Storing airtight tea in a freezer

What do you think about that? My Turkish friend says that’s how he store his black tea. He claims that cold preserve flavor. After all in Turkey, tea fields are being covered with snow in winter. Local farmers say it it only enhances tea quality. For me, it makes sense, but I never ever met anyone who keeps tea like that.


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The leaves will thaw when you remove them from the freezer.

AllanK said

I think vacuum sealed would work. I think that most air tight containers are only 99.8% air tight. That little bit would let moisture in to your tea.

Cwyn said

I keep sencha in the fridge, it keeps fine.

Teasenz said

It’s more common for fresh green tea to be stored in the freezer. For black tea, storing it airtight should be more than enough.

chinh chu said

Tea quality will be greatly affected!

Can black tea be stored in the fridge with an airtight clear glass jar?

You mean a Kilner jar? Sure. I suppose. Maybe. But why? Why not put your tea in a tea caddy, and store the tea caddy in a cool, dark, cupboard that is away from heavy odours and moisture, as do 99.99% of tea-drinking humans.

A friend of mine has it in her fridge cause she has no other place to put it.

Oh. I see. I once dreamed of owning an antique Japanese tea chest made of walnut, in an Artdeco style. I suppose I could one day convert an old postal worker’s pigeonhole, maybe. In the meantime I store tea cakes in old biscuit tins and (bakery) cake storage tins. Nice round shape.

Ah very creative!!

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