kanata said

Tea timers?

I’m a tea accessory addict as much as I’m addicted to tea I think and am looking for a timer to let me know when the brewing time is up. Sure I could use a regular kitchen timer but I vaguely remember seeing somewhere some sort of timer that had separate settings for green and black teas. Does anyone have one? Bonus tea points if it is really cute and available on-line.

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K S said

Didn’t notice you had just posted this when I started a similar thread for a computer based timer.

You will find an online/offline app at:

:: http://home.arcor.de/j.smolka/ibs/teatimer.html ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: http://home.arcor.de/j.smolka/ibs/programme/teeuhr/TeeUhr.jnlp

Enjoy ;)

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Pretty sure this doesn’t fit into the “cute” criterion, but here is one of the ones I like, its become my default timer. The only draw back is the batteries are a bit on the spendy side to replace. Need to find one that works on AAA batteries.


Spot52 select said

We have this one: http://www.pamperedchef.com/our_products/use_care/detail.jsp?productId=198.
The batter lasts for a long time. I think it was five years before I replaced it. It isn’t a trip A, but the life makes it worth it.

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Dorothy said

I know it’s been mentioned before, but http://steep.it/ is a nice online tea timer. It has a selection for different teas, and when the timer is up you’ll hear an alarm.

Personally, I like using a tea timer I downloaded on the App Store for Mac because it’s super cute and I like how it counts down on my dock. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/big-ben-tea-timer/id426017794?mt=12

kanata said

Ah I hadn’t seen that online one. That’s pretty neat. I like that it can load in a separate tab and still run.

OolongLily said

Hah! That website is awesome. It even changes the background color like the screen is steeping.

jjoy said

i use this, i’m always on my computer so it’s perfect!

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Janefan said

@DMTea I love the Big Ben Tea Timer too! I use it for all sorts of things other than tea. Just love the icon, the bells and the pic. So cute to see a pretty little teacup bouncing up & down in the Mac dock when it’s ready! Totally worth the $0.99 (plus you can download a free trial version that works for at least 2 weeks I think). I hardly ever buy an app if there’s a way to do the same thing free elsewhere, but I just loved the design.

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Hey guys, just wanted to make you aware of an app I made called Tea—serves as a timer but also lets you save different times for different teas: http://www.teaapp.com

kanata said

Took a look at your video and that looks awesome. Such good work!

Just saw your post for this app. and have to say I am very impressed. It makes me think I might have to get an iphone soon. Does the app work on the ipad as well? And do you plan on making a Kindle Fire version?

Hi there, right now there aren’t plans to do a Fire version, but it works great on an iPad.

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kuanyin said


I know, nobody wants to see Teavana anything, but this is reasonably priced, it has four time settings and I have worked mine to death for two years now. I have found others, but they only have three settings and I like this one having four. It is also on the Teavana website or in their stores, of course. The computer ones are a great idea, really, but I need easy peasy and I need it right next to my teapot or it is just not going to work for me. It was when I got the timer that tea really started being enjoyable, because I quit overbrewing it. I get distracted easily….

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I really love this:


It’s $20 for a timer/thermometer. It has pre-set steeping times with suggested temperatures for various types of tea (white, oolong, black, etc). But you can also set your own times and temperatures. Plus, it has the cool rubber clasp thing so you can clip it on a mug and walk away till it beeps. It’s really convenient.

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I have an app on my Android phone called “A Perfect Cup of Tea”. It’s got adjustable presets for what seems like every category of tea there is, and is free on the Android app market. Has a nice elegant chime for the timer alarm.

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Hate to say the dreaded “Teavana,” but I have a free app on my iPhone (and I think it works on other platforms) that is a Tea Timer. It’s pretty helpful…even if it does come from…that T place. ;)

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Oh if you have an iphone or ipad or something, theres a free teavanna app that you can get. and it has all the different settings for different teas:] and then you can favorite your favorite teas too. But really, all I use it for is the timer. its handy!

noordelijk said

I use that teavana app! I thought of getting a tea-timer from teavana but I thought since i always have my iphone on me whats the point :P

Ubacat said

I love the teavanna app. Great music with each steep.

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