Favorite sick teas?

Current getting sick with some sinus and cold issues. Sipping on David’s Tea cold 911 (which I don’t mind at all) but wondering what is everyone’s favorite sick tea. What’s yours?

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Inkay said

I mostly drink tisanes when sick, particularly ginger-based ones. I also really like TeaLife.HK’s orange herbal oolong at those times.

LuckyMe said

I’ve had a sore throat and some slight cold symptoms myself the past couple of days. Roasty teas like wuyi oolongs are quite soothing. I also like genmaicha for when I have a full blown cold and can’t taste anything.

Dr Jim said

I drink mostly mint or ginger tea to settle my stomach.

I’m also a big fan of Cold 911; when I get really sick I’ll drink it at triple strength…

Apart from that though, I also enjoy a plain lemon tisane with honey.

It may not technically be tea and it may be gross but this helps the symptoms. Cayenne deadens a sore throat and herbs with thymol as well as manuka honey and ginger also help deaden a sore throat and are antiseptic/antiviral. Elderberry juice prevents viruses from multiplying. Rooibos can help the headache and act as a base. So here’s nates nasty cold brew. Take 4 tbsp rooibos, a thumb sized of fresh ginger chopped up, 4 dried cayenne peppers crushed, 2 sprigs rosemary, thyme, sage and tarragon, some cinnamon and 2 cloves. Put this in a quart jar and steep 15 mins in boiling water. Sweeten w manuka honey and add 2tbsp elderberry juice. Of course, I have a cold right now and I’m drinking Yiwu gushu and so tea drunk I don’t much care about the symptoms…

MrQuackers said

There is a strep throat lozenge that actually uses capiscasum (sp?) As an active ingredient.

I have an herbal blend that I love when I have a sore, enflamed throat called Margaret’s Soother from TeaSource, which is a licorice root/peppermint/clove blend. I was drinking that stuff nonstop during a nasty run-in with viral pharyngitus last year.

I have chronic migraine, and I have a headache blend that has chamomile, feverfew, lavender, skullcap, cinnamon, and ginger which I get from Etsy seller AmberFreda in bulk. I blend it with a Lemon Ginger Tulsi tea for a nicer taste. When my migraine nausea is really severe, I drink a nausea blend that has mint, ginger, orange peel, and cinnamin in it.

MrQuackers said

Plain green tea is best during a cold.

If you drink coffee, you should stop, because while you have that sore throat, your body doesn’t need additional things to bother it.

I do like salty / vinegary things though during a cold.

You can take some honey as well.

EloGallHdz said

Sencha is my great sick friend. I remember my sister and I were in a study abroad, and many of our fellow foreign exchange students were getting colds. I continually drank sencha, and we do believe it helped us to avoid getting sick. _ _

Spunkygirl said

I would recommend not a true tea, but an herbal tea. Depending on exactly what is causing you symptoms, herbs like chamomile, echinacea, ginger, feverfew, etc will help you to recover the quickest. Use honey to sweeten, keep the tea piping hot, and you will feel much better.
As mentioned above, spicy foods are also great for sinus troubles.

Hezo541 said

I suggest you drink honey and green tea.

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