Tea with Lemon

Hi, is anyone drinking tea with a squeeze of lemon?

It’s something I am interested in doing after reading something about the health benefits. If you do, which tea goes nicely with lemon and why? And I don’t care so much about the flavored lemon teas… thx!

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Erin said

have you heard of true lemon http://www.truelemon.com/ ? I haven’t tried it but they tweeted me the other day about adding it to their green tea…?

Truelemon is a great convenience, and I always keep a few packets at hand. Also, the TrueOrange. I started using them in bottled water, but have occasionally used them in tea when I eat out and the tea served is not so great.

I’ve never seen that before!

Great link Erin! Thanks. :))


Although I haven’t Iced it in years, I found brisk Darjeelings take lemon well. I’ve only tried smaller leaf seconds, or blends. If you’re cold brewing, I’d start with a reasonably priced blend. Even cold brewing a smaller leaf will bring out more astringency than a whole leaf. Upton’s has plenty of mid rage Darj’s that might work well. If your worried about astringency even with a cold soak, try a larger leaf. I’ve always liked the nutty character of 2nds for colder tea-besides lemon with a more fruity FF might be too fruity/citrusy.

Oh…….you didn’t specify iced.

Ceylons are good. Some can have natural lemon qualities. This one looks good:




I’ve had a Shadowlands Estate tea in the past, and this one sounds similar, it was good:


This tea is decent for the price, although I’ve never had it with lemon.:


Hope this helps. :))

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Margaret’s hope does really well, I find!! I’ve been thinking about it all night actually, but it’s too late in the evening…

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AJ said

Yes! I rather like Darjeelings with lemon. Most (of those I’ve tried) go very well with it.

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East Frisian black tea is good with lemon. Its popular in Germany and they usually take it with lemon and rock sugar. I think certain greens can work too. Maybe the ones already flavored with fruit.

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I enjoy a squeeze of lemon in many of the Ceylon lower elevation black teas, especially to complement the “brighter” notes. IMHO, Chinese black teas do better with a pinch of dried lemon grass since it doesn’t add astringency.

Another interesting combination is a bit of lemon peel in sencha tea. The natural astringency and umami flavor of the sencha make a nice mix. :)

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ooh, thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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chaijeeyah said

Actually, George Mateljan of whfoods.com (The World’s Healthiest Foods) recommends always squeezing lemon juice into your morning green tea cup.

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I don’t know anything about health benefits (and perhaps some connoisseurs are cringing at this) but I actually like a splash of lemon juice in my bai hao yin zhen. I also find it’s good with Ceylons and some sweeter Chinese greens.

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chaijeeyah said

Dear Amy oh,

world-famous nutritionist George Mateljan (of Croatian origin, I must say) recommends adding lemon juice to your green tea. Actually, here is his recipe: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=recipe&dbid=258

He suggests it be taken regularly as a part of a healthier lifestyle. The page is also abundant with information on studies undertaken about the health benefits of green tea.

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I love a thin slice of lemon in tea. My husband likes a honking big wedge squeezed into strong black tea.

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