Tea Pets!

I saw a thing on these cute little guys and was wondering if you guys used them?

If so do you have to use a certain tea?
Know any good sits to buy these guys?
(Lol’s at the penis one)

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I have several tea pets, but I don’t always use them. You can use them for any tea you brew gongfu. I think I got most of mine from Teaware House.

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Arby said

My tea pets haven’t actually been used yet (since I don’t have a tray), but I bought them at a store in China town that sells chopstick holders, little figurines, etc. They were only a few dollars each.

I’ll shop around thanks!

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AllanK said

You don’t really use a tea pet for any part of the Gongfu session, they are purely decorative, I never had any for a long time until I started into tea photography. I find they can be a useful addition to photographs of your tea. I recently got some from Crimson Lotus Tea and have also bought a couple from Teaware.house as well as one from Missteapots on EBay.

Wonks said

They’re actually pretty useful for preventing splashes off of the tray when you’re discarding. At least I think so, but I’m sure the mileage may vary depending on the pet shape.

@AllenK~ l want some for a decoration lol. I’ll browse those suggestions!!

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Caitlin H. said

I bought a small egg one (I know, lol) on a whim when I ordered my pot and now I’ll be getting some animal-shaped ones for christmas. Watching the tea soak in is one of most soothing experiences I’ve ever encountered. I like the clay’s texture but the color changing resin ones look neat, too.

I’m excited to try them out!!

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I’ve bought mine from various stores in China.
I suppose I “use” them in the sense that I have two on my tea tray and pour the rinses over them from time to time.

One of mine is a Jin Chan “money toad” which is supposed to make you rich. Does it work? Absolutely, no question about it. I mean, personally I am still poor but I’m convinced the toad is just biding its time, waiting for the opportune moment :-)


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