to hit a certain temperature.

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MrQuackers said

I would never use a stove kettle to boil water. Today’s electric kettles are much safer because they automatically shut off. They also boil water incredibly quickly

I loved my $15 dollar plastic kettle from walmart. It would boil water quickly and shur off instantly by tilting. After it brokw though, it wouls just keep going.

Anyways I got a mini stainless steel kettle. 1500 watts. Only problem ia that it is slower shutting off. And it steams up the switch. A quick thumb fixes that.

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Inkling said

I’ve been using a Hamilton Beach temperature-controlled electric kettle for 4 years now and LOVE it! It was fairly inexpensive (around $30 I think?), heats water to an accurate temperature and keeps it warm for up to an hour, has an auto shutoff that keeps it from boiling dry, and…a feature I discovered just recently…can be pre-programmed to heat a certain temperature at a certain time. Now I wake up to boiling water ready to pour into my mug every morning and it’s awesome! :)

I also have a smaller Chantal gooseneck electric kettle that I got on sale for $18 at Target a few months ago. I bought that one to keep on my desk at work because water from the company pot always tasted faintly like coffee. :( That one isn’t temperature controlled, but it’s been a good solution for making black or herbal tea at work.

Fitz said

Donkey’s years ago I had a “Teasmade”, really miss it – it was a great way to ease into the day, gentle simmering noise for a min n a half, then steamy syphoning noise for 20 seconds, don’t think I ever heard the alarm as I was always awake to knock it off before it started.

And a cuppa ready for me every morning.

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