Cold brew Green Tea / Heavy Metals / Lead ?

I drink a ton of green tea each day (usually 7+ bags) and love it. My concern is regarding the potential lead intake. I know steeping hot tea over 3 minutes has the highest lead risk (

I’m wondering if cold brewing for 12+ hours has a similar risk?

I can’t figure out if temperature / heat effects the release of these metals? If not, then taking tea by cold brew is probably not safe…I’ve been trying to find an answer online but no one has addressed the cold brew aspect.

Maybe someone with a chemistry background has some insights? Thanks!

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MamaCat said

As stated in the article you posted, lead levels can vary depending on where your tea comes from and where the water you are brewing your tea in comes from. Their study also used oolong tea from China which are leaves that are older and has more possiblity of contamination. The Green and White Teas which are younger leaves would have less contamination. Japanese Green Tea has tested to have very little if any traces of lead in it. One link that I found helpful was : Remember there is more than the tea to consider, the water used is also important. There are so many healthful effects of tea!! Well worth continuing to enjoy your tea. I hope this helps!!

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AllanK said

I have not heard of this problem with lead in tea. I think it cannot be too widespread or more people would have heard this. To be honest the only problem like this I had heard of with tea was Japanese tea grown too close to the Fukoshima site of the meltdown. I am fairly confident there is no lead pollution in New York water especially Long Island where I live.

TeaLife.HK said

I saw this yesterday and your comment reminded me of this:

I used to live in Nassau and spent a fair bit of time in Suffolk so I squirmed a little. lol

AllanK said

I have never lived in those towns. There could be any number of reasons they have a higher incidence of cancer in those towns. If they came out and said that it was the water, that would worry me.

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